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Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game Update

8 down and just 2 to go.  Ryne Sandberg & Ron Santo – You’ve been warned.  I’m coming after you!!!! 


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Mark Grace

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Mark Grace

This is my 6th card from this 8-card series and I am happy to bring Mark Grace home!!  While living in Chicago it was very hard not to enjoy watching Grace play ball.  Even a few of my friends that were Sox fans liked Gracey.  He had a ton of fun while playing, gave great interviews, and was one hell of a hitter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, #17 needs to be waving in the breeze alongside the other Cubs legends.  Luckily this set of cards keeps him on par with the greatest Cubbies of all-time!!!

I have to admit that it would have been better if they used a picture featruing one of the sweetest left-handed swings I’ve ever seen…


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Billy Williams

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Billy Williams

There is no doubt that Billy Williams belongs in this set.  One of the most famous Chicago Cubs of all-time, Williams was a fan favorite at Wrigley Field for 16 magnificent seasons.

Williams’ impressive resume displays the following – Rookie of the Year(1961), 2-time runner up for the MVP(’70 & ’72), 6-time All-star, Batting Title(’72), 2,711 career hits, 426 home runs, 1,410 runs scored, 1,475 RBI, and a career batting average of .290.

Yes, I agree.  Billy Williams = Cubs Great!!!! 


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Bruce Sutter

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Bruce Sutter

 This is card #6 of this set for me.  I am just a few key guys away from completing this wonderful looking subset of cards. 

Although Sutter’s career as a Cub was relatively short, he did contribute quite a bit.

In 5 seasons, Sutter recorded 133 saves and compiled a win-loss record of 32-30.  As a Cub, Sutter was a 4-time All-star and also won the Cy Young award in 1979.

I have to question why the manufacturer chose to go with a black and white photo for this card…  The Red, White, and Blue of the Cubs’ uniform would have worked perfectly with the overall design of this card.


Working On The Chicago Cugs Greats Of The Game Team Set

 Can anyone help me with this?  I have these 5 cards now but I want to get all of the Cubbies from this set.  I have seen Ryno and Grace before and I have to imagine that there is a Billy Williams available too but I have never seen it.

If anyone can get me the complete checklist for this set of Cubs cards I would be greatly appreciative!!

On to the cards…  Doesn’t this set of cards look like it was designed specifically for the Chicago Cubs?  I cannot think of another team whose colors would look as nice as the Cubs’ with this design.  And of course, any subset featuring the greatest Chicago Cubs baseball players of all-time is going to find a special place in my heart and my collection.

 Here is where I am at so far with this set.  5 down, how many more to go???  I just don’t know for sure. At least 2-3 minimum…

Man I wish that Fergie card was in color like the rest of these…


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Andre Dawson

What can I say, I LOVE THIS CARD!!!!

 You can’t go wrong with a card showing ‘The Hawk’ taking a mean cut during batting practice!  The design of this card and the Chicago Cubs’ color scheme work perfectly.


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ernie Banks

 If you’re going to have a set of cards called ‘Greats of the Game’ and feature the Chicago Cubs, then of course Ernie Banks is going to be present.  Like peanut butter and jelly, Ernie Banks and the Chicago Cubs go hand in hand.  And even with Banks’ retirement more than 30+ years in the past he is still without question the most popular and most highly decorated Cub of all-time.

Any questions as to why I had the desire to add this card to my collection???  I doubt it! 


Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Gary Matthews, Sr.

What a sweet looking card!!!   I love the design and the Ivy leaves added behind the Cubs logo makes me think about good old Wrigley Field. 

 To the average fan, Gary Matthews probably doesn’t rank too high on their list of the greatest Cubs to play the game.  But to the loyal fans cheering for the team on the ‘North Side’, Matthews starred on our team for 3 1/2 seasons between 1984-87.  His best season as a Cubbie was in 1984 when he finished 5th for the league MVP award as he hit .291/14/82.