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Florida Marlins 2008 Topps Opening Day Team Set

Florida Marlins 2008 Topps Opening Day Team Set

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I have always been a fan of the ‘Opening Day’ set. 

I just wish that the set felt more like a celebration of the event – give me more cards, give me a full team set, etc…

This is the Florida Marlins team set from the 2008 Topps Opening Day set.  Teh cards use the same graphic elements as the base set from 2008, just with a bright Red border.

Have a look:


Only five cards deep, I am left craving more.

Sure, it is nice to see Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla being featured, but Jeremy Hermida was not in the lineup for Opening Day in 2008.  And Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera were not even on the team.


Florida Marlins 2008 Bowman Team Set

Florida Marlins 2008 Bowman Team Set

As I get more and more involved with the tracking of talent in the Miami Marlins organization, as well as coming off of the heels of the MLB Draft, I am becoming more interested in the Bowman product.

Bowman takes prospecting to a whole new level, and they could very well be the best producer of rookie baseball cards ever.

In this set, from the 2008 Bowman release, I was able to put together not just the base set of the Florida Marlins but also the ‘1st Bowman Card’ set of their prospects as well.

Have a look:

Base set:


1st Bowman Cards Set:


Not bad, huh!?!?

Now if some of these guys could just contribute and we’d be in good shape.  Yes, I am looking at you, Morrison!!!

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

Admittedly, I am not a big Allen & Ginter fan.  For me, I just don’t find the design of the cards to be that appealing.  Personally, I enjoy action images with strong backgrounds.

Still, of the modern A&G releases, I will say that the 2008 set is the best looking one of the bunch.

The Marlins’ team set from that issue offers us just six cards – but the set does offer quite a bit of variety.  From posed portraits to action – the set does offer us a nice assortment of poses and views to enjoy.

Have a look:

2008 TOPPS A&G

Of the six cards, my favorite card is the Hanley Ramirez with the Andre Miller coming in next.   I like the action of the Ramirez card and the background color used offers a nice effect.  The card of Miller is not one that would normally appeal to me, but the look Miller is offering up is unique.

2008 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set – This One Makes Me Sad….

2008 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set – This One Makes Me Sad….

I love the cards, but looking at this set of cards does make me a little sad.

Issued just 4 years ago, there is just one member of this team set still with the club – JUST ONE!!!

And for as much as I love my Marlins, it is so frustrating to know that there is no ‘homegrown’ veteran leadership on the team.  And that appears to be what is required to win – just look at the Yankees, Rangers, Rays, Dodgers, etc.

Here is the set:

But hey, we still have Ricky Nolasco!!!

**And while showcasing the 2008 Topps team set, I cannot go without talking for a minute about UncleMoe and his amazing journey.  If you don’t know it, he is attempting to getthe entire 2008 Topps set autographed.  Yes, the full set – not just a handful of cards and not just a team set – THE WHOLE THING!!!  And he is doing a fantastic job, 400+ have already been signed.  Keep it up Moe!!