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My Jim Abbott Player Collection Is COMPLETE!!! Oh, Yeah!!

My Jim Abbott Player Collection Is COMPLETE!!!  Oh, Yeah!!

Well friends, another player collection has been completed at ’30-YOC’.

This time around, it is my Jim Abbott collection.  And it was a lot of fun to build!

This journey started in February of this year when I declared that I wanted to collect each and every major-branded baseball card of Abbott’s from his playing days for the California Angels.   And I finally was able to add the last missing card to my collection when I brought home Abbott’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card.

And now, the set is D-O-N-E!!!

And here is a picture of the full set:

That is a pretty solid collection of cards right there.  Abbott’s career began just as the boom of baseball cards brands took place.  And while this collection spans just six baseball seasons, it boasts 40 baseball cards.

And as I do with all of my newly completed player collections, I will show off my ‘Fab Five’ from my Jim Abbott collection next week.  Starting on Monday and ending on Friday, you will see the five cards from this set that in my opinion are the cream of the crop.

Thanks for reading.

Jim Abbott 1989 Upper Deck – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Upper Deck – ROOKIE CARD!!!

My friends, I am very proud to be able to announce to you this morning that I have finally collected each and every Jim Abbott rookie baseball card.

I’ve got the Topps, the Fleer, the Donruss, the Score, the Bowman, and now the Upper Deck!!

The journey has been a long one, but one that I have enjoyed being on. 

And let me just say, this Upper Deck rookie card of Jim Abbott is superb!

Have a look: 

Abbott really got special treatment with his 1989 Upper Deck baseball card.  The multi-image shot was usually reserved for All-Stars and legends.

Great vision by UD!!

Jim Abbott 1992 Bowman

Jim Abbott 1992 Bowman

The 1992 Bowman set receives a lot of praise.  Partly due to the rookie cards that are part of the set, and partly due to the minimalist design, the cards just look great.  They offer nice, large photos.  The famous Bowman ‘B’ is front and center.  And the colors of the graphic banners do not do anything to draw your attention away from the photo.

Case in point – Jim Abbott’s 1992 Bowman baseball card:

I will admit that it is a little weird to not have the team name and player’s position on the front of the card.  But besides that, I have no complaints!


Jim Abbott 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back

Jim Abbott 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back

It does not happen too often, but it does happen.  If I had to guess, I would say less than once a month.

What am I referring to, you ask?

It’s very simple – I don’t show off the backs of baseball cards very often on this blog.  Most of the cards that I prefer to collect do not feature anything fancy on their backs.  But as I continue to pay tribute to the baseball heroes of the 1980’s, there are a few cards that display some very attractive backs.

And this card of Jim Abbott from the 1991 Upper Deck set is certainly one of them!!

Have a look:

First, the front:

And now, the back:

Let me start by saying that the card front is superb. It captures Jim Abbott doing something that as kids we all wondered if/how he could to it – Hit!?!?

And the back shows him standing at first base.  We all guessed that he connected for a single.  And it certainly brought a smile to our faces knowing that Abbott had once again defied odds and done the unthinkable!!

A fantastic addition to my Jim Abbott player collection – YES!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Fleer – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Fleer – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Yes, I have finally scored another Jim Abbott rookie card for my player collection that honors Mr. Abbott.

The card comes from the 1989 Fleer set, and while it was not the most popular rookie card of Abbott issued in 1989, it does feature a pretty nice full-body action photo.

Have a look:


And now, I just have one more rookie card to nab – Abbott’s Upper Deck card from the 1989 set.  Wish me luck…

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Card

This card will get strong consideration for the eventual ‘Fab Five’ – I love the artwork done here:

Oh, I finally finished Abbott’s new book too – I would strongly reccommend it to you if you are a fan of his.  It was nice to learn a lot more about the man than just the fact that he played professional baseball.  Abbott seems to be a very humble man, and it was fun to read about his interractions with his wife and kids throughout.

Happy Birthday Jim Abbott!!!

Happy Birthday Jim Abbott!!!

Jim Abbott turns 45 years old today.

One of the most inspirational athletes of my generation, Jim Abbott and his amazing story remain as a precious baseball memory for me.

I knew little about Abbott prior to his rookie card debut in the 1988 Topps baseball card set.  Back then it meant quite a bit to be part of the Team USA set so I always tried to spend a little time learning about the players featured.  And with no Internet, this was quite a challenge.  But when Abbott’s second card came out in the 1989 Topps set, he had a reputation and stories about him and his abilities became more available to collectors.

Abbott was a fan favorite in each city he called ‘home’.  And on the road he was quite an attraction.

Happy Birthday Mr. Abbott!!!

Jim Abbott 1993 Donruss

Jim Abbott 1993 Donruss

Jim Abbott did not play for the Angels in 1993, he was a member of the New York Yankees due to a trade in the offseason.

Still, Donruss issued a card of him in their 1993 wearing an Angels uniform because it was probably either too late in the game to make the needed air-brush work or omit Abbott from the set altogether.

Here is the card: 

And for a player collector like me, it gives me one more card of Abbott in his Angels uniform to go after.

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck – Front & Back

Jim Abbott 1992 Upper Deck – Front & Back

In my opinion, Upper Deck is the company that took the back of a baseball card to another level.  Starting in 1989 by including color pictures on the backs of their cards, it made double-checking each card a mandatory thing when ripping packs.

And in some cases, the images used on the back of the card is better than the one on the front.

I believe that is the case with this card of Jim Abbott from the 1992 Upper Deck issue.

Tell me if you agree.

First, the front:

And now, the back:

Yes, the front of the card features a vibrant and very nice picture.  But the image on the back is all about action.  And it showcases the athleticism that Abbott brought to the mound on every fourth day.

So, how about it – Front OR Back???

Jim Abbott 1993 Topps

Jim Abbott 1993 Topps

By the time that the 1993 baseball season started, Jim Abbott was a New York Yankee.  But, with the deadline that Topps had with the production of their 1993 baseball set, they were either unaware or unable to make Abbott a Yankee in their set.

Thus, in the 1993 Topps baseball set, Jim Abbott is an Angel. 

And to be honest, I always think of Abbott as an Angel first.

And yes, I have always been a fan of the 1993 nameplate and basic graphics!