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1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Harold Baines

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Harold Baines

22 magnificent seasons, most of which were not held under the microscope of the big lights in a big city.

While Harold Baines played in some of the largest cities in the baseball world, he managed to escape national attention while still putting on consistent performances.

Baines’ numbers are extremely noteworthy, and his ability to deliver season after season is very evident by his impressive offensive stats.

Baines has a lifetime batting average of .289 alongside 2,866 hits.  He also has scored 1,299 runs, hit 384 home runs, and drove in 1,628 runs.  Baines was a 6-time All-Star and a 1-time Silver Slugger Award winner.  Lastly he has one major case of ‘Hat-Head’!!!

85T Baines

Overall ranking – 8 out of 10.  Points earned for being a 6-time All-star and Silver Slugger award winner.   More points awarded for 2,500+ hits and 300+ home runs.

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Floyd Bannister

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Floyd Bannister

Floyd Bannister enjoyed a 15-year professional baseball career.

And over the course of those 15 seasons, Bannister became  the king of the Double-Digits!!! 

In the 8 seasons that Bannister finished the season with double-digits in victories, he accomplished the same feat with losses.  By the end of his career, Bannister compiled a 134-143 record.  His best season came during the 1983 campaign where he went 16-10 and had 193 strikeouts with a 3.43 ERA.

Floyd Bannister was an All-star 1 time in his career and he finished in 4th place in the Rookie of the Year voting back in 1977.

85T Bannister

Overall ranking – 3 out of 10.  Points earned for being an All-star and compiling more than 100 victories during his career.

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Bill Almon

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Bill Almon

 Let’s get right down to it.  Bill Almon spent 15 years in the big leagues, played for 8 teams(7 different), and was hardly worthy of the #1 selection in the baseball draft.

Almon is a career .254 hitter that amassed just 846 hits in 15 seasons.  His highest hit total for 1 year came in 1977 when he reached 160.  His next best year(126) was not even close to that total.  And with just 390 runs scored, 36 home runs, and 296 RBI, Almon would probably be considered a sub-par player by today’s standards.

The most noteworthy stat from Almon’s career are his 126 stolen bases.  A consistent base-stealing threat, Almon enjoyed 7 seasons in which he eclipsed double-digit steals.

85T Almon

Overall ranking – 3 out of 10.  Points earned for a Top 20 finish for the MVP award and collecting more than 100 career steals.

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Jeff Burroughs

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Jeff Burroughs

Jeff Burroughs enjoyed a 16-year major league baseball career.  And while he played for 6 different teams over that time, it is very clear as to what the most impressive season of his big league career was.

In 1974, Burroughs won the American League Most Valuable Player Award as a member of the Texas Rangers.  In that ’74 season Burroughs his .301 while collecting 167 hits.  He also amassed 25 home runs, 118 RBI, 84 runs scored and smacked 33 doubles. 

In total, Burroughs was a .261 lifetime hitter.  His career numbers of  1,443 hits along with 240 home runs, 720 runs scored, and 882 RBI are all solid numbers for any major league player.  But not the first player taken in his draft class….

85T Burroughs

Overall ranking – 6 out of 10.  Points earned for 200+ career home runs, 2 All-star game appearance and 3 points for winning the MVP Award.

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Tim Foli

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Tim Foli

I finally got around to grabbing a few of these cards after I declared that I wanted to collect this subset just a little less than a month ago.

Tim Foli was the #1 draft pick of the New York Mets in 1968.

Foli enjoyed a 16-year career in the majors, yet he never quite lived up to the elite status of being the 1st player chosen in the annual baseball draft.  A lifetime .251 hitter with 1,515 career hits, Foli’s career highlight was winning the World Series in 1979 as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Never an All-star.  No individual awards won at the big league level.  And hardly worth the 1st pick in the draft.

85T Foli

Overall ranking – 2 out of 10.  Points earned for eclipsing the 1,500 career hits mark and for being the member of a World Series winner.

New Subset To Collect – 1985 Topps #1 Draft Picks!!!

The set builder in you never dies!!!

Let me be clear, I have NO intent on ever putting together a 792 card set from Topps or a 660 card set from either Fleer or Donruss.  While these 3 brands remain my flavors of choice for their issues during the 1980’s, I don’t find the thought of searching for commons from that era to be that much fun.

But the subsets issued during those times are amazing to me.  Those little jewels buried in all of that heavy cardboard is what I am after.

One of those new jewels I am going to go after is the 1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick set.  It’s a relatively small 12-card set that features all of the players on a major league roster in 1985 that were the #1 pick in their year’s professional baseball draft.  While some of these guys went on to star in the sport for years on end, some quietly fizzled away and did not reach the lofty goals that are often too burdensome for a kid chosen with the first pick.

So, here is the checklist.  I already own the Darryl Strawberry card but I may decide to pick up another one so I can leave this one with his 1984 Topps rookie and 1985 Topps base card.  We’ll see…

Card # Player
271 Tim Foley
272 Jeff Burroughs
273 Bill Almon
274 Floyd Bannister
275 Harold Baines
276 Bob Horner
277 Al Chambers
278 Darryl Strawberry
279 Mike Moore
280 Shawon Dunston
281 Tim Belcher
282 Shane Abner


Stay tuned as I will present this subset to you as I obtain each and every card!!! 

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