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Florida Marlins 1993 Score Team Set, With Palm Trees Swaying!!!

Florida Marlins 1993 Score Team Set

January was the last time that I secured a Florida Marlins team set from their inaugural season of 1993.

Until now, that is…

This is the Marlins 4-card team set from the 1993 Score issue:



As you can see, the set has an obvious palm tree theme to it, perfectly depicting South Florida and its tropical climate.

The background works very well with the coloring of the card’s graphics and the team’s Teal & White colors.

I wish that the set had more cards to offer – 4 cards kind of feels like I’ve been short-changed a bit…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Awesome Lot Of Sweet Florida Marlins Vintage Memorabilia

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Awesome Lot Of Sweet Florida Marlins Vintage Memorabilia

A new dealer at the show had a lot of large buckets of ‘stuff’ on one of his many tables.  He had a lot of stuff, and it was all very unorganized.  When I walked by and started peering into the buckets with really digging in, he told me that I could have ‘Any 3 items for $1.00’.  That got me to stop and look.  And I am glad that I did.

While pretty sloppy and unorganized, he did have a ‘Marlins bin’ so that is where I spent my time.

I pulled a total of nine items.  All vintage stuff from the original ‘Florida’ team.  And all neat additions to my Marlins collection.

First, I nabbed an inaugural team button and team pocket schedule.


Then, I pulled some stuff from the 1997 World Series – two mini pennants and a large souvenir button.


Lastly, I grabbed some player commemorative pins that were game-day giveaways during the early years of the team.

I was able to grab pins of Andre Dawson, Edgar Renteria, Livan Hernandez, and a special #715 pin of Hank Aaron.


I have to say that off all of my pick-ups at the card show, these Marlins treats are by far my favorite.  The vintage look and the conjured up memories take me right back to those days – and I love it!

For me, this was the best $3.00 purchase I made at the show.  I’ll definitely have to stop by this dealer’s table the next time I go to a show.

1993 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

Why not take it a little ‘old school’ and go back to revisit the birth of the Florida Marlins franchise?

This Marlins team set from the 1993 Fleer Ultra base set surely does that.

Have a look:



Loaded with Teal and Black, this roster was stuffed with talent – some lowe-end and some high-end.

What came out of it was the veteran presence of Benito Santiago and Charlie Hough and we also got a glimpse of a rookie that is still linked to the team today – Mr. Jeff Conine.

Going back and picking up these older team sets is a blast.  And with the quality of Fleer Ultra, you really don’t feel like you’re handling a product that is 20-years old.  But then you see the mustaches, physiques, and eye glasses – and it is all back to 1993!

Florida Marlins 1993 Bowman Baseball Card Team Set

Florida Marlins 1993 Bowman Baseball Card Team Set

I recently picked up a lot of Marlins team sets on Ebay from one of my favorite sellers.  His prices are fantastic, and even with the combined shipping rates that he offers, I am typically paying between $1.50 and $2.00 per team set purchased.

My focus this time around was to go after some more vintage sets – so I focused on the early years of the team – back from the Black & Teal days.

This is the 1993 Bowman team set:




These Bowman baseball cards are so much nicer that Bowman’s releases in 1989, 1990, and 1991.  I like that the entire card’s surface is covered by the featured photo.  The Bowman logo and player’s name are not a distraction at all, and the image is allowed to be the focal point.

I would however, like to see the team logo on display on the card’s front – without it, the card feels a bit incomplete…

1993 Flair Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Flair Florida Marlins Team Set

Fleer’s Flair brand took their brand to another level.

Prior to the release of Flair, Fleer had always used inferior cardstock with grainy images and cheap graphics.

The Flair brand changed my mind about that company – the cards were strong competitors with high quality brands like Upper Deck and Topps Stadium Club.

I recently bought the Miami Marlins 1993 Flair team set.

Here it is:


It’s just an eleven card set, but it looks fantastic.  The cardstock and image quality combined with the high-gloss finish makes these cards look like little photographs.

I also really like the Flair logo done in Gold!!!

1993 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

These cards from the Leaf set in 1993 look fantastic.  That Teal lower-right hand corner works very well with the Marlins team colors, and Leaf did a great job in selecting the photos for these cards – Almost every Marlins is sporting Teal!!

Have a look at the full set:

Of the four sets that I have scored so far that were issued in the debut season of the Marlins (1993), this one may be my favorite.

The cardstock is solid.  The finish is nice and glossy.  And the image selections are nice and action-packed!!

Florida Marlins 1993 Upper Deck Team Set

Florida Marlins 1993 Upper Deck Team Set

It is always fun for me to go back and visit in the history of ‘The Fish’.

And while I was living in Chicago when the team made its major league debut in 1993, I was watching from afar.

Many of the players amounted to very little as it relates to major league accomplishments.  And this team looks nothing like the squad that would go on to win the World Series just five seasons later.

Still, it is fun to check out the cards and the players that made up the team back then.

Here is the 1993 Upper Deck Florida Marlins team set:

And a few extra cards that are not part of the team set:

Good stuff right there!!

I miss all of that teal.

1993 Topps Stadium Club Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Topps Stadium Club Florida Marlins Team Set

For this post, we are taking you back to 1993.  And to Topps Stadium Club…

The cards from these early Stadium Club sets are such an upgrade to the Topps base sets from the same years.

Between the thicker cardstock, glossier finish, and upgraded photo quality – Stadium Club is a winner!!

This set brings back a lot of memories of ‘old’ Marlins players.

Here is the full set.


1993 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

OK folks, this is team set number that I am ready to show off.  I have secured, and scanned, the full Florida Marlins team set from the 1993 Topps issue.

The cards and players take me back to a time that I was not actively collecting, nor living in the state of Florida (that would come in 1994).  Still, I was a baseball fan, and I have obtained a lot of knowledge in this history of my favorite major league club.

So, without further ado, here is the full 1993 Topps Marlins team set:

Of the cards, here is my personal favorite:

Hey, is that Rich Ireland or Peyton Manning??

Lots of staged photos in this set, huh?  I guess that should be expected since so many of these guys never suited up prior to when Topps commissioned the pictures…