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Vince Coleman 1986 Fleer ROOKIE CARD!!!

Vince Coleman 1986 Fleer ROOKIE CARD!!!

Yep – It took me a long time, but I finally landed another Vince Coleman rookie card for my collection of cards that honors Vince’s career with the Cardinals.

Oddly enough, the picture used for his Fleer rookie card was taken at the rival’s home – Wrigley Field.

Have a look:



Still, the card looks very nice.  And while the 1986 Fleer baseball card design will not win any awards for unique graphics, the design works well with the Cardinals’ color scheme and logo.

And now,  I need just one more Coleman rookie card for my collection – 1986 Topps, I’m coming after you!!!

1988 Fleer Superstar Special ‘Hitting King & The Thief’ Starring Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

1988 Fleer Superstar Special ‘Hitting King & The Thief’ Starring Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

A few years ago, I put together a set of cards to honor the career of Tony Gwynn.  My set consisted of every major brand release of Gwynn from his rookie season of 1983 through 1989.  The set looks great, completed, and I truly value what Gwynn brought to the sport and the history he made as one of baseball’s best hitters of all-time.

That set of cards contains a card from the 1988 Fleer set that is a part of the ‘Superstar Special’ in-set subset.  Gwynn shares that card with Tony Gwynn.



I’ve had to pick up another card for my Vince Coleman collection – and that is not a complaint, not at all.

It actually allows me another moment to acknowledge and celebrate these two elite talents.

And I have to guess that while pretty close in age to one another that this must have been a thrill for Mr. Coleman…

1986 Donruss ‘Fleet Feet’ Starring Vince Coleman & Willie McGee

1986 Donruss ‘Fleet Feet’ Starring Vince Coleman & Willie McGee

Vince Coleman and Willie McGee were two of my favorite players as a kid.  So, you could imagine my excitement as I found that in the 1986 Donruss baseball card set that both players would be featured on a single card.

It’s too bad that the card did not live up to the hype….



What a horrible photoshop job on this one…  Even as an 11-year old kid, I knew that this card was just plain awful.  I remember saying to myself, ‘couldn’t they have just taken a picture of the two of them standing next to each other’??

I was pretty sharp back then, huh???

Vince Coleman 1991 Topps – LIVE ACTION!!!!

Vince Coleman 1991 Topps

Now, this is what I am talking about – Full Action On A Baseball Card!!!


I don’t know why, but so many of the Vince Coleman cards that I have picked up show him doing little to nothing.  Very few give you the feeling of energy that he brought to the Cardinals’ line-up.

While I know it is impossible to expect that every card features action, I don’t think it is a stretch to want that.  And I don’t think that it is asking too much to get that more often than not…

When I wrap up my Vince Coleman collection, I think I will break it down a little differently.  Sure, I will still do a ‘Fab Five’ of my favorites from the collection, but I think I will provide some stats too as I think his cards lean heavily towards non-action versus action.

Stay tuned for that.  I am just a few cards away!!

Vince Coleman 1991 Score

Vince Coleman 1991 Score

While not showing Vince Coleman doing what he did best, I will take the action that this card from the 1991 Score set offers versus what many others do.

The shot of Coleman is actually very, very nice.

Have a look:


It’s nice to see defense celebrated on this card.  And as you can see, Mr. Coleman is really focused on the task of tracking down this fly ball and making the play.

I’m trying to determine the park he is playing in, but I am having a hard time doing so.  Anyone out there know???

Vince Coleman 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’

Vince Coleman 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’

Topps did it right with this card!!

This is the 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’ card of Vince Coleman that celebrates Coleman’s dominant base-stealing performance of 1985.

Have a look:



In his debut campaign in 1985, Coleman set a major league record for rookies by stealing 110 bases.

Not only did Topps do a solid job by making this a ‘Record Breaker’ worthy accomplishment, but they used a great shot of Coleman in action.

Thank you, Topps!

Vince Coleman 1991 Fleer

Vince Coleman 1991 Fleer

I’ve read enough baseball card blogs to know that the 1991 Fleer set is often loved and often ridiculed.  I guess it all depends on if you like that Yellow and Black design…

Personally, for me it has more to do with the card image and the team color scheme and whether that either fits with or sticks out against the Yellow & Black.

And while some team colors just do not work at all, there are quite a few major league logos and color schemes that get along just fine.

And I believe that the St. Louis Cardinals colors are an example of that – this card of Vince Coleman is sweet!

Have a look:


While cards of the Mets, Rangers, Orioles, and Cubs may not be a great fit for this design, the Cardinals cards look just fine!!!

Very nice, indeed!

Vince Coleman 1988 Score – PERFECTION!!!!

Vince Coleman 1988 Score

Every once in a while you come across a baseball card that is executed to perfection.

For me, that means a large action-filled image, perfectly cropped, graphics that don’t take away from the centerpiece of the card, all on a nice sturdy piece of cardboard.  And the card needs to take you back to a memory of the player and the action being showcased.

Score Achieved this with their 1988 card of Vince Coleman.

See for yourself:


In ’30-YOC’ world, this is called a piece of art.

The only thing missing is a Cardinals logo.  But it is not needed this time around…

Thank you Score!!!

Lot Of 3 Vince Coleman 1989 Donruss Baseball Cards – Base, Diamond Kings, Baseball’s Best

Lot Of 3 Vince Coleman 1989 Donruss Baseball Cards – Base, Diamond Kings, Baseball’s Best

A little 3-for-1 special for you on this fine Friday morning.

And this trio of cards comes from the 1989 Donruss set – the base set, the Diamond King subset, and the Baseball’s Best subset.

Have a look:



I have to say, these cards look great!!

I like the action, and I really like that these cards show Coleman in action and working to get his way on base.  The card on the left shows him as he is preparing to square around and drop the bat on the ball.  And the card on the right shows him laying the head of the bat on the ball with one foot already getting primed for the sprint to first base.


And so much better than the posed portrait cards of Coleman that littered many of the cards of him that were part of the sets from the 1980’s.

Vince Coleman 1989 Upper Deck

Vince Coleman 1989 Upper Deck

Upper Deck’s launch in 1989 left most card collectors with their jaws agape and in awe of the ‘best looking set in town’.

The cards were crisp, on a new kind of cardstock, and best of all they featured full-color action images on both the front and back of the card.

The Vince Coleman card from this set is a nice one, but it is not among the ‘upper crust’ of cards.

The front of the card features Coleman sprinting towards first base.  And based on the direction in which his eyes are aimed, it looks like he may have hit a grounder to the right side of the infield and is attempting to beat the throw to first base.

Have a look:



My lone complaint is that the shot is so zoomed-in that you cannot tell who the Cardinals are facing.  Show me a little part of the catcher, or show me the team in the dugout that is the backdrop of the scene.

Just a little more of the story would have been great…