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George Brett 1986 Topps A.L. All-Star

George Brett 1986 Topps A.L. All-Star

Looks like it was a windy afternoon in Arizona on this afternoon, huh??


You’d think that the photographers that were managing this shoot with Mr. Brett would have either had a contraption to help block the wind.  Or at the very least, given the man a cap…

George Brett 1986 Topps

George Brett 1986 Topps

I don’t know if he just gone done with a session in the cages or if he is just wandering around the stadium with his favorite piece of lumber, but George Brett sure does look happy in the picture used on his 1986 Topps baseball card.

Have a peek:



My favorite stat from Brett’s 1986 baseball season?


Brett was intentionally walked 18 times during the course of the 1986 baseball season, an American League high.  And while this kind of treatment is typically reserved for the slugger, it shows just how well-respected Brett’s hitting talents were throughout the league.

Atta Boy George!!!

George Brett 1986 Donruss Highlights

George Brett 1986 Donruss Highlights

Yessir, it is time to celebrate!  And what better way to celebrate a baseball accomplishment than with a ‘Highlights’ card.

While many card companies insert their ‘Highlights’ cards right into their base sets, Donruss took the thought to another level and issued ‘Highlight Sets’ in 1985 and 1986.  The cards for both of these Donruss sets use the same graphic design as the base set, but a border color change allows for them to have one stand-out difference.

This is the George Brett card from the 1986 set:



The card celebrates George Brett becoming the all-time hits leader in Kansas City Royals franchise history – a record he still holds to this day!

George Brett 1988 Fleer – SUBMIT A CAPTION!!!!

George Brett 1988 Fleer

Come on gang, I know that I have some of the funniest and wittiest readers in the card-blogosphere, somebody has to have something good for this one…

Tell me what George Brett is about to say here:



Ready??  Go!!

George Brett 1986 Topps Glossy All-Star

George Brett 1986 Topps Glossy All-Star

Have a look at this image that Topps plucked for this card:






I love it!!!

During the prime of his career, it was not often that you found an image of George Brett playing defense on his baseball cards.

Brett may not have been a ‘Top Tier’ defensive player, but his ability to defend ‘The Hot Corner’ was far from poor.

He did one Gold Glove Award in 1985 with the Royals – maybe that is what gave Topps the idea to showcase his defensive skill the following season…

Either way, the card looks great!

George Brett 1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Checklist

George Brett 1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Checklist

Upper Deck came out swinging in 1989!

And with their revolutionary foil packs, colored card backs, and holograms, their debut set will always be a highly collected one.

One of the parts of that set that I don’t think gets enough credit is the Collector’s Choice team checklist.  They offer a great, artistic approach and showcase the best players from each team on the front with a complete team checklist on the back.

Here is the card from the Royals, featuring Hall of Famer George Brett:



Personally, I like these so much more than the other artsy cards from that time, Donruss’ Diamond Kings.

George Brett 1990 Score – AWESOME!!!

George Brett 1990 Score – AWESOME!!!

Hey, why not start of your Monday with a great looking baseball card??

I thought I would deliver a beauty this morning for all of you and I think that I have done just that.

Check out George Brett’s base card from the 1990 Score set:



I told you it was sweet – just look at the full extension Brett got on this swing.

George Brett is one of the best players from his generation, yet I find him horribly underrated when it comes to the discussion of the ‘best hitters of the last 40 years’.  I would easily place Brett in my Top 10, and he would more than likely land somewhere in the 5-7 range.

This card captures him taking a mighty swing.  Based on the torque of his body and the stretch of his leading foot, I have to say that he more than likely connected hard with this swing.

Go Get ‘Em George!!!

George Brett 1984 Topps All-Star

George Brett 1984 Topps All-Star

Another All-Star card issued by Topps that does nothing to show you why the featured player was selected to the All-Star squad.

So, I will give you a few reasons as to why Mr. Brett was chosen for the roster.

  • .284 batting average
  • .344 on-base percentage
  • 69 RBI
  • 37 strikeouts in 422 plate appearances



And some killer wristbands too!!!

George Brett 1987 Topps Team Leaders Card With Frank White

George Brett 1987 Topps Team Leaders Card With Frank White

There is no doubt that George Brett was the leader of the Kansas City Royals franchise during the 1987 baseball season.

This card from the 1987 Topps baseball card set features Mr. Brett celebrating with teammate Frank White.

Have a look:



What are they celebrating?

Maybe they’re celebrating Brett’s .290 batting average?  Or his 124 hits?  Or his .388 on-base percentage?  Maybe his 22 home runs?

George Brett 1989 Topps – Always Havin’ A Good Time!!

George Brett 1989 Topps

George Brett is one of those guys that you kind of just knew he always enjoyed being on the field.  His smile was contagious and his personality was other-worldly.

I would have to imagine that being a teammate of Brett’s meant that you constantly had to be on your toes.  He had to be a blast to be around in the locker room and on the road as well.

Just look at the smile featured on his 1989 Topps baseball card:


How could this guy not be fun to be around??

I’d sign up to hang out with him!!!