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I Found This Pretty Neat Collectible And I Ripped It Open!!

I Found This Pretty Neat Collectible And I Ripped It Open!!

While shopping at Target this weekend, I made my way to their small, but crammed, trading card aisle.  As usual, the area holding the sports cards was unkept and a mess.

Still, I dug in to see if anything caught my eye.  I have not purchase a lot of new products lately through retail – the last was a blaster of Gypsy Queen right after the release.  So, I was hoping to find something neat and new that would get me excited.

And I did.

But, it was not resting on a shelf – it was hanging on a peg.

It was a 2014 Topps NL All-Star Team set.  And it featured a clear, plastic shell allowing me access to see the top card.  A card of Mr. Bryce Harper.

So, I examined it to see what the story was as I had not seen this kind of set before.  And then I took it to one of those self-scan price check machines – $4.99.  I was sold.

I bought the set.  Here it is:


An it has a pretty deep, 17-card checklist, though not all of these players actually made the squad this season…


The cards are the same as the cards from Series 1 and Series 2, but they have a neat NL All-Star logo right above the team logo.

And after much deliberation, I decided to rip the package open.  Why?  Because the set has four of the current players that I collect included, and a search on Ebay for these singles did not net me any positive results.

For $4.99, I added cards to four of my player collections:


And now I have all of these ‘extras’ to enjoy as well!!

img586 img587 img588

I’s say that was a good $4.99 spent.  And to get technical, my wife has a Target credit card so she saved 5% with the purchase so the set actually cost me $4.74 or $0.28 per card.

Not too bad, huh?!?!?


Don Mattingly 2014 Topps Archives – Base – WHAT A MUSTACHE!!!

Don Mattingly 2014 Topps Archives – Base

Yes, Don Mattingly sported one of the more famous mustaches in baseball during the 1980’s, but I don’t recall it being this big and bulky…



Wow, Topps really took us back.

This mustache is ‘One For The Ages’.  It’s right up there with Jose Canseco’s mustache from his 1986 Donruss card and Greg Maddux’s sweet ‘stache from his 1987 Donruss ‘Rated Rookies’ card.


Yogi Berra 2014 Topps Archives

Yogi Berra 2014 Topps Archives

Gotta love seeing Yogi Berra included in modern baseball card sets – I know that I do.

And he made the checklist for the newly released 2014 Topps Archives set this year.

His card was in the ‘1989 Topps’ portion of the set, and the card looks great.

Have a look:



Of all of the players that Topps recycles that starred during the 1950’s, Berra could very well be my favorite.  The images used of him all look great, and I really enjoy checking out those old, wool Yankees uniforms.

Another great modern card of Yogi Berra for my collection – YES!

Manny Machado 2014 Topps Archives

Manny Machado 2014 Topps Archives

No, I am not trying to turn myself into a ‘Machado Super-Collector’.  At least not yet…

But, when I saw this card, I had to grab one for my collection.

As you see below, the colors and the Topps 1986 design are simply a perfect match.

Have a look:



First off, you have the three main colors of the card – Black, Orange, and White.  It all just works well toegther – from the lettering on the top of the card to the bill on Machado’s helmet and everything in between.

And the image selection is sweet too.  Not only did Topps give us an image that works, but they centered it perfectly.  We’ve all seen #13 make this sign after connecting for a home run, and Topps captured it perfectly.

Nicely done, Topps.  Nicely done.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Box Of 1988 Score Baseball Cards – YESSIR!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Box Of 1988 Score Baseball Cards – YESSIR!!!

The same seller with the Marlins goodies and assorted bargain bins had a full table of vintage wax.  And the table was loaded.

I must have walked by his display three or four times before I finally decided to really look and see what he had.

I’ve bought 1980’s wax boxes at card shows in the past, but it has been a while.  And since I have not ripped any modern wax since the Series 1 release of the 2014 Topps set, my desire to tear into some baseball card packs has been building.

So, I checked out his assortment and narrowed it down to a few random boxes.

Eventually, I opted for a box of 1988 Score baseball packs.  The box has 36 packs, and as many of you know this was Score’s debut set.  The packs were packaged in a clear plastic versus foil or wax paper, and you can see the top card on each pack if you focus your attention towards it.

Here is my buy:


The box is a bit tattered, but the packs are more than fine.

In addition to that, the bottom of the box features four cards…


And wouldn’t you know that I got one with Andre Dawson on it!  And Darryl Strawberry and Rickey Henderson too.

Here is a look at the opened box:


And here is a stack of some of the packs…


As for what I am going to do now, I am not quite sure.

While I don’t need all of these cards in my collection, and I have no desire to build this set, I am excited to rip into some of them.

Maybe I will give a few to my boys.  And maybe I will offer up a few of them on my blog.

Time will tell.  But, I can guarantee that when I rip into them, I will share the cards with you right here.

Thanks for reading.

Happy 4th Of July!!!

Happy 4th Of July!!!

Have a great day today. Try to go out and enjoy the weather if you can. And try to take in a local fireworks show if you’re able to do so.

But more than anything, try to take a moment to reflect on what ‘Independence Day’ is truly about. We live in an amazing country and although we may not all agree with the daily happenings of our government and leaders, we are in a much better position than the rest of the world!!!

For me, I will be with my family and some friends of the family as we enjoy a nice South Florida night.  We’ll have some snacks and some drinks.  And we’ll be sitting in the outfield in which our boys played baseball for the last four months – sounds like a perfect night to me.  Maybe we’ll bring our gloves too!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Ken Griffey, Jr. 2014 Topps Archives – Base

Ken Griffey, Jr. 2014 Topps Archives – Base

Well, my shipment of singles from the new 2014 Topps Archives release has arrived and I am ready to start showing off some of the spoils from that shipment.

While I normally try to stick to only nabbing cards that feature the legendary and modern players I actively collect, I let that rule loosen up when it comes to Topps’ Archives brand as I am a sucker for the designs.

Among the cards that I hauled in was this card of ‘The Kid’, Ken Griffey, Jr.

2014 archives griffey

Pretty sweet – gotta love 1980 Topps.

And while the image is far from the best one I have seen used of Griffey in modern releases, I will say that I am happy that he was featured as a Seattle Mariner.

Though I would have really liked to see an image of a very young ‘Kid’.

Maybe next time.

UPDATE TIME: 30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2014 Collecting Goals!!!

UPDATE TIME:  30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2014 Collecting Goals!!!

Well friends, we have officially reached the half-way mark of 2014.  And I would like to take this time to run through all my 2014 collecting goals so I can officially document my progress.

Sound like fun?

I hope so!

I will keep the original post in tact and simply add the status of each goal in Red.



Here are my collecting goals for 2014:

1. Andre Dawson player collection.  I start the year with 1,132 unique cards in my collection.  I would like to add 40 new cards in the new year, but a lot of this depends on how many sets Dawson is included in for 2014.  I think I can get to this number with few issues, but having him in A&G and Gypsy Queen will help.  I will also try to bring in a few more relic and auto cards this year as compared to last.   I am at 1,156 unique cards in my Dawson collection right now and I have a few more in the mail headed to me.  Andre has not been on too many checklists in 2014 so I am crossing my fingers that changes as more products drop in the coming months.  Either way, I am on track for 40 new cards added in 2014.

2. Fergie Jenkins player collection.  I start the year with 290 unique cards in my collection.  I was cooking for a while in 2013, but this collection hit slow-motion half-way through the year.  I would like to get to 325, but like Dawson, it all depends on how many 2014 checklists Jenkins appears on as I have many of his ‘old’ cards.  I will also try to obtain a few more auto cards in the coming year.  I am at 299 unique Jenkins cards for my collection.  And with a small stack of Archives to grab from this year’s release, I should be able to add a few more pretty easily.  325 is still far off so, like my Dawson collection, a lot is pending on how often Fergie’s name appears on future checklists.

3. Jim Palmer player collection.  I start the year with 239 unique cards in my collection and I think I can add 52 more, one per week – giving me 290.  I really need to dig deep on Palmer as he has a ton of modern cards out there that I do not yet have.  Even if he is limited in 2014 releases, I think I can achieve this – just need to focus.  I have slacked big time on my Palmer collecting – and I must fix it.  So far, I have only scored 5 new cards of #22 for my collection.  Time to re-focus.

4. Joe Morgan player collection.  I am starting the year with 170 unique cards in my Morgan collection.  And like the Palmer one, my goal is one new card per week bringing me close to 220 at the end of the year.  He should be in a lot of sets in 2014, and I know that I still have a bunch of modern sets I can tackle that he was a part of.   Sadly, my Morgan collection has not grown as I would like – and it is my fault.  I am at 179 unique cards of Morgan, just 9 more than what I had on January 1.  Time to get going!

5. Modern Player Collections – Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Dustin Pedroia, and Jose Fernandez.  My goal for these players is simply to grow with and stay on track with their 2014 releases.  Because of the number of new sets that come out each year, and because these guys will be present in 100% of them, this is a big challenge.  But I am looking forward to it.  This has gone incredibly well.  My Stanton and Fernandez collections have really blossomed and with so many cards to go after from the Series 2 and Archives releases, I should be able to add a bunch pretty easily.  My Pedroia and McCutchen collections have also grown nicely and I am eager to keep pushing on both.  As for my Bryce Harper collection, it has stalled a bit – I am simply not ready to pay premium prices on singles when S&H fees are going up.

6. Marlins team sets.  I ended 2013 with 114 Marlins team sets in my collection.  If I can stay on track with the new sets as they are released, while also going back to some older ones, I think I can add one new set per week and go for 52 new ones – bringing my total to 166.  I want to pay special attention to ‘The Miguel Cabrera Years’ in 2014.  I currently rest at 127 different Marlins team sets in my collection.  I am pretty far away from my goal of 166, but with 25 weeks left in the year, I may be able to get to 150.

7. Subsets.  As always, I will build subsets that I find either appealing to the eye or that have a nice approach to the set/theme.  I have a few in mind from recent releases, but I am also open to seeing what comes from new 2014 issues too.  I am sure that Gypsy Queen will do something special this year, and I am eager to see if the flagship set presents us with something extra-unique in 2014 as well.  I have only gone after two subsets this year as I have been focused on a bigger task.  Still, adding the 2014 Topps All-Rookie Cup and Super Veterans subsets to my collection has been a lot of fun.  After both are done, I may take a break from subsets unless something really catches my eye.

8. Signed baseball collection.  As with last year, this year will not be about numbers for me.  It is all about quality!  I have 3 baseballs in the works right now, so the collection will naturally grow.  But, for me, it is more about going after the players that created the history of the sport – and I have a lengthy list of guys I want to go after that helped do so.  This is always one of the best challenges for me – and I am ready to go!!  Quality is my goal, and I am happy with the growth of my collection.  I have one signing happening that I am committed to and a few more that I am keeping my eyes on.  If I can add 3-5 more balls this year to my collection (hopefully at least one new HOFer) I will be very pleased.

9. 1975.  Yes, 1975.  I am going to focus a lot of time concentrating on this year, the year of my birth.  I want memorabilia from 1975.  I want signed baseballs from 1975.  And you guessed right, I want cards from 1975 – I am going to build the 1975 Topps baseball card set!!  Saving he best for last, building the 1975 Topps baseball card set has been a thrill.  I’ve wanted to do this for years and now that I have committed and focused attention on the task, I am truly enjoying it.  It has been 20 years since I last built a complete set of cards and I am truly re-living my youth through this process.  I have a lot of cards to go, but I am ready and willing to embark on the journey.


And there you have it, that was a lot of fun to recap!

2014 has been pretty good to me and ’30-YOC’.  I am very eager to see what the remainder of the year has in store for me and my collection.

Stay tuned.  And as always, Thanks for Reading!!!

2014 Topps Archives. Singles Only, Please!

2014 Topps Archives.  Singles Only, Please!

While I may be posting this a few weeks after the release, I have yet to truly invest any energy into the new 2014 Topps Archives product.

When the checklist hit, and I saw that the name Andre Dawson was not included in the checklist, the proverbial wind was taken from my sails and I lost interest in the product.

Instead, I focused on other things.  But, now, I am back.

But, instead of spending my time buying hobby boxes and ripping packs of Archives, I am going to be very specific with my shopping – Only singles for me.

I’ll just be buying cards for my player collections and the Miami Marlins for my team set collection.  Other than that, I am out…

2014 topps archives


I’m headed over to now to make bulk what could be my lone Archives purchase of the year.

Cards to be unveiled soon.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

If you’re a dad or a son or a daughter, take some time today to sit back and relax.  If you’re able to spend a little more quality time with your dad today then let him know just how valued of a man he is in your life.

And if you get the chance, take in a ballgame with him too.

Kind of like these guys did…

father and son