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Have You Seen The ‘Moneyball’ Trainler Yet? Come Check It Out Here!!!

Have You Seen The ‘Moneyball’ Trailer Yet?  Come Check It Out Here!!!

For the non-sports fan, there hasn’t been too much talk about the new film starring Brad Pitt.  But inside the baseball world, most of us know some parts of the story of Billy Beane and ‘Money Ball’.

Well, in case you have yet to see it, here is the official trailer for the film.

So, what do you think? 

  1. See it in the theaters
  2. Wait for Netflix
  3. Wait for the $5 Wal-Mart DVD bin


How About Some Laughs With Brian Wilson To Start Your Day…

How About Some Laughs With Brian Wilson To Start Your Day…

Best Baseball Commercial Of 2011? Got My Vote!!!

Best Baseball Commercial Of 2011?   Got My Vote!!!


David Price Proves That Baseball Can Still Be Fun At The Big League Level!!!

David Price Proves That Baseball Can Still Be Fun At The Big League Level!!!

Thank You, David!!!

The Latest Baseball Video To Sweep The Nation…

I caught this one on Yahoo’s homepage.


Vintage Griffey – David Letterman’s Top Ten List

Vintage Griffey – David Letterman’s Top Ten List

I found this the other day while surfing around on YouTube. 

A great clip – It’s nice to see that ‘The Kid’ took a few minutes out of his day to get this done for the show.  It’s also nice to see this humorous side of Griffey.  While he is always shown smiling, we don’t get to see much of his personality, but this video shows that he does have a good sense of humor.

I wish more players would open up to things like this!!!

1949 Headline: DiMaggio Inks Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

1949 Headline: DiMaggio Inks Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

On this day in 1949, the Yankees and Joe DiMaggio agreed on the first 6-figure contract in major league baseball. 

That’s $100,000 a year.  An amazing salary for the standards of that era, but chump change in today’s sports world.  Just the other day, Lebron James got fined $25k for kicking a water cooler during a game.  $25k is less than 1% of what LBJ brings home a year, but it was a 1/4 of what Joltin’ Joe made during the 1949 baseball season.

Wanna see the contract?  Click here – It’s pretty cool!!!

Turning ‘Secret Santa’ Into A TTM Opportunity!!!

The company that I work for held their annual Secret Santa gift exchange on Friday afternoon.  Being rather new to this workplace, I thought this would be a good opportunity to meet some of the people there that I had yet to be introduced to.  Prior to the actual gift exchange, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire that would help our ‘Secret Santa’ select a gift suited to our likes.

I won’t bore you with the answers to my questions, but what I will tell you is what I received – a $25 gift card to The Sports Authority!!

Not too shabby huh???

As soon as my gift was opened, I knew how I would blow use it.  $25 is just a little less than what it would cost me for 2 Rawlings Official baseballs.  Over the weekend, I kept the gift card with me and as soon as I had the opportunity I went shopping – 2 brand new baseballs are now mine!!

And what would I do with these 2 beauties?  Why turn them into TTM requests of course…

The first one is going to Duke Snider.  I’ve seen a ton of successes from Mr. Snider recently online(mine included) and I have become quite the fan after taking the time to research and learn about him and his amazing career.  I hope he comes through with another autograph for me – I would love to add another legendary Hall Of Famer to my collection!!!

This package was dropped into the mailbox this morning….

Thanks ‘Santa’.

2 More Tire Commercials Starring Red Sox MVP Dustin Pedroia…

Will these be the last two videos I feature of former Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Dustin Pedroia???  I don’t know….

In the first video, we get a ‘green’ Dustin acting like a robot in this pre-video game personality commercial:

And then things get a little more lively when the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Mr. Jim Rice, gets involved….

The Best Baseball Commercial I Have Seen This Year!!!

I’ve seen and shown you a lot of great baseball commercials this year.  But this one is by far the best. 

And it just so happens to feature the best player in the game too!!!