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Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Awesome Lot Of Sweet Florida Marlins Vintage Memorabilia

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Awesome Lot Of Sweet Florida Marlins Vintage Memorabilia

A new dealer at the show had a lot of large buckets of ‘stuff’ on one of his many tables.  He had a lot of stuff, and it was all very unorganized.  When I walked by and started peering into the buckets with really digging in, he told me that I could have ‘Any 3 items for $1.00’.  That got me to stop and look.  And I am glad that I did.

While pretty sloppy and unorganized, he did have a ‘Marlins bin’ so that is where I spent my time.

I pulled a total of nine items.  All vintage stuff from the original ‘Florida’ team.  And all neat additions to my Marlins collection.

First, I nabbed an inaugural team button and team pocket schedule.


Then, I pulled some stuff from the 1997 World Series – two mini pennants and a large souvenir button.


Lastly, I grabbed some player commemorative pins that were game-day giveaways during the early years of the team.

I was able to grab pins of Andre Dawson, Edgar Renteria, Livan Hernandez, and a special #715 pin of Hank Aaron.


I have to say that off all of my pick-ups at the card show, these Marlins treats are by far my favorite.  The vintage look and the conjured up memories take me right back to those days – and I love it!

For me, this was the best $3.00 purchase I made at the show.  I’ll definitely have to stop by this dealer’s table the next time I go to a show.

Florida Marlins 1997 Pinnacle Team Set

Florida Marlins 1997 Pinnacle Team Set

Pinnacle brought us some pretty interesting looks with their baseball sets in the mid-1990’s.  And while I was not an active collector at that time, since getting back into the hobby I would say that the observation of Pinnacle breaking ‘cardinal rules’ of baseball card production was magnified with sets like this one.

Here is the Florida Marlins set from the 1997 Pinnacle base set:



The pictures are nice.  The colors are sharp.  And the action is plentiful.

But Pinnacle broke some pretty standard baseball card-producing rules…

A few off the top of my head:

  1. No team logo on the card front
  2. The player’s first name is missing
  3. No team name on the card front

WOW!!!  I cannot think of another set that accomplishes all this in a single set.

Razzie Award Time???


Florida Marlins 1997 Leaf Team Set

Florida Marlins 1997 Leaf Team Set

When I hear ‘1997 Marlins’ I immediately think of that fun World Series team that became one of my favorites of all-time.

The problem with the 1997 team sets of the team is that most of them were issued prior to all of the pieces being in place for the World Series run.

It is actually the sets from the 1998 card collecting year that features the team that captured the trophy at the conclusion of the 1997 World Series.

Still, as a fan of the team, I collect.  And I collect it all!!

This set comes from the Leaf brand of cards, and it features some pretty interesting graphic components.

Have a look:

1997 LEAF A

1997 LEAF B

1997 LEAF C

Not bad at all.

I like the insert cards, especially the one of Kevin Brown as the tag ‘Gamers’ is a great one.

I also like how this set of cards uses the entire card’s surface for the photo and builds all of their graphic elements into the card.


1997 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

1997 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

Ah, 1997 – the year that the Florida Marlins took the baseball world by storm.  That squad holds a tremendous place in my heart as a baseball fan, and that team sure did feature a wide range of talented players and quirky personalities!!!

The 13-card set that was issued by Topps in the early part of 1997 does a good job of capturing that team – but there are some noticeable omissions to.

Still, I like this set quite a bit and the Green border that surrounds the player’s pictures is a nice compliment to the Teal and Black of the Marlins.

And now for the set:

And my favorite card from this team set is….

Of course it is going to be the card that celebrates Al Leiter’s no-hitter from the 1996 baseball season – I was there!!!