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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #36

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #36

1986 Fleer – Card # – AKA – ‘The Paul O’Neill Rookie Card’

Kal Daniels – Lasting just 7 years in the big leagues, Daniels had some incredible success.  Batting .320 and .334 in his first 2 seasons, Daniels was on par with the other top rookies of the Class of 1986.  Tallying 104 career home runs and 87 stolen bases, he was also a power hitter that had the speed to swipe bases as well. 

Paul O’Neill – A 5-time All-star, O’Neill was wildly popular during his playing days.  A solid hitter that was able to deliver the long ball as well as run the bases well, O’Neill’s offensive talents were great compliments to the teams he played for.  The member of 5 World Series championship teams, O’Neill found himself on some amazing baseball rosters.  In 85 post-season games, he hit .285 while collecting 85 hits, scoring 39 runs, crushing 11 home runs, and driving in 39.

Great Cards From Adam At ‘Thoughts On Sox’

Adam, creator of the Boston Red Sox themed blog ‘Thoughts on Sox’, told me that he threw an envelope in the mail for me but I was more than surprised to see what was lurking inside…

5 cards for my player collections!!

1984 Topps All-Star Dave Winfield – 1983 Topps Fergie Jenkins – 1983 Donruss Fergie Jenkins – 1986 Fleer Andre Dawson – 1988 Fleer All-Star Andre Dawson 



I am so happy to have these cards in my collection.  It brings me just ‘that’ much closer to completing these player collections.  Thanks Adam!!!!

1986 Fleer Rickey Henderson – Pop Quiz #2

1986 Fleer Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson Pop Quiz #2

What is Rickey Henderson looking at in this picture?

A) The guy eating popcorn in the 1st row

B) The 1st base coach giving him signs

C) The ball boy as he misses a grounder

D) The concessions guy selling $8 beers

E) None of the above