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Florida Marlins 2007 SP Authentic Team Set

Florida Marlins 2007 SP Authentic Team Set

The Upper Deck SP brand has always offered us some pretty sweet looking baseball card designs.

The SP line-up tends to bring great color and style while still allowing for the image of the card to be the centerpiece.

The 2007 Upper Deck SP set is no different – the design of the set is nice and the colors are sharp.

The Marlins portion of that 2007 set is just three cards, but they are definitely three stars.

Have a look:



Yeah Baby!!  That’s Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, and Dontrelle Willis.


Florida Marlins 2007 Fleer Ultra Team Set

Florida Marlins 2007 Fleer Ultra Team Set

The Fleer Ultra brand of baseball cards sure did offer up some beauties!

Have a look at this Marlins team set from the 2007 issue:



This one is sweet!!

And I paid just $1.00 for it.  Not only is the set chock-full of sweet images, but the style of the card allows for the image to be the full focus with no gawdy design elements.

I also really like the mix of images used for the set – from Willis’ leg-kick to Hanley’s home run swing to Cabrera’s follow through.

It’s all good!  And a steal for just one dollar!

Florida Marlins 2007 Topps Heritage Team Set

Florida Marlins 2007 Topps Heritage Team Set

With the releases of the 2014 Topps Heritage set this week, I got to thinking about all of the Heritage team sets of the Marlins that I have in my collection.

So far I have a nice lot of them.

But there was one that I have yet to show off – until now.

This is the 2007 Topps Heritage team set of the Florida Marlins:


Sorry for the different sized scans, I am still fumbling around with our new scanner…

The set features the 1958 Topps baseball card design and I like  it.  The solid color backgrounds are reminiscent of a time when baseball cards did not offer many graphic design elements.  But, they look neat and clean – kind of like the players were standing in front of a green-screen used in film and television production.

What I will say about the Heritage brand is that I like that they offer larger sized team sets.  This team set from the 2007 release features a solid mixture of 13 different Marlins players.

My favorite card?  Easy – Dontrelle Willis!!


Florida Marlins 2007 Topps Team Set

Florida Marlins 2007 Topps Team Set

As much as I truly enjoy the baseball card design that offers a full, Black border, I am not a fan of the 2007 set.

I believe that 2007 was the last season in which Topps has not offered us a colored background for their flagship product, and I am thankful for that.

For me, the Black borders on this issue are fine, but it is the Teal squares in all of the corners that are unnecessary.

Have a look:

2007 TOPPS A 2007 TOPPS B 2007 TOPPS C


I will applaud Topps for mixing up the kinds of images used in this release – from action to posed to day and night activity.  And I also like added ‘themed’ cards of both Johnson/Olivo and Uggla/Ramirez.

See, it is not all bad – just dump the Teal cubes and maybe round the corners of the images to soften them up a bit…  🙂

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

I will be the first one to raise my hand and say that ‘I Think That The Allen & Ginter Brand Is Overrated’.

Yep, that’s me.  I’m that guy.

Do I like the cards?  Sure, I guess so.  But I certainly don’t think that the set deserves the pedestal that it has been placed upon by the collecting community as a whole.

In year one, ok.  But with release after release since 2006, I just get quite bored.  I have a hard time telling the difference from one set to the next, and I find them all to offer imagery that is just too similar to the prior year’s issue.

With that being said, I like the Marlins team set from the 2007 A&G base set.

Maybe it is the player mix…

Maybe it is the mix of Yellow and Blue background colors….

Or maybe it is Dontrelle’s smile…

2007 TOPPS A&G

I’m not certain as to what it is, but this is one that I like.


2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

Amazingly, after collecting close to 50 Marlins team sets, this is my first set from 2007 for my collection.

It’s not that I have not tried to bring one in from 2007 before, but for some reason that year has just eluded me.

The ’07 roster was stacked with talent – both on offense and on the pitching mound.

Fleer did a nice job of putting this team set together for their 2007 release, but these are some noticeable omissions…

Here is the set:

2007 FLEER A

2007 FLEER B

I really like the look of these cards.  The images are large and sharp.  I really like the lower-left corner team graphics.  And for many of the cards, they feature great in-game action photos!!

I wonder why Miguel Cabrera had two cards in the set? Especially when there are a few more Marlins that probably should have been included…

Florida Marlins 2007 Upper Deck Goudey Team Set

Florida Marlins 2007 Upper Deck Goudey Team Set

Sure, this set may be small – but I like it.

And by small, I mean both is stature (mini in size) and in quantity (just six cards in the team set).

Have a look:

Here is a quick recap of what these players are up to today:

Aaron Boone – currently on-air baseball personality for ESPN 

Miguel Cabrera – All-Star first baseman with the Detroit Tigers.  Perennial MVP candidate

Mike Jacobs – most recent action involves a 50-game suspension for steroid use

Hanley Ramirez – 3B for Miami Marlins.  Struggling to return to All-Star form.  Recently beat up a circular fan and paid the price with cuts to his hand that led to hospitalization due to infection

Dan Uggla – All-Star slugger with Atlanta Braves.  Made 1st All-Star start of career in 2012 game

Dontrelle Willis – recently announced retirement from sport, but had not been active on a MLB roster for a few years