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Joe Morgan Owns One Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Output By A Second Baseman

Joe Morgan Owns One Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Output By A Second Baseman

The Silver Slugger Award for offensive excellence at each defensive position debuted in 1980.

It was not long before Joe Morgan was chosen as the best offensive second baseman in the National League.  He won the award just once – in 1982.

His numbers from that season included:  .289 batting average, .400 on-base percentage, 134 hits, 19 doubles, 14 home runs, 61 RBI, 68 runs scored, 24 steals, and 204 total bases.

Atta Boy, Joe!!!


Joe Morgan Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winning Second Baseman

Joe Morgan Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winning Second Baseman

Always a solid defender, Joe Morgan captured five Gold Glove Awards for defensive excellence between 1973-77.

Morgan has a career fielding percentage of .981.


Joe Morgan Was The Fuel To Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”

Joe Morgan Was The Fuel To Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”

Every team needs and offensive player that can disrupt what the opposition’s game plan is.  Typically this player in the most talented and well-rounded player on the team – and usually the best athlete as well.

For the Reds of the 1970’s, that player was Joe Morgan.

Morgan had the ability to put the ball into play and get on base with a solid consistency.  Morgan has a career on-base percentage of .392, and has nine seasons on his resume that eclipsed the .400 mark; 4 of which led the league.

On the base paths, Morgan was a disruptive force.  Stealing bases, breaking up double plays, and keeping the pitcher and catcher out of rhythm was his specialty.  He stole 689 bases in his career and scored 1,650 runs.

Coincidentally, it was during the Reds’ best seasons in the mid-70’s in which Morgan had his most productive base stealing and run scoring seasons of his career…


Joe Morgan Is A 10-Time All-Star

Joe Morgan Is A 10-Time All-Star

Joe Morgan made his first appearance as an All-Star in 1966, his fourth season and second full-time campaign in the majors.  He then did not make another All-Star team until 1969.

It was his arrival in Cincinnati that escalated his status in the big leagues and allowed him to show his full potential and value to a team.  Traded to the Reds in 1972, Morgan made the All-Star team in his first season with the club and eight season run of consecutive All-Star game appearances – for all eight years with the Reds.  The run was incredible and it cemented Morgan’s status as the best National League second baseman of the 1970’s.


Happy Birthday Joe Morgan!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Morgan!!!

Joe Morgan turns 71 years old today.

Joe Morgan was a baseball superstar during the 1970’s.  A 2-time MVP and 10-time All-star, Joe Morgan brought his well-rounded game to the Reds for 8 seasons.

Offensively, Morgan was awesome.  A threat at the plate, and on the base paths, he was the perfect complement to a Reds team that was full of potent offensive talent.  Morgan collected 2,517 hits during his career and has a lifetime batting average of .271.  Other notable offensive stats include his 1,650 runs scored, 689 stolen bases, 268 home runs, and 1,133 RBI.

Joe Morgan is a ’30-YOC’ favorite and we will celebrate his amazing major league baseball career all day today.  It will be a lot of fun!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan!!!

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Triple Threads – Base

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Triple Threads – Base

Oh yeah, how’s about a nice Triple Threads card to show you on this fine Tuesday afternoon?!?!

This card comes to you from the 2013 Topps issue, and it features my favorite second baseman of all-time, Hall of Famer Joe Morgan.

Have a look:



I love the card.  The Red is so vibrant and it really stands out against all of the more dull colors that this card employs.

I also like how the image really shows how mush power Morgan packed into his compact swing.  He may have only been 160 pounds when he was playing in the majors, but Morgan had a very strong and quick swing – he connected for 268 career home runs, and had ten seasons with at least 14 round trippers during his 22-year career.

Joe Morgan 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini A&G Back

Joe Morgan 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini A&G Back

With most of the base cards out of the way from the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter set, I have shifted my attention to the minis and mini parallels from the set to so I can bulk up my modern and vintage player collections.

In a hunt that was specific to just the mini cards from this set, I hauled in a good handful.

Among them was this base mini of Reds Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan.

Have a look:


I’m happy to have nailed this one down as I had been lacking in my pursuit of Mr. Morgan’s cards.

Now on to the tougher ones…  Bring on the parallels!



1978 HEADLINE: Joe Morgan Becomes The 1st Member Of The ‘200/500 Club’

1978 HEADLINE: Joe Morgan Becomes The 1st Member Of The ‘200/500 Club’

On this day in 1978, Joe Morgan of the Cincinnati Reds hit the 200th home run of his incredible baseball career.

And while the 200-HR plateau had been accomplished by hundreds of players prior to Morgan, he was the first to accomplish that feat with 500 stolen bases to his credit as well.

Displaying an all-around offensive arsenal, Morgan was a rare player that could beat his opposition with his speed and ability to hit for power and average.

Only three players have accomplished the same feat since – Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor, and Barry Bonds.  But Morgan was the first, and he set the trend!!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Joe Morgan!!!

Joe Morgan 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Joe Morgan 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Yes, I understand that Allen & Ginter is not supposed to give us baseball cards featuring explosive action or packed with dramatic imagery.

But, the recycling of the same images that have been used of players for years is making this brand quite stale, in my opinion.

I’ve seen this image of Joe Morgan used way too many times, and now A&G blesses us with it again.  Does the image meet the normal A&G criteria?  Yes.  But for a collector that has over 300 unique Joe Morgan baseball cards in his collection, it bores the hell out of me.  Surely there are more than 4-5 posed portraits of Morgan that exist that Topps can use, right?

Is the image a decent one?  Sure.  But after being used so many times, it is getting to the point where collecting ‘Action Only’ cards may be the wave of my future.

Here is the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter card of Mr. Morgan:



Again, it is a nice card, but it is a tired image.  If I had any desire to go through my Morgan PC and pull each on that featured this specific shot, I may be able to grab more than a half-dozen.  But, I don’t have that kind of energy right now…

Joe Morgan 2002 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Header

Joe Morgan 2002 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Header

It’s been quite a while since I have added a card from this subset to my Joe Morgan collection – all the way back to 2012, if you’d like to get technical.

It is not for lack of want, mind you, bu for lack of effort.

When I first encountered a few singles from the set, I knew that it was something that I would like to complete in time.

Since then, I have learned that there are 10 total cards in the set – Cards 1-9, and a header (checklist) card.

Well, I now have said ‘Header’.

Have a look:




All of the cards from the set have a similar design theme, and each highlights something special from Joe Morgan’s big league career.

As a Morgan fan and collector, I think that it is only fitting that I make obtaining the balance of the missing cards of this set for my collection.

Time to focus and get it done!

Let’s Shop!!