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Carlton Fisk 1990 Topps – 1 Minor Thing Could Convert This Card From A ‘D’ To An ‘A’

Carlton Fisk 1990 Topps

For a guy like me, there is one thing that could make this card go from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’ very quickly…

Have a look at the card:



Any guesses??

Come one, you know me and you know what I like…

Any guesses??

My answer in…




Throw a donut on it and it instantly becomes a ’30-YOC Classic’!!!!

Carlton Fisk 1989 Score

Carlton Fisk 1989 Score

While not as nice as his 1988 Score baseball card, this card of Carlton Fisk from the 1989 Score set is a pretty nice one as well.

The card features an action-packed image that appears to show Fisk fouling off a ball while at the plate.  The awkward backswing and position of his legs leads me to believe that he went after a bad pitch just to stay alive for another offering from the pitcher he is facing.  Many know this as ‘chasing a bad pitch’.

Have a look:



I really like the old ‘Home Whites’ that the Sox wore in their last seasons at the Old Comiskey Park.  And those striped socks look great too!!

Carlton Fisk 1987 Fleer – Finally, Not An Awful Posed Portrait Card…

Carlton Fisk 1987 Fleer

Yep, another posed portrait card of catcher, Carlton Fisk.

It seems that Fisk’s card either featured incredible action photography or shots like this one that show him posing for the camera.

Have a look:



I will say that this one is not that bad.   I really like those old ‘SOX’ uniforms and the colors go extremely well with the 1987 Fleer baseball card design.

That old cartoon-ish ‘SOX’ logo in the lower-right corner is pretty sweet as well!!

This one gets a ‘Pass’ in my books…

Carlton Fisk 1988 Fleer

Carlton Fisk 1988 Fleer

Finally, another solid action card of Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk for my collection.  After a string of pretty awful looking cards, it is nice to haul in a beauty like the.

I love the action.  I love the old-school equipment that I grew up using and watching the pros wear.  I love how Fisk is getting into position and bracing himself for possible impact.

And best of all, I love that the opponent is in the background of the shot trying to witness the happenings as they unfold.

A great card for my Fisk PC – 1988 Fleer!!!


Carlton Fisk 1981 Topps – BARRRFFF!!!

Carlton Fisk 1981 Topps

As you can see below, I am on a bit of a ‘bad streak’ with my vintage card pick-ups.  Yesterday, it was the 1989 Donruss Keith Hernandez baseball card that almost made me lose my lunch.

But today, it happened ….



This is Carlton Fisk’s card from the 1981 Topps baseball card set.

What a horrible image selection by the photo editor at Topps.  Could it get any more boring than this???

Time to move on….

Carlton Fisk 1982 Donruss Diamond Kings – YUCK!!!

Carlton Fisk 1982 Donruss Diamond Kings

You can decide for yourself, but for me, this one is just awful…


Carlton Fisk 1983 Donruss

Carlton Fisk 1983 Donruss

During the early years of Donruss being in the baseball card business, they did not bring us a lot of creative looks.

The first one  that left an impression on me is their 1983 issue and that ‘Glove & Bat Graphic’ in the lower portion of the card.  Back when the cards were still ‘new’ to the hobby, I found the graphics to be fun.  And when compared to the prior designs that Donruss offered us in their 1981 and 1982 releases, these were stellar!

Check it out:



Today, I still like the cards quite a bit.  And it is all due to the graphics.

But, with a more critical eye, I have to say that it would have been neat if Donruss used a right-handed glove for the righties, a left-handed glove for the lefties, an infield mitt for the infielders, an outfield glove for the outfielders, and a catcher’s mitt for the guys like Fisk!!

Carlton Fisk 1982 Topps All-Star – Bad, Bad Bad…

Carlton Fisk 1982 Topps All-Star

OK, I like the old-school cap.  And I can work with the butterfly collar as well.

But this card is just awful!!!

Take a look:



Was the photographer a foot away from Fisk when he snapped this picture?  Who at Topps thought that this photo was a good one to choose when celebrating Fisk and his All-Star status???


Carlton Fisk 1988 Score

Carlton Fisk 1988 Score

Of all of the new player collections that I am working on, there is no doubt that the set of Carlton Fisk cards offers the most action.

Most likely due to the fact that he plays the catcher position, very few of the Fisk cards I have picked up so far include posed images.

Score’s 1988 baseball card design famously used multiple colors for its borders.  Fisk’s card happened to have landed in the ‘Gold’ section of the set.

Here is the card:



I have no idea how they assigned the player to the border color or the border color to the player, but I think that this card would have fared just a tad better in the ‘Red’ section.

But that’s just me…

Carlton Fisk 1985 Fleer

Carlton Fisk 1985 Fleer

The 1985 Fleer baseball card set has long been a ’30-YOC’ classic.  I also find it to be a very under-appreciated set too.

The cards are sharp – bright borders, great team logos, and a nice large area for the picture to be on display.

And when compared to the dull and drab Fleer releases of 1984 and 1986, this set shines!!!

The Carlton Fisk card from this set is pretty sweet, have a look:



I told you!  A great picture is the centerpiece, and I really like that the picture of Fisk, while with the White Sox, was taken at Fenway Park; his old home while playing for the Red Sox.

The photo is framed very well, and the Red and Dark Grey work extremely well together!!!

A great card for my Carlton Fisk collection!!