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Shawon Dunston 1985 Fleer – ROOKIE Card!!!

Shawon Dunston 1985 Fleer – ROOKIE Card!!!

Dunston had a cannon for an arm, and when controlled was throwing out baserunners that very few infielders could catch.  And while his speed gave him great range at shortstop, his wild arm sometimes got him into a bit of trouble too.  Dunston committed 205 errors during his professional career, and committed 12 or more errors 12 times.

Offensively, Dunston was able to hold his own against other shortstops in the league.  While not being known as a great contact or power hitter, he did show flashes of both skills quite often.  Dunston finished his career with a lifetime .269 batting average and 1,597 total hits.  His power numbers were decent as he collected 292 doubles and smacked 150 home runs.

Dunston was a 2-time All-Star. 

Vince Coleman 1985 Fleer Update – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Vince Coleman 1985 Fleer Update – ROOKIE CARD!!!

I am very excited to add another Vince Coleman rookie card to my collection.

Vince was one hell of a player during his early days as  a member of the Cardinals.  His speed and skill on the base paths set him apart from almost everyone else in the sport.  And had it not been for a very special player named Rickey Henderson, Vince Coleman could possibly be the best runner from the 1980’s.

It’s just too bad that Fleer did not capture the essence of Vince in the same manner that Topps did in 1985.

1985 Fleer Update Rickey Henderson

1985 Fleer Update Rickey Henderson

I understand that the card companies had little to work with when it came to showing Rickey in a New York Yankees uniform for this traded set.  And to be honest, I oftentimes have been surprise by the amazing photos they get for these secondary issues since the number of available photo opportunities of these guys in their new uniforms is minimal.

But with all of that being said, this card really does stink.  The 1985 Fleer design may be that company’s best work from the 1980’s, but this card is certainly not the reason.  Again, it has nothing to do with the design, as they certainly do get across the message that this is a card for guys from ‘The Bronx’.  But to use a picture of a baseball superstar that offers nothing to the fans was a terrible move by Fleer!!!

By contrast, check out how nice their base card was from the ’85 set. 

85 FU Henderson

1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson

1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson

Fleer got it right in 1985.  In my opinion they had the best issue of cards in that year.

There is nothing about this card that doesn’t work.  The photo is incredible and indicative of something anyone would see in a game featuring Rickey Henderson.  And the team-themed borders are perfect compliments.  The Yellow and Green of the Oakland Athletics uniform was used throughout the card’s design by Fleer, yet it doesn’t take away from the centerpiece of the card which happens to be an incredible photo of ‘The Man of Steal’ himself!!!!


1985 Andre Dawson – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

1985 Andre Dawson – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

I scored this trio of 1985 Andre Dawson cards on an Ebay auction.  Grabbing all 3 base cards from the 1985 brands quickly gets me closer to my goal of having every Dawson card issued from his rookie year(1977) through 1989.

The Red Expos jersey look good.  I don’t recall when these were introduced as an alternate color, but on these cards the Red works very well.  I’ll always be partial to the Powder Blue though.

Oh yeah, and another scowl on Andre’s face from Topps.  It’s always amazing to me to see a card like this of a guy that Topps probably had hundreds of photos to choose from.

1985 Dave Winfield – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

1985 Dave Winfield – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

What a sweet trio of cards!!!  The cards from 1985 all look great.  If I had to rank these in order of my preference it would be: Topps, Donruss, and then Fleer.  I don’t know why card companies insisted on using such lame poses when incredible action photos were available.

My Dave Winfield collection is starting to really take shape!!!

1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson & Dave Winfield

I picked up an 18-card lot of this 1985 Fleer card.

I figured that I couldn’t go wrong as the card featured 2 of my favorite players, 1 current and 1 future Hall of Famer, and arguably 2 of the most complete baseball players from the 1980’s.