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Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Opening Day ‘Breaking Out’

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Opening Day ‘Breaking Out’

Here is another neat card of Bryce Harper from this year’s Topps Opening Day baseball card set.

The card has a neat, comic-book appeal and it reminds me of some of the cards I have seen issued by Topps during the 1990’s.

The header of the card reads ‘Breaking Out’ and the added graphic elements work with the theme very well.

Have a look:



I would like to see what the full set looks like all at one time.  I bet it is pretty neat.  And I would also like to see the complete checklist – if any of the others that I collect are in the set, I am going to have to go after them.


Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Sticker

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Sticker

Both of my sons are collecting the 2014 Topps Sticker set.  This has been a long and tedious journey.  But, they are really enjoying themselves, and have even become good trade partners during the process.

In total, we have probably ripped through 70-80 packs.  I use them as rewards for lots of things – good behavior, good work at school, good test scores, and performance on the baseball field.

As we have gotten deeper and deeper into these set builds, more and more doubles have popped up.  Actually, triples.

So, the deal is this – if we get a sticker that both boys have already in their books, dad gets it.  I then sell of large lots on Ebay of the stickers with the goal of capturing more money for more packs.

But, every once in a while I find one I want to keep for myself.

Like this one of Nats superstar, and ’30-YOC’ favorite, Bryce Harper!


Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Opening Day ‘Fired Up’

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Opening Day ‘Fired Up’

There is no doubt that Bryce Harper has a fiery personality on the baseball field.  His desire to win and help his team excel is obvious with his outward displays of emotion both at the plate, on the base paths, and in the outfield.

This set tagged as ‘Fired Up’ from the 2014 Topps Opening Day set is a perfect fit for a guy like Harper.  Have a look at his card:



I’m eager to see what other players were chosen by Topps for this subset.  I can think of a few more guys I would add, and I want to see if I am close to what they chose…

Bryce Harper 2014 Donruss – Base

Bryce Harper 2014 Donruss – Base

Way back in May of this year, I showed you the Bryce Harper 2014 Donruss card I picked up from the ‘Power Plus’ insert set.

Well, fast forward more than four months, and I have finally landed the base card from the same set.  Took me a while to do so, huh?

The seller that I normally buy my modern cards from on Sportlots.com never offered up a Harper base card from the 2014 Donruss release, so I skipped it.

But, when I saw that Series 2 was hitting the shelves just a few weeks ago, I was reminded to go back and get the Harper I missed out on in May.

And so, that is precisely what I did.

Have a look:



And now, I will find a Series 2 checklist and see what cards I want to go after…

Bryce Harper 2014 Bowman – Base

Bryce Harper 2014 Bowman – Base

It’s not common that I grab a parallel baseball card before I grab the base card.

But, that is exactly what happened with Bryce Harper and his year’s Bowman flagship release.  The seller on Sportlots.com that I usually shop with had the parallel, but not the base.  So, I bought it and flagged the base as a ‘Next Time’.

Well, ‘Next Time’ came and now the base card is home with me and in my collection.

Check it out:




Harper has been hitting the ball really well lately, recording multiple hits in several games for the last few weeks.  It’s nice to see him hitting again, and even nicer to see that there appears to be no lingering effects from his thumb surgery.

I hope he and the Nats perform this well in the playoffs!  I’ll be watching.

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Opening Day ‘Ballpark Fun’

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Opening Day ‘Ballpark Fun’

I’ve been eyeing this specific baseball card for more than a year, but never pulled the trigger until just last week.

I bought this card, and a handful of other Bryce Harper cards, on COMC.com as I was looking to economically bulk up my Bryce Harper player collection.  I avoided this card on Ebay, knowing that I would be able to grab it for cheaper if I held on to my patience, and that faith worked in my favor as I scored the card for less than half of what it would have cost me on Ebay.

The card is fun, and it celebrates a good-old’ baseball tradition – ‘The Gatorade Shower’.




Personally, I hope that there are a lot more scenes like this in the very near future for Mr. Harper and the Washington Nationals.  And if they happen to run all of the way into early November, that is fine by me!

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Museum Collection

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Museum Collection

It has been a very tough year for Bryce Harper, and Bryce Harper fans too.  Between nagging injuries and a lengthy stay on the disabled list with a broken thumb, we have never really had a chance to see him put together a nice 30-40 day run where he is ‘on it’.

And sadly, we may have to wait until the 2015 baseball season to really see what he can do.

Thankfully, the Nationals are poised for a 2014 playoff run.  I hope he can contribute to team victories along the way as he surely has the talent to help the club win.

One day, he will be the reason that they are victorious.  And I firmly believe that day will come soon!!

I picked up this card of #34 during a recent shopping spree on COMC.com.  I love the look of this design, and the ‘Museum Collection’ theme is one that appeals to me.  Topps does a fantastic job with the colors from this set and this one of Bryce Harper is perfect.