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1983 Fleer Lee Smith

1983 Fleer Lee Smith

Another Lee Smith card for my very small collection of Lee Smith cards.  My total count is now at three!!

And while the 1983 Fleer design is one of the worst designs of the decade(my opinion), it’s never a bad thing to add a 2nd year card of one of the greatest closers in the game to your collection.  Especially when he’s wearing the good old Red, White, and Blue colors of a certain baseball team that calls ‘The Windy City’ it’s home.

Lee Smith 83F

Is it me, or does Mr. Smith look especially thin in this photo??

1983 Fleer Rickey Henderson – ‘The Silver Shoe’

Now this is a GREAT Rickey Henderson baseball card!!!

There’s only 1 reason why Rickey’s jersey could be so filthy.  Rickey was being Rickey and he must have slid head-first while stealing yet another base!!

I love when baseball cards capture what the player does best.  Great job on this one Fleer!!! 


Rickey & Reggie = Speed & Power

 The puzzle is complete.

Admittedly, it was not very hard to put together as it only had 2 parts.  But a puzzle is a puzzle and this one is a work of art!!!

I have been trying to think of other players that played during this era that when just their first name is mentioned you know who is being discussed.  And for the life of me I cannot think of any bigger stars in 1983 than Rickey & Reggie. 


Night Owl Sends Over A Gift

A week or so ago I posted that I had added another card to my Rickey Henderson collection – The 1983 Fleer ‘Speed’ card

In that post I stated that although the second half of this 2-card set was not Rickey it was a player that I admired, Reggie Jackson, and I wanted to get that next.  That’s where Greg, from the great blog – ‘Night Owl Cards’, stepped in.  Within hours he told me that he had the card for me and today it arrived.

Neither one of these cards are going to win any awards for their design or photography, but this is a classic 2-card set featuring 2 of baseball’s biggest personalities. 


Thanks Night Owl!!!