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Did You Know…

The player with the most hits in the 1990’s was Chicago Cub Mark Grace, with 1,754.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – This stat alone should have kept ‘Gracey’ on the Hall of Fame ballot for more than 1 year.  We still love you ‘Gracey’!!!

****side note.  Is this cad screaming for a signature or what??****

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #10

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #10

1988 Fleer – Card #641 – AKA – ‘The Mark Grace Rookie Card’

Grace 88F

Mark Grace – Grace collected more hits through the 1990’s than any other player and finished his career with 2,445 hits and a .303 batting average.  Grace was a 3-time All-star and 4-time Gold Glove award winner.  In 2001, Grace won the World Series as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Darrin Jackson – Jackson played 12 seasons in the big leagues, but played in more than 100 games in a season just 4 times.  He has 676 career hits alongside a lifetime batting average of .257.  Jackson also has 60 homers, 43 steals, and 317 RBI to his credit.

My Mark Grace Rookie Collection Is Now Complete!!!

With my recent acquisition of this card,  I have finally completed my Mark Grace rookie collection.

I really like the way that this has turned out and may attempt to do this with more of the guys I cheered for from the 1980’s. 

And while I don’t have the desire to collect every Mark Grace card ever made, mainly because of the enormous amount of cards he was featured on during the 1990’s, I do like that I was able to piece together a very nice collection celebrating ‘Gracey’!!!

Here is the entire set. 

Grace Collection

1988 Donruss Mark Grace – ‘Baseball’s Best’

Finally, I have secured the last of the cards of Mark Grace that were issued in 1988. 

This card is from the 1988 Donruss Baseball’s Best subset.  And while I am really happy to complete this little collection that I have been working on for the last few months, I have to say that this card is very far from impressive…

First, I don’t really care for the Day-Glo Orange color used on the card’s border.  The ’88 design is not terrible, but this color change certainly takes the card down a few notches.  And the photo that Donruss chose for this card is just terrible….  I know that the selection of pictures to use of Mark Grace wearing a Chicago Cubs uniform was limited since his time on the team was short at this point, but they could have done so much better than using this picture.

 Anyway.  Here it is, and there it goes.

Grace 88

My Mark Grace Rookie Card Collection

I hold a special place in my memory of living in Chicago for five years and watching Cubs baseball on a daily basis.  And in that place is a spot reserved for Mark Grace.

To put it on a level that everyone can understand, I will make this announcement – ‘I have never seen a player enjoy playing the game as much as I have seen Mark Grace enjoy it!!!’  It’s just that simple.  Now I know that I have not seen every baseball game in the history of the sport.  And there may have been a player or there currently is a player that you’re a fan of that you may put in this class.  I am fine with that.  But for me, I cannot recall watching anyone enjoy the game while on the field in the way that I saw ‘Gracey’ do it.

Grace’s constant smile and fun-side were always on display when suited up for the home team.  While always a professional on the field, Grace did not let his hard working attitude get in the way of knowing that the game was meant to be enjoyed, both by fans and the guys lucky enough to play it for a living.

So I have decided to work on my Mark Grace rookie collection.  I want to round out the set and will go after the few missing pieces that have alluded me so far.  This should be rather easy, and meaningful at the same time, since Grace’s rookie season of 1988 did not include the overwhelming number of inserts and parallel cards found in today’s rookie issues.

Here is where I stand today and I will share with you what I acquire as this small collection takes shape.  Enjoy!!!


Breaking Into A Pack Of 1988 Donruss

I received 1 pack of 1988 Donruss in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.

Here are the results from the pack:

Wade Boggs, Matt Nokes, Wayne Tolleson, Mariano Duncan, Julio Franco, Charlie Leibrandt, Felix Fermin, Kelly Downs, Shawon Dunston, Scott Bradley, Dave Steib, Frank Viola, Alan Trammell(DK), Terry Kennedy, and Bill Wegman

What a great group of stars from the 80’s – Boggs, Franco, Dunston(a personal favorite), Viola, & Trammell.



1988 Donruss Andre Dawson

1988 Donruss Andre Dawson

How sweet is this 3-card set from the 1988 Donruss issue?  I am a big fan of the ‘bonus’ cards that card companies issued of the major stars in the 1980’s.  This is no exception.  I like the base card, but the Diamond King and MVP card make this trio a ‘must-have’ for any Andre Dawson collector!!

Mark Grace Autograph TTM Success

I sent this card out to Mark Grace back in late August with my first round of autograph attempts through the mail.  73 days later I am proud to say that ‘Amazing Grace’ is back home!!!

It looks like this card really took a beating though.  The autograph looks great, but there are dings on all of the card’s corners and there is even a very large crease to the left of Grace’s helmet.  The envelope I received this card back in appeared to be in great shape so I was pretty surprised by the condition of the card upon ripping the envelope open.

Either way, I am really happy to have a signed card by one of my Cubs of all-time…  Thanks Gracey!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #4

I grabbed these cards in a 5 for $1 box.  I was really surprised to find John Smoltz ROOKIE cards in this box… I just wished that there were more in there for me to scoop up.  And I also found more of Greg Maddux’s 2nd year card. 

I was pretty shocked to find all of these, but for $1.60, I was pretty happy too!!

1989 Donruss – John Smoltz ROOKIE; 1988 Donruss Greg Maddux

1988 Donruss Dave Winfield

(40) 1988 Donruss Dave Winfield

That’s right, another 40 card lot I couldn’t pass up.  My Winfield collection is really shaping up.  Considering that I only started with 1 card(his rookie) I am pretty excited as to how quickly it has grown.  I’m going to have to post my full Dave Winfield collection list soon…