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Juan Marichal 1971 Topps

Juan Marichal 1971 Topps

I couldn’t pass this one up.  And while it is kind of a fun card, even though it offers us a posed image, what I really like is that it is a different shot of Marichal than what most of his cards featured during his playing days.

You see, Juan Marichal was/is very famous for his amazing leg kick during his wind-up.  And, he is so famous for it that most of his cards captured that image for their issues.

So, here on this 1971 Topps card, it is kind of nice to see Juan close up….

Steve Carlton 1971 Topps

Steve Carlton 1971 Topps

1971 was the year that Steve Carlton officially ‘Made It’ as a big league pitcher.  At 26 years of age and already having 6 seasons under his belt, Carlton finally put it all together in ’71.

Appearing in 37 games, ‘Lefty’ went 20-9, capturing his first of six 20-win seasons.  He compiled an ERA of 3.56 over the course of throwing 273 innings.  Carlton struck out 172 batters while walking 98.  Carlton made his third All-Star team in 1971 as well.

1971 was Lefty’s final season in St. Louis.  He left the team with a 77-62 record and headed for Philadelphia where he became one of the greatest left-handed pitchers of all-time.

I am thrilled to add this card to my collection – it feels like I am capturing him right on the brink of his greatest success in the majors!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Concepcion!!!

Dave Concepcion turns 62 years old today.

Dave Concepcion’s major league career lasted 19 seasons.  And all of them came as a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

A superb defender at shortstop, Concepcion helped anchor one of the most talented infields in all of baseball’s history.  For his incredible defensive efforts, Concepcion won 6 Gold Glove awards in a 7-year span.

A career .267 hitter, he collected 2,326 hits.  Fleet on his feet, Concepcion scored 993 runs for the Reds while also stealing 321 bases.  Other impressive offensive stats include 950 RBI, 389 doubles, 101 home runs, and 48 triples.

Concepcion was named as a National League All-star 9 times.  He also won back-to-back Silver Slugger trophies in 1981 & 1982.

Dave Concepcion’s brilliant play at shortstop along with his speed and ability to get on base helped the Cincinnati Reds win World Series titles in 1975 & 1976.

Happy Birthday Mr. Concepcion!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #14 – George Foster Autographed Baseball w/1977 NL MVP Inscription!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #14 – George Foster Autographed Baseball w/1977 NL MVP Inscription!!!

Each one of my previous 13 purchases came from one dealer at the show.  And no, I did not really ‘cash out’ thirteen times with him…

My last purchase came from one of the guys that was peddling just autographs.

He had roughly 70-80 official Rawlings game balls signed and a prominent sign that read ‘BASEBALLS $20.00’.  A sign like that is bound to get my attention so I pounced.  There were some great names on display – and some not so great ones too…

And then I started to see some real superstars…

And then I saw this:

And I absolutely had to have it.

I jumped into my wallet, forked over an Andrew Jackson, and took George home with me!

He now sits comfortably in my office alongside his buddies Pete and Tony!!

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #9

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #9

1971 Topps – Card #276 – AKA – ‘The George Foster Rookie Card’


Mike Davison – Davison had a brief 2-season baseball career.  He appeared in 32 games and left the sport with a 3-5 record and a 6.39 ERA.  In 38 total innings of work, he walked 22, struck out 21, and allowed 46 hits and 29 runs.

George Foster – Foster was a huge part of the ‘Big Red Machine’ in Cincinnati during the mid-70’s.  He was a run producer with a knack for hitting the long ball, especially when men were on base.  Foster is a former league Most Valuable Player, 5-time All-star, Silver Slugger Award winner, 50 HR Club member, and 2-time World Series champion.

1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins

1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins

I had one of these cards already but the condition didn’t make it worthy of being added to my Fergie Jenkins collection.

So when I saw this one on Ebay and the price was right for the condition of the card, I jumped on it.  From my experiences in shopping for this 1971 design, it is hard to find one with nice sharp corners that is centered well.  The Black border of the card really makes any and all of the border’s flaws stand out.

This one looks good and I am very happy to add a 1971 Topps card to my Jenkins collection that is worthy of the spot I have had reserved for it!!!

fergie 71

“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #22

 “31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #22

George Foster – 1971 Topps – #276

Simply put – George Foster is a bad-ass!!  Never known for 1 talent that overwhelmed the rest of his skills, Foster compiled some incredible stats over the course of his 18-year career.  And during the 1976 and ’77 seasons when his Cincinnati Reds teams were at the top of the baseball world, Foster was leading the way.  In 1976, Foster finished 2nd in the MVP voting while hitting .306 with 29 home runs and 121 RBI.  He outdid himself the next year by winning the Most Valuable Player award after blasting 52 dingers, driving in 149 runs, and still hitting an amazing .320.  Foster continued to build on his rapidly growing legacy as he finished in the Top 12 for MVP in 3 of the next 4 seasons.  George Foster led his Cincinnati Reds teams to 2 World Series titles in 1975 and 1976.  In the 13 games he played in World Series competition, Foster hit an incredible .326.


“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #29

 “31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #29

Dave Concepcion – 1971 Topps – #14

Dave Concepcion played 19 seasons for the Cincinnati Reds and was a big part of one of baseball’s most dominant dynasties – ‘The Big Red Machine’.  Although Concepcion was never known as the leader of the team, his play earned the respect of his teammates, his fans, and the baseball world.  A 9-time All-star and 5-time Gold Glove winner at shortstop, Concepcion anchored an amazing Reds infield.  With a career batting average of .267 with 321 stolen bases and 993 runs scored, Dave Concepcion added the fuel to the fire that helped lead the Cincinnati Reds to 4 World Series match-ups in 7 years while winning 2 titles in 1975 and 1976.


1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

 Just another card illustrating how consistently good Fergie Jenkins was as a starting pitcher.  I still feel like he got robbed by the voters and should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer.  This card is from the 1971 Topps set and commemorates the outstanding pitching performances of Bob Gibson, Gaylord Perry, and Fergie Jenkins.

I’m glad that I waited to make this purchase.  The ’71 design with the black border was really tough to find with nicely centered images.  This one looks great and helps me scratch one more card off my need list for my Fergie Jenkins collection!!


1968 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

1968 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

 You know you’re doing well when you’ve made it on a ‘League Leaders’ card by your 3rd season in the big leagues.  Actually it’s Fergie’s 2nd year as this card celebrates Fergie’s accomplishments from the 1967 season, which was his first full year with the Cubs.

That year, Jim Bunning led the league with 253 K’s, while Fergie finished in 2nd place with 236 and Gaylord Perry rounded out the Top 3 with 230 strikeouts.