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Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Ultra Team Set

Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Ultra Team Set

The Fleer Ultra baseball card product has always been a favorite of mine.  The card style features minimal graphics and larger, in-action pictures.  Each card kind of feels like a small photograph due to the border-less style that Ultra has employed since debuting in the early 1990’s.

I recently picked up the 2002 Ultra team set of the Florida Marlins, and like all Ultra products, the cards are sweet.

Have a look:



Just 6 cards deep, this set offers up a ton of various baseball scenes – all packed with action.

Of the six, my favorite is the Mike Lowell card that shows him scooping up a high-hopping ball as he prepares to make a play from third base.

Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Platinum Team Set

Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Platinum Team Set

Well, well, well, how is this for a nice blast from the past??

The 2002 Fleer Platinum baseball card set features one of my favorite Fleer designs from the 1980’s – 1987!

I picked up this 11-card Marlins team set a few weeks back when stocking up on team sets for my rapidly growing Marlins collection.  The set looks great with this vintage card design, and while some of the cards feature images that sway to the side of boring, there are a few that I really look.

Here is the full set:



As for the images that are boring, I will let you choose which ones fall into that bucket.  But, I will tell you that I really like the cards of Mike Lowell, Charles, Johnson, Luis Castillo, Preston Wilson, and Cliff Floyd – yep, I am a big fan of the ‘Batting Cage Card’.


Florida Marlins 2002 Upper Deck ’40 Man’ Team Set

Florida Marlins 2002 Upper Deck ’40 Man’ Team Set

You may recall that the Marlins team set that I showed off last week was donated by one of my longtime readers and fellow bloggers, Unclemoe.

Well, Moe actually sent me two new team sets for my collection.

And while the first one I showed off featured what can be tagged as a standard sized set, this one here is definitely not in that category.

In McDonald’s terms – this one is ‘Super Sized’.

The set is 40 cards deep!!!

It took me a while to get all of the scanning done, but I had to show off the entire 40-card set to properly do the set justice.

So, here goes:

2002 UP 40 MAN A

2002 UP 40 MAN B

2002 UP 40 MAN C

2002 UP 40 MAN D

2002 UP 40 MAN E

I told you – it is as full as a team set could be!!!

As you can see above, the set is primarily built with posed, studio portraits of the team.  And with the exception of a few former Cubs that had not yet had shots done in their Marlins gear, the set offers a very nice flow to it.

And then just for kicks, there are a few action-packed subset cards included to help round out the set and get the count up to forty cards.

Thank you Unclemoe – A fantastically grand addition to my ‘Marlins Team Set’ project.