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1983 Donruss Diamond Kings Rickey Henderson

1983 Donruss Diamond Kings Rickey Henderson

I’ve always found the Diamond Kings cards from the early 1980’s to be disturbing.  I agree that these are nice pieces of art, but for some reason they freaked me out when I was a kid and I admit that they still do today(just a little bit though).

If it weren’t for the fact that I needed this card for my Rickey Henderson collection it probably wouldn’t have made it into my hands.  

At least this one looks like Rickey, and I must admit that I like the action shot of him as he takes a giant lead off of 1st base!! 


1983 Donruss Jumbo Andre Dawson

1983 Donruss Jumbo Andre Dawson

I got this card as part of my purchase from Sportslots.com.  It’s one of those jumbo versions that the card companies introduced in the mid-80’s that never took off the way that they had hoped.  Personally, I like the card.  The design is cool and I have always enjoyed cards that feature more than 1 image.

Now my only problem is how am I going to to store this card?  If anyone has any tips about storage for these ‘jumbo’ cards please pass it along.  Thanks!!


Great Cards From Adam At ‘Thoughts On Sox’

Adam, creator of the Boston Red Sox themed blog ‘Thoughts on Sox’, told me that he threw an envelope in the mail for me but I was more than surprised to see what was lurking inside…

5 cards for my player collections!!

1984 Topps All-Star Dave Winfield – 1983 Topps Fergie Jenkins – 1983 Donruss Fergie Jenkins – 1986 Fleer Andre Dawson – 1988 Fleer All-Star Andre Dawson 



I am so happy to have these cards in my collection.  It brings me just ‘that’ much closer to completing these player collections.  Thanks Adam!!!!

1983 Donruss Dave Winfield

1983 Donruss Dave Winfield

I like the bat and glove design that Donruss had on their 1983 issue.  It works well with the overall design and completes a nice flow to the card’s look.

Again, I want my Winfield cards to show his full body and if he’s swinging the bat I want to see the whole bat too.  I appreciate that the photographer got us an up-close action shot but how much more appealing would this picture be if we could see the full bat after he completes his swing and sprints towards first base.