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Happy Birthday Keith Hernandez!!!

Happy Birthday Keith Hernandez!!!

Keith Hernandez turns 60 years old today.

Never quite getting the credit he deserves, Keith Hernandez was a stellar player for 17 major league seasons.

Probably most well known for his amazing defense at first base, Hernandez made playing the position cool long before Don Mattingly did so.  Hernandez won 11 Gold Glove awards for being the best defensive first baseman in the National League.  11 trophies during 17 seasons is extremely impressive as it shows just how consistent ‘Mex’ was at the hot corner.

Hernandez was also a league Most Valuable Player in 1979 when he played for the Cardinals.  Along with a Gold Glove award and his first of five All-star selections, Hernandez was also extraordinary on offense that year.  He batted .344 while collecting 210 hits, ripping 48 doubles, driving in 105 runs and scoring 111 runs as well.  A perfectly well-rounded season and one certainly worthy of being tagged as the MVP!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Hernandez!!!


Keith Hernandez 1979 Topps

Keith Hernandez 1979 Topps

This is the last Keith Hernandez card that I will be featuring on the blog as I take a small break from vintage collecting and focus on a few new goals.

So, at least I can leave knowing that Mr. Hernandez is OK with my decision.

He actually seems pretty excited about it…




Keith Hernandez 1990 Fleer

Keith Hernandez 1990 Fleer

The 1990 baseball season was Keith Hernandez’s final season in the big leagues.

And while his Fleer baseball card shows him sporting his New York Mets uniform, he actually capped his career in Cleveland playing for the Indians.

The end was not favorable – Hernandez played in just 43 games for ‘The Tribe’ and did very little offensively.  He hit .200 in those 43 contests and collected 26 hits while driving in 8 runs and scoring 7 times.

hernandez 15


While it would have been more fitting to feature Hernandez in an Indians uniform, I am happy to have one more card of him on my checklist that features him as a Met.

And yes, that is Shea Stadium in the background.  It’s always neat to see the old dugouts…

Keith Hernandez 1989 Upper Deck

Keith Hernandez 1989 Upper Deck

Upper Deck may have come out swinging with groundbreaking quality and sharp design in 1989, but you would not have known it by looking at the card of Keith Hernandez that was part of their debut set.

Here is the card:
hernandez 14


While the design is great.  And the added touch of the New York Mets logo is a great accent, the image used just does not work.

Still, it does give us a little insight to the scene.  Being a first baseman, it is pretty clear that Keith was in his defensive position when the picture used for this card was snapped.

But what is he doing?  He seems distracted…

Maybe he is:
*getting signs from the dugout
*checking out the girls in the front row
*seeking out a hot dog vendor

Hmmm…   Makes you think.

New York Mets 1989 Topps Team Leaders w/Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry, And Kevin McReynolds

New York Mets 1989 Topps Team Leaders w/Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry, And Kevin McReynolds

This is the second time in the last few years that I have picked up this baseball card.

The first time I needed to get one of these was for the collection I was building to celebrate the career of Darryl Strawberry.

And now, a year or two later, and I am scoring another one – this time for my collection that pays tribute to the career of Keith Hernandez.

Take a peek:


I have no plans of building a set of cards to honor Kevin McReynolds, so I do not believe that I will need to bring home a third one into my collection…

Keith Hernandez 1983 Donruss – A Design Built For St. Louis!!!

Keith Hernandez 1983 Donruss

I am a huge fan of the Powder-Blue St. Louis Cardinals uniforms from the early 1980’s.  I really like that combo of Blue and Red, and the accents of White and Yellow are solid additions to the uniform.

The 1983 Donruss set includes most of those colors in their design scheme, making the set a perfect fit with the Cardinals’ colors.

And as you can see with this card of Keith Hernandez below, the finished product is rather nice to look at.

Check it out:

hernandez 4

Between the Red frame and the Yellow bat, it almost feels like this card design was built to work solely for the Cardinals.

And while that is probably not the case, I cannot think of another team’s color pallet that works better with 1983 Donruss.

Can you??

Keith Hernandez 1986 Topps Record Breakers – WORST RECORD BREAKER EVER???

Keith Hernandez 1986 Topps Record Breakers

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that this one gets my vote.  And that is not a good thing.

This card of Keith Hernandez comes from the 1986 Topps baseball card set.  The card celebrates Hernandez setting the mark for most game-winning RBI collected over the course of a single season.

Instead, the card fails.  You would never know that the card is acknowledging history.

Not with a feature image like this one:



I cannot believe that this card made it past the editor’s desk.

Do you know of a worse ‘Record Breaker’ card?  If so, please let me know as I cannot think of one.

Someone needs a chinstrap….