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A Fergie Jenkins Card That Has Eluded Me For Years… Is Now Mine!!!

A Fergie Jenkins Card That Has Eluded Me For Years…  Is Now Mine!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2007 Upper Deck Goudey – Short Print

When I tell you that I had shopped for this card for more than a year, I am not kidding. 

I have had this card saved in my searches in ‘My Ebay’ for so long that I had to renew my email notifications for it twice.  That’s 360 days…

And while it is not that I couldn’t have just bought it a year ago, but I tried very hard to buy this one in person.  At each and every show, this is the card that ranks at the top of the list of ones I would love to find.  And each time, I ended up leaving the show without it.

I had never seen this baseball card in person until it arrived in my mailbox about a week or so ago.  And to say that I ‘love it’ is a bit crazy, but I do think that this one of the best cards issued in the Upper Deck Goudey series, as well as the best modern issue of Fergie Jenkins that I have seen.

I am thrilled to add this beauty to my Jenkins collection!!  I am so happy to have this bad-boy in my possession – Finally!!!

2008 Goudey Florida Marlins Team Set

Ok, so I am a year late in this.  I just paid $1 for this 5-card Florida Marlins team set the other day and even though 1 of the players is no longer with the club, the set still impresses me.

I love the vintage look that this set offers, and these cards are begging for autographs.  So, I will pull the Josh Willingham card and possibly send it to him c/o the Nationals.  The other 4 are coming to Spring Training with me as I try to obtain a few more autographs of my favorite group of guys.

Of the 4, the Miller and Uggla cards really remind me of cards you would see issued 50-60 years ago. 


Gifts From Wax Heaven

Mario from Wax Heaven  recently sent over 2 cards that I received in the mail this afternoon.  No matter who the donor is, I am always very surprised and grateful that people think of me when they see a specific card.  On top of that, offering the cards to me for no fee or trade really lets me know that I belong to a great baseball card collecting community.

On to the good stuff…

1.  1983 Topps Fergie Jenkins – Super Veteran


Although I already owned this card as part of my player collection, this gift from Mario has inspired me to add a new subset to my collection.  I want to get all of the 1983 Super Veteran cards.  I am not sure how I can obtain a list of all of the players that were in this set, but starting with Fergie Jenkins is a great first step.  If anyone knows how I can obtain a checklist of this subset, please pass that information along as it would be greatly appreciated!!

2.  2008 Goudey Andre Dawson – mini


I love this card.   I love everything about this card.  First, it’s Andre.  Second, the design screams vintage which happens to be my favorite kind of card to shop for and admire.  I have had this card as well as the base version on my ‘mental want list’ for some time now and now thanks to Mario 1/2 of that task is complete.  I’ll have to find the base card to finish this little 2-card set off.

At this time, I would normally plug the person’s blog that sent these cards to me.  But, to be honest, I have to imagine at this point that all of the people that have found my blog are readers of Wax Heaven.  Hell, it’s likely that several of my readers found me by checking out his page first.  Either way, reading Wax Heaven has become part of my daily routine.  Checking emails, looking at the box scores from last night’s games, and reading Wax Heaven is a great way to start the day!!

Thanks again, Mario!!!