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Million Dollar Question – Is Now The Time To Invest In Craig Biggio Rookie Cards?

Million Dollar Question – Is Now The Time To Invest In Craig Biggio Rookie Cards?

With the progression of Craig Biggio’s Hall of Fame vote tally, I would say that the odds of his election into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2015 is likely a 90% certainty.

In 2013, Biggio tallied 68.2% of the vote.  And in 2014, he claimed 74.8% of the votes cast.

Barring any ground-breaking, and earth-shattering news, I believe that Biggio will easily earn the extra votes to hit the magical 75% needed for enshrinement.

So, is it time to invest in Mr. Biggio now?  Buy hoards of his rookie baseball cards with the goal of flipping them when his name is more relevant in the hobby than it is today?

I am not one to turn down an option like this.  But, I am also not the guy that wants to buy a card for a quarter to sell it for a dollar as the associated Ebay and PayPal fees will surely put you in the red…

What do you think?  Invest in Craig Biggio with the goal of making money a year from now or pass?

biggio 1989 upper deck


1989 Score Dave Winfield

1989 Score Dave Winfield

I like the Score product, and this is a nice addition to my Dave Winfield collection.  The only thing that could make this card better would be a huge smile from Mr. Winfield as he rips this pitch into the outfield!!

What do you think?  Double, Triple, Home Run on this swing???