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Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Box Of 1988 Score Baseball Cards – YESSIR!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Box Of 1988 Score Baseball Cards – YESSIR!!!

The same seller with the Marlins goodies and assorted bargain bins had a full table of vintage wax.  And the table was loaded.

I must have walked by his display three or four times before I finally decided to really look and see what he had.

I’ve bought 1980’s wax boxes at card shows in the past, but it has been a while.  And since I have not ripped any modern wax since the Series 1 release of the 2014 Topps set, my desire to tear into some baseball card packs has been building.

So, I checked out his assortment and narrowed it down to a few random boxes.

Eventually, I opted for a box of 1988 Score baseball packs.  The box has 36 packs, and as many of you know this was Score’s debut set.  The packs were packaged in a clear plastic versus foil or wax paper, and you can see the top card on each pack if you focus your attention towards it.

Here is my buy:


The box is a bit tattered, but the packs are more than fine.

In addition to that, the bottom of the box features four cards…


And wouldn’t you know that I got one with Andre Dawson on it!  And Darryl Strawberry and Rickey Henderson too.

Here is a look at the opened box:


And here is a stack of some of the packs…


As for what I am going to do now, I am not quite sure.

While I don’t need all of these cards in my collection, and I have no desire to build this set, I am excited to rip into some of them.

Maybe I will give a few to my boys.  And maybe I will offer up a few of them on my blog.

Time will tell.  But, I can guarantee that when I rip into them, I will share the cards with you right here.

Thanks for reading.

1988 Score Traded Mark Grace

1988 Score Traded Mark Grace

I finally found this card for a bargain – I paid just 35 cents for what may be my favorite Mark Grace rookie card.

That swing, man that swing brings back a lot of memories.  As a ‘righty’ I always admired the ‘other guys’ that swung from the left-hand side.  And of them, I thought Grace had one of the greatest looking swings out of all of them.  I liked watching him swing the bat more than Will Clark and Ken Griffey, Jr. and Wade Boggs and Don Mattingly.  Grace had that pure stroke with very little upswing.  His swing was perfect for line drives, and he took advantage of playing at Wrigley Field on a daily basis.

I am thrilled to have this card in my small, but very meaningful Mark Grace rookie collection!

Grace Score

Tearing Into A Pack Of 1988 Score

I received 1 pack of 1988 Score in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.  I have a lot of fond memories of this set – and not just because this was a premier set from this brand.  As a young collector, I was able to find this product anywhere I looked.  The strong colors used on the borders of these cards stood out versus the competition and for a first year product, I thought that their action photography was top notch!!

Here are the results from that pack.

Danny Tartabull, Tim Raines, Dave Parker, Gary Ward, Nick Esasky, Jerry Browne, Terry Puhl, Mickey Hatcher, Len Dykstra, Shane Rawley, Ken Griffey, Kirk Gibson, George Bell, Jack Morris, Doyle Alexander, Sid Fernandez, and Steve Keifer.



Dave Winfield 1988 Score

Dave Winfield 1988 Score

I was a huge fan of the Score product when it hit the shelves in 1988.  I cannot say that it was my favorite card issue of the year, but I certainly had more of these than any other brand.  The design is very simple, and it works well.  The imagery used by Score in their very first release is commendable and I wish that their product lasted longer in the marketplace as I always enjoyed ripping open packs of their cards.