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Sparky Anderson 1981 Donruss Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1981 Donruss Detroit Tigers Manager Card

This is the first non-Topps card I am adding to my Sparky Anderson collection.  And I have to be honest – I love it!!

Have a look:


As you know, I am a huge fan of the ‘Batting Cage Card’.  And this one certainly qualifies!!!

I don’t care if players are taking hacks in the cage, posing for pictures in front of the cage, or just watching another player take BP, I am fascinated by baseball cards that feature a batting cage as the backdrop.

If a checklist existed of them, I’d go get ’em!!!

Sparky Anderson 1983 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1983 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Finally, a smiling Sparky Anderson manager card!!!  YES!!!


If you were to look at the managerial career of Sparky Anderson through pictures, you would think that he was a guy that never smiled or showed signs of being happy.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic stories about Sparky that have been passed on from decade to decade about the quality of man and manager that he was.  If Sparky Anderson liked you, he really liked you – just ask Morgan, Bench, and Rose.

It’s nice to see a smiling Anderson on this 1983 Detroit Tigers manager card.

As for the 1983 baseball season, the Tigers went 92-70, finishing second in their division.

Sparky Anderson 1988 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1988 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

By the time that the 1988 baseball season rolled around, Sparky Anderson had led the Detroit Tigers to six straight winning seasons.

1988 would be their 7th straight winning season as the Tigers closed the campaign with a 88-74 record, and a 2nd place finish in the AL East.  Competition for the lead in the division would come down to the wire; ultimately Boston won the division by one game.

The Tigers were in first place during the 1988 season for a total of 76 days.  Their longest win streak of the season was five games and their longest losing streak was six.


The next season would be far from brilliant…

Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Manager’s Card

Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Manager’s Card

Sparky Anderson and the Detroit Tigers were riding high at the conclusion of the 1984 baseball season – They were the champions!!!

You’d think that Topps would have tried a bit harder to find an image of a ‘Smiling Anderson’ for his manager’s card in their 1985 set.  This is of course assuming that an image like that exists…



As for the Tigers, their 1985 year was a far cry from their prior season.  They finished in 3rd place in the AL East with a 84-77 record, 15 games behind the division leading Blue Jays.

Time To Announce The New Additions To My Player Collection Roster!!!

Time To Announce The New Additions To My Player Collection Roster!!!

Yessir, it is that time again!!!

As I rapidly approach the end of a few player collections that I have been building over the last few months, it is time to add a few more names to the roster.

And this time, I am going big – 6 new names to be added to ‘Team 30-YOC’.  6 guys that absolutely left their mark on the sport.  6 guys that will hopefully get the ’30-YOC’ reader as excited as I am to get this going.

Are you ready??

Ok, let’s go!  Here are the 6 new names on the ’30-YOC’ roster:

Sparky Anderson – All cards from playing days and managerial career


Vince Coleman – All major brand cards from his days with the St. Louis Cardinals


Jim Rice – All major brand cards from 1975-1990


Keith Hernandez – All major brand releases from 1975-1990


Carlton Fisk – All major brand releases from 1975-1990PHOTO CARLTON FISK

George Brett –  – All major brand releases from 1975-1990


A pretty solid list of players right there, huh??  Four Hall of Famers and two guys known for their dominance in single aspects of the game.

I cannot wait to get this going!!!

I have already done all of the leg-work needed to add a new player(s) to my roster.  Checklists have been built, cards have been organized, and I have even made a few purchases too.

Again, I ask, ARE YOU READY???

Good.  Let’s do this!!!

Oh, and if you have any cards you’d like to either donate or trade me that can help me get a good start to these new player collections, check out my ‘Player Collections’ page to see what my needs are.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Birthday George “Sparky” Anderson!!!

Happy Birthday George “Sparky” Anderson!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday and life of Hall of Famer and legendary manager of the ‘Big Red Machine’, Mr. George ‘Sparky’ Anderson.  Always a fan favorite, Anderson provided some great quotes during the course of his coaching career.

Here is a small sampling:

“If I ever find a pitcher who has heat, a good curve, and a slider, I might seriously consider marrying him, or at least proposing.”

“I understand people who boo us. It’s like going to Broadway show, you pay for your tickets and expect to be entertained. When you’re not, you have a right to complain.”

“The day I got a hit off (Sandy) Koufax was when he knew it was all over.”

A true character and a legendary personality in the sport, Sparky Anderson is 1-of-a-kind!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson!!!

Sparky Anderson 2012 Panini Cooperstown

Sparky Anderson 2012 Panini Cooperstown

It’s nice to see that managers were included in the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set.  After all, Cooperstown is a place for everything baseball, not just players.

Sparky Anderson would not have been elected to the Hall of Fame for his tenure as a major league player.  His career lasted just 152 games in 1959.

But, as a manager, he was extremely successful.  Anderson managed in the big leagues for 26 years while compiling a record of 2194-1834.  He managed just two clubs during his managerial career, the Reds and the Tigers.  He led those two teams to the post-season five times, ultimately winning 3 World Series championships.


George ‘Sparky’ Anderson 1960 Topps Baseball Card – YES!!!

George ‘Sparky’ Anderson 1960 Topps Baseball Card – YES!!!

In mid-November, I shared the Top Ten Most Wanted Cards for my collection with the readers of this blog.

The list had cards that were old, and cards that were new.  The list featured rookies, and autographs, and error cards too.

Well, I can proudly say that I have now added one of those cards to my collection.

#7 to be precise – 1960 Topps George ‘Sparky’ Anderson

Have a look: 

This card is a perfect complement to the 1959 rookie card of ‘Sparky’ that I scored a few  months ago.

Sparky’s big league career spanned just 152 games, all coming in 1959.  With the addition of this card to my collection, I now have the two cards issued of Sparky from his playing days.

There are a lot of cards of Sparky from his managing days that I do not have.  I may have to go after them next!!!

Sparky Anderson 2005 Upper Deck Classics

Sparky Anderson 2005 Upper Deck Classics

I am in a Cincinnati Reds frame of mind on this fine Tuesday morning!

And when I think of the Reds and ‘The Big Red Machine’, it is very hard to not think about their fearless leader, Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson.

I have added his 1959 Topps rookie card to my collection recently, and obtaining that card has given me a little bit of a push into trying to find more cards of him.

This is his card from the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set.


The Newest Baseball Card In My Collection Is Now The Oldest Baseball Card In My Collection!!!

The Newest Baseball Card In My Collection Is Now The Oldest Baseball Card In My Collection!!!

I have been collecting long enough to know that I could have hauled in an older card by now.  Sure, I could probably have had a card from the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s in my collection for some time.

But that is not the kind of collector that I am.  I am a player collector, and I try to remain as focused on my player collections as I can.

But there are some players that I like to go after that are not officially in my player collector profile.  And if you are a reader of this blog, you probably know some of the names – Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Pete Rose – you know, baseball royalty.

But this card, my newest and oldest card, is not of those guys.

Instead, it is of a baseball legend that made his fame in the dugout rather than on the field.  He played on the field, just not well enough to last very long…

My friends, this is the oldest card in my collection:

A 1959 Topps George “Sparky” Anderson rookie baseball card.

Sparky is one of my favorite managers of all-time.  He managed my favorite baseball dynasty during their World Series run in the 1970’s.

I have wanted to find more ways to honor his life in baseball, and I believe that this is a perfect way to do that.

I am so happy to finally have this card in my collection.  It may be the start I needed to add another player to my PC roster.