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1975 Topps Set Card 317/660 – #208 – 1970 Most Valuable Players

1975 Topps Set Card 317/660 – #208 – 1970 Most Valuable Players

Progress: 317/660

Player Name:  Boog Powell, Johnny Bench

Card Number:  208

Team:  Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds

Image Style: reprint baseball cards

How they got there:

Boog Powell hit .297 during the 1970 baseball season.  He connected for 156 hits that year including 28 doubles and 35 home runs.  Boog drove in 114 runs for the Orioles during the year while also scoring 82 times.

Johnny Bench hit .293 for the Reds in 1970.  He collected 177 hits in 158 games including 35 doubles and a league-leading 45 home runs.  Bench also paced the NL in RBI with 148 while scoring 98 runs.  He also won the Gold Glove in the NL for catchers.


Did You Know…

Johnny Bench is the all-time home run hitter in Cincinnati Reds team history.  Bench connected for 389 career home runs during his Hall of Fame career, all coming as a member of the Reds.

Bench photo

Did You Know…

No member of the Twins earned more Gold Glove Awards than pitcher Jim Kaat, who won 11 of them while a member of the Twins franchise.

jim kaat gold glove

Let The Battle Rage On: 1983 Topps Super Veterans VS 2014 Topps Super Veterans. Who Will Win???

Let The Battle Rage On:  1983 Topps Super Veterans VS 2014 Topps Super Veterans.  Who Will Win???

As a kid collecting baseball cards, I used the 1983 Topps Super Veterans subset as a tool to learn about the ‘older’ players in the game.  The set was large and it featured images from the beginning of each player’s career and then images that were current (1982-83).

When I got back into collecting in 2008, this same subset was the first one I went after.  I had built it 20+ years prior, but I wanted to re-live my youth by doing it again.  So, I did.  And it re-kindled my enjoyment for vintage baseball cards and the players that helped shape the history of the game.

Upon completion of that subset, and learning that Topps had begun recycling older designs in their modern releases, I kept my fingers crossed that ‘Super Veterans’ would eventually be re-done.

And when 2014 Topps, Series 1 hit the shelves, a 15-card subset of ‘Super Veterans’ was included.  I was ecstatic.  And I quickly made this a target for my collection.  And after a few days of shopping around, I scored the complete 15-card set and began showing it off on this blog as I did with the 1983 set back in 2009.

So, here they are.  First the 1983 version:


And now, the 2014 set:

SUP VET 2014 A SUP VET 2014 B SUP VET 2014 C SUP VET 2014 D SUP VET 2014 E

And now for my review and comparison.

  • The edge goes to ’83 as it relates to size – 35 to 15
  • The edge goes to ’14 as it relates to % of future Hall of Fame inclusions:  14/35 players versus a likely 7/15 ( I did not count Peter Rose, though I want to)
  • There is a tie in regards to how the images of yore are shown – Sepia tones in both ’83 and ’14
  • The edge goes to ’83 as it relates to ‘Star Power’

Overall, I of course like both sets. I wish that the 2014 version included more players on the checklist or at least was continued into the Series 2 release.  I don’t find that the 2014 version has the same star power that the set from ’83 offers even though it features Jeter, Rivera, and Cabrera – I just don’t think that Topps truly dug in deep enough to really get behind this set.  It feels like it was put together as a way to add Pettitte and Rivera cards into yet another subset.  If they had truly shown us the longest tenured players in the majors, we would have had a more apples-to-apples comparison.  The set is called ‘Super Veterans’ for a reason; it is not called ‘Best Older Players In The Game’.  At the very least, and to be more consistent with the original subset, this one should have included Jason Giambi, Ichiro, Paul Konerko, Raul Ibanez, LaTroy Hawkins, and Bartolo Colon.  If Topps had taken this step, it would definitely be more true to what ‘Super Veterans’ offered in 1983.

Still, no complaints from my side.  I’m thrilled to have both sets in my collection.  I’m just thirsty for more!

1980 HEADLINE: Johnny Bench Becomes All-Time Home Run Leader For Catchers!!

1980 HEADLINE: Johnny Bench Becomes All-Time Home Run Leader For Catchers!!

On this day in 1980, Johnny Bench became the all-time leader in home runs hit by a catcher.

At home, and in front of a relatively small crowd of just over 21,000 fans, Bench’s Reds team was taking on the Montreal Expos. Batting in the 6th spot in the lineup, Bench launched his historic home run in the bottom of the 5th inning off Expos’ hurler David Palmer. A solo-shot, Bench’s home run helped the Reds win the ballgame 11-7.

Johnny Bench connected for 389 home runs during his career. Currently he sits in second place on the all-time list for catchers, behind Mike Piazza.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Bench!!!

The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 16

The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 16

It has been a long time since I did one of these ‘Evolution’ posts, so I thought it would be a good time to get back and take a peek at my full collection with one single, solitary picture.

The growth of my collection over the last few months has stalled a bit as I have focused more time, energy, and funds into my modern player collections and the start of my 1975 Topps set build.

Still, while the growth in terms of size is not what it has been in the past, the growth of these player collections has been phenomenally fun!!

Between my Dustin Pedroia, Andrew McCutchen, Jose Fernandez, Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton collections, each has grown by leaps and bounds.  And while I never thought that I would truly get ‘into’ collecting modern players, I am happy about how rewarding this has been thus far.  And I look forward to seeing how much I can grow each of them in the coming collecting year.

Also, as you can see in the below picture, the three albums that I have dedicated to my Marlins teams sets have filled up nicely.  I don’t yet need to expand to a fourth album, but that may be my reality by the end of 2014.

Lastly, you will also see the binder I am using for my 1975 Topps set build in the lower right corner of the picture.  I have all of the pages pre-loaded, and I am trying to keep it as organized as possible so as I add new cards to my set, I can quickly drop them into the spots reserved for them.



Next time around I will not wait this long to show of the full collection.  It has been too long and I truly enjoy keeping this process rolling as it is a nice way to celebrate the growth and progress of ’30-YOC’.

Oh, and someday soon I see my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ expanding to a fourth box…

Thanks for reading.  Have a nice night.

2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Johnny Bench

2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Johnny Bench

I had such a good time building the ‘Prime 9 – Home Run Legends’ set that as soon as it was completed, I jumped right into the ‘Prime 9 – Players Of The Week’ set.

The set was issued in the same manner – through exclusive redemption cards that could only be processed through hobby shops.

The set is ten cards deep, and features a great graphic display as well as a super-glossy finish.

This is the Johnny Bench card from the set:

Prime Bench

The back of the card features ‘9 Prime’ facts about Johnny Bench.

A few of my favorites are:

  • ancestry includes 1/8 Choctaw Indian
  • Straight A high school student
  • 40 doubles as a rookie is a NL rookie record
  • 2-time NL MVP – 1970 & 1972
  • 1976 World Series MVP
  • most career home runs as a catcher

‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Yogi Berra VS Johnny Bench

‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Yogi Berra VS Johnny Bench

When the conversation of the greatest catchers of all-time is brought up, there is a very small list of names that get mentioned.

But, two names appear in most conversations – Yogi Berra and Johnny Bench.  Sure, the names Mike Piazza, Roy Campanella, Thurman Munson, and even Ted Simmons get mentioned, but it is the names of Berra & Bench that get mentioned the most.

So, let’s get right into it as we debate about the two players with the goal of selecting the best ever.

On to the debate!!!

Here is a look at the players’ career resumes:

Yogi Berra Johnny Bench
Seasons 19 17
Games 2,120 2,158
Hits 2,150 2,048
200 Hit Seasons 0 0
150-199 Hit Seasons 4 5
Batting Average 0.285 0.267
.300+ Seasons 4 1
On-Base % 0.348 0.342
Walks Drawn 704 891
Strikeouts 414 1278
Doubles 321 381
Triples 49 24
Home Runs 358 389
30-39 HR Seasons 2 2
40+ HR Seasons 0 2
Stolen Bases 30 68
Runs Scored 1,175 1,091
RBI 1,430 1,376
100-RBI Seasons 5 6
All-Star 15 14
Gold Glove 0 10
ROY 0 1
MVP 3 2
Postseasons 14 6
WS Titles 10 2

Pretty close numbers in quite a few categories.

The standout numbers for me:

  •  Berra has 102 more hits in 38 less games
  • Berra’s (4) .300 seasons to Bench’s (1)
  • Bench drew 187 more walks than Berra
  • Bench struck out 864 more times than Berra in 38 less games
  • On-Base % is eerily close
  • 60 more doubles for Bench
  • 31 more home runs for Bench
  • Berra has 54 more RBI
  • Postseason appearances and WS wins heavily favors Bench

Wow, talk about two very accomplished players!  Both of these guys are elite, and not just at catcher…

But, who is the more accomplished player?  Who is the greatest catcher of all-time??

Before I give you my vote, it is important to say that the Gold Glove Award did not exist during Berra’s career.  He was a solid defender, and more than likely would have won a few GG Awards.  Would he top Bench’s 10?  We’ll never know.

And now for my vote….

It goes to Yogi Berra.  This guy does not get anywhere close to the respect that he deserves as a former elite player.  Sure, he played on some mighty teams, but so did Bench.  And for Berra to capture MVP Awards on teams that boasted DiMaggio and Mantle and Maris on their squads, it says a ton about the player that he was.  He was a skilled hitter with a very disciplined approach at the plate.  And when he did connect, he drove in runs at a pretty solid rate.

And then you have the postseason.  While no single player is solely responsible for their team’s winning ways, Yogi Berra was the foundation of the Yankee’s defense while also being a strong contributor on offense.  Bench did all of this as well – but his team made it to a lot less postseasons (Yes, I know that he played in a time when there were more teams in the league).  But, for me, I cannot escape the fact that Berra played in the postseason in 14 of his 19 years in the major leagues – ultimately winning the World Series an astonishing ten times.

He’s got my vote for the greatest catcher of all-time!!!!



And now it is your turn.  Give me your votes now!!!


Johnny Bench 2013 Panini ‘Golden Age’ Mini – Front & Back

Johnny Bench 2013 Panini ‘Golden Age’ Mini – Front & Back

I recently received a nice care package from one of my loyal readers – Jarred.  he hooked me up with some great cards in exchange for a handful of Red Sox that I sent his way.

Since many of the cards he sent me are worthy of their own posts on my blog, I will do just that.

In the mix was a Johnny Bench card from the new 2013 Panini Golden Age set.  The card is the mini version of the base card, and the back is just as sweet as the front, so I will show you both.

First, the front:


And now, the back:


Pretty neat, and definitely old school!!  I love the graphics of the back – it reminds of those old metal advertisement signs that have been making comebacks recently.

If I had this one, I’d hang it in my garage – For Sure!!!

Jarred – Thanks again for the great card(s).

The Evolution Of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – A Pictorial Essay

The Evolution Of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – A Pictorial Essay

When I celebrated this blog’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago, I did one of my routine ‘Evolution’ posts to show off how my collection has grown in the lat few months.  Typically, I try to do a ‘Evolution’ post 3 times a year to show the growth and progress I have made towards my collecting goals as the year progresses.  My collection is still small enough to work with this format, though that may change if I maintain this pace over the next 1-2 years.

The feedback on that post was great, and I had several emails from the great readers of ’30-YOC’ asking how I maintain such an organized collection.  It’s nice to see that my hard work is admired at some level, so I wanted to try something similar to my standard ‘Evolution’ series, but amped up a bit.

Here is a look at my collection, from Day 1 to Year 5 – all done in pictures.


evolution 1

evolution 2

evolution 3

evolution 4

evolution 5

evolution 6

evolution 7

evolution 8

evolution 9

evolution 10

evolution 11

evolution 12

evolution 13

evolution 14

evolution 15


And there you have it – The Evolution of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Thanks for reading!!