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My Ken Griffey Sr. Player Collection Is Complete!!! YES!!!

My Ken Griffey Sr. Player Collection Is Complete!!!   YES!!!

Of all of the player collections that I have compiled over the last 4+ years, the one that I have built of Ken Griffey Sr. is the smallest.

And when I say smallest, I am referring to the number of actual cards.  Griffey had 15 major brand baseball card releases while wearing his Cincinnati Reds uniform.

And now, I am the proud owner of all 15.

Here is a look at the full collection:

If ‘The Big Red Machine’ was an actual machine than Johnny Bench and George Foster would have been the engine.  And Pete Rose and Joe Morgan would have been the wheels.  And Tony Perez would have been the chassis.  And Ken Griffey would surely have been the spark plugs!!!  His ability to get on base and drive opposing pitchers nuts was supreme, especially for a young player.

I am thrilled to have built a collection that features each and every major-brand card of Griffey from his time with the Reds.  And while there are just 15 cards in the set, I will still follow suit and show off my ‘Fab Five’ starting next Monday.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy!

Ken Griffey Sr. 1975 Topps

Ken Griffey Sr. 1975 Topps

A 19-year veteran, Ken Griffey Sr. was an integral part of the Cincinnati Red’s ‘Big Red Machine’ during the mid-1970’s.  The first 9 years of his career were played with the Reds and Griffey became an All-star on their star-studded line-up 3 times.  During his time in Cincinnati, Griffey hit .300+ in 6 of his 9 seasons while also 80+ runs 5 times.  Ending his career with a very impressive .296 batting average, Griffey was also able to swipe 200 bases and score 1,129 runs.

A 2-time World Series winner on the Reds teams of 1975 and 1976, Griffey won championship rings in each of the World Series contests he participated in.

Ken Griffey Sr. 1981 Donruss

Ken Griffey Sr. 1981 Donruss

For some reason, the 1981 Donruss cards featured a lot of ‘zoomed-in’ photography.

I am not sure if this was a result of poor photo editing or poor photography.

Either way, we are left with a lot of half-body and 3/4-body shots.

This card of Ken Griffey Sr. is proof:

Told Ya!

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

I’m very happy to see a player like Ken Griffey get included in this ‘In Action’ set that was part of the 1982 Topps set.

The ’82 set features a very, very large group of baseball legends – call it a blending of the past and future stars.

With tons of future Hall of Famers in the set, I am very excited that Topps gave us this ‘extra’ card of Griffey for my PC.

Great photo too – I love the stirrups!!!

Ken Griffey Sr. 1979 Topps

Ken Griffey Sr. 1979 Topps

Even though he only played in 95 games during the 1979 baseball season, Ken Griffey still put up some pretty solid numbers with the Reds.

In 95 contests, Griffey amassed 120 hits en route to a .316 batting average.  He sported a .374 on-base percentage in ’79 which helped lead him to stealing 12 bases and scoring 65 runs.

Had it not been for injuries, Griffey could have eclipsed the 200 hits and 100 runs scored during that season.

Here is his card from the 1979 Topps set:

1990 HEADLINE: Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. Are First Father-Son Combo To Hit Back-To-Back Home Runs

1990 HEADLINE:  Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. Are First Father-Son Combo To Hit Back-To-Back Home Runs

On this day back in 1990, Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first ever Father & Son duo to hit back-to-back home runs in the major leagues.

An event that must have been extremely memorable and enjoyable for the duo, the Griffey men certainly had a great evening.

Ken Sr. went 2-for-5 on the day with a home run and 3 RBI.  The younger Griffey went 1-for-4 with his solo home run.  Their combined offensive output was not enough to hold of the Angels as the Mariners lost 7-5.

Still, a very memorable and historic night in Anaheim!!!

Congratulations to 2 class acts!!!

1982 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Leaders With Ken Griffey & Tom Seaver

1982 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Leaders With Ken Griffey & Tom Seaver

Ken Griffey Sr. doesn’t really get the justice he deserves as being a very solid contact hitter.  Typically when mentioned, Griffey is almost always first praised for his speed on the base paths.

And while he certainly was speedy, he was also very skilled at the plate.

Griffey hit at least .300 in 12 of his 19 seasons.  He retired with a .296 batting average, and had it not been for a few really poor ‘last few years’ he would have retired much closer to .310.

The card below is from the 1982 Topps baseball card set.  It celebrates the Team Leaders of the Cincinnati Reds from the 1981 baseball season – a season in which Griffey hit .311.


Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Donruss

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Donruss

Griffey Sr. was one of the last remaining Reds from ‘The Big Red Machine’ that remained with the team into the 1980’s.  Gone was Joe Morgan and Pete Rose and Tony Perez and George Foster.

It was Johnny Bench and Ken Griffey that stuck it out the longest.

Now, Griffey did not actually play for the team in 1982.  He was traded by the Reds to the New York Yankees during the off-season.

Still, it is nice to have ‘One More Card’ of Ken Sr. in his Reds uniform!!

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Fleer

Ken Griffey Sr. 1982 Fleer

Before there was Allen & Ginter and its pale-Blue painted backgrounds, we had cards like these:


Way back when I was in high school, I took a photography class.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures, and not only did I learn a lot about the art of taking pictures, but I also believe that this is where my appreciation for the perfect image on a baseball card was enhanced.

On this card of Ken Griffey, from the 1982 Fleer set, the photographer was shooting up to capture the Blue sky behind his subject.  This gives the person in the picture, in this case one of the members of ‘The Bid Red Machine’ the feeling of being larger than life, he looks a lot bigger in this shot than in reality.

But that is very fitting for a key member of one of the greatest baseball dynasties in the history of the sport!!!

Very well done.


Doug Hooks Up Me & My Player Collections!!!

Doug Hooks Up Me & My Player Collections!!!

I love trading baseball cards.  It was one of my most favorite things to do as a kid and I still enjoy it today.  Sadly, I get to do it too often because I rarely have cards in my collection that I am not actively collecting.

That did change for a little while when the 2012 Topps Archives brand was released.  I love the set, and I busted a few retail boxes of them.

In the boxes, I scored a lot of Detroit Tigers cards so I offered them up to a blogging pal of mine, Doug.  Doug collects the Tigers and I knew that he would enjoy them.

After getting my cards, he started working on his ‘Thank You’ package and the cards he sent are perfectly geared towards my new player collections.

Doug’s generous contributions filled quite a few holes in my PC’s, and now they have been logged and scanned – and now I am ready to show them off too…

Here is the haul:

Thank you for the great cards Doug.  I am already working on my next stack of Tigers to send your way!!!