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“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – The Review

That was a lot of fun.  It was nice to go back and remember some cool stats about some of the players that don’t get much attention these days.

It was also really cool keeping tabs on how the readers felt about my rankings.  I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with my picks, but that is also what makes this kind of thing fun for me.  I love to be educated on the topic of baseball and if that info comes from another blogger or reader of this site than I am more than excited to learn more.

I have to admit that the Mike Schmidt / Eddie Murray battle lasted for quite some time.  I changed my mind on this a few times as Schmidt was the more dynamic and defensively gifted player.  Had it not been for Murray’s excellence as a hitter for average, Schmidt would have certainly taken the prize.  In this case, 2nd place is not a terrible spot to be in.

Thank you to all of the people who kept up with this over the last 31 days.  ’31 in 31′ was a lot of fun and a little exhausting but I am extremely happy and proud of the end results.

And just in case you wanted to see the list again it is below for your reading pleasure.  I have also added a link on my page under ‘Categories’ if you ever want to look back at the write-ups I did on any of these talented players.

Enjoy!!!  I sure did…

January Rank Year Player
1 31 79 Carney Lansford
2 30 78` Lance Parrish
3 29 71 Dave Concepcion
4 28 76 Willie Randolplh
5 27 74 Ken Griffey, Sr. 
6 26 78 Jack Morris
7 25 78 Lou Whitaker
8 24 71 Don Baylor
9 23 75 Fred Lynn
10 22 71 George Foster
11 21 71 Steve Garvey
12 20 74 Dave Parker
13 19 75 Keith Hernandez
14 18 75 Jim Rice
15 17 70 Thurmon Munson
16 16 70 Vida Blue
17 15 77 Bruce Sutter
18 14 77 Dale Murphy
19 13 71 Bert Blyleven
20 12 77 Andre Dawson
21 11 76 Dennis Eckersley
22 10 75 Gary Carter
23 9 73 Rich Gossage
24 8 72 Carlton Fisk
25 7 74 Dave Winfield
26 6 79 Ozzie Smith
27 5 78 Robin Yount
28 4 75 Paul Molitor/Alan Trammell
29 3 75 George Brett
30 2 73 Mike Schmidt
31 1 78 Eddie Murray

New Feature Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – “31 in 31”

A new year deserves a new feature…

During the entire month of January, I will be ranking the Top 31 baseball rookie cards issued during the 1970’s.  “31 in 31” is exactly that – a daily break down of the top 31 rookie cards from the decade that brought us Disco music, The Godfather, Happy Days, and Animal House.  In addition to this breakdown, I will also be ranking these cards as to how important the player and the card are to the sport of baseball and our beloved hobby.  The ranking will be based on the player’s entire career including individual awards earned, individual milestones surpassed, and team achievements.

Stay tuned.  This new feature arrives on the blog on January 1, 2009.

Thanks and keep reading!!


Results: Best Card Design From the 1980’s

The results are in and it’s by a pretty overwhelming margin that the 1983 Topps product had the most votes as the ‘Top Card Design from the 1980’s’.  I totally agree with the readers on this one.  Topps stood alone in the early 80’s as both Fleer and Donruss struggled to match Topps’ quality. 

Topps’ 1983 card won for these reasons:

1.  I cannot tell you how much matching the team colors to the design of the card really makes the final product stand out.  In comparison to the 1981 and 1982 issues, the 1983 product with matching colors looks perfect.

2.  The crisp photography is a big upgrade from previous years as well as the competition.

3.  The inset cameo seals the deal.  Adding another image on the front is exceptional.  Having a large action photo and then a smaller close-up image was the way to go with this product.

Stay tuned as we turn to the 1970’s next.  With Topps being the only big name brand, I’ll have the readers choose their best and worst designs from the 70’s.