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I Have Finally Completed The 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Subset!!! Check It Out!!!

I Have Finally Completed The 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Subset!!!  Check It Out!!!

I have been knocking out player collections and subsets at a pretty good pace as of late, and I have another completed set to add to my collection.

This subset comes from the 2012 Topps Archives set, and is re-make of a very popular and widely collected subset from the late 1960’s – ‘Deckle Edge’.

The set, made famous with its smaller size and scalloped edges.

Have a look at this 15-card beauty:



Featuring both players from today’s game and legends from the past, the set looks great.  I love the Black and White look of the images used on this set, but the faux autographs probably could have been skipped…

If I could change one thing in the set, it would be the crop of players from today that were included.  Sure, I understand adding Napoli and Freese due to their amazing play in the 2011 World Series, but I would have rather have seen guys like Verlander or Cabrera or Posey make the cut instead.

Still, a fantastic set for my collection.  And one that I am really happy that I chose to piece together.


My 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘MoonShots’ Set Is COMPLETE!!! Have A Look!!!

My 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘MoonShots’ Set Is COMPLETE!!!  Have A Look!!!

Well, it took me roughly 3 1/2 months, but I am happy to announce that I have been able to piece together another great looking subset.

This one comes from the 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen set and is tagged as ‘Moonshots’.

The 20-card set features the great home runs hitters of the past and current game. 

Have a look:




Normally, Purple would not be a border color that would be something I would celebrate, but I really think it works well for this set.  The Yellow and Silver pieces of the card’s graphic design work well with the Dark Purple border color and it allows for the action imagery to stand out nicely.

As for the player selection, I like that Topps included current and former stars in the set.  I could have done with a few more legends and a few less modern guys, but I know that Topps has to cater to all collectors.

Still, if this set had a little more Eddie Murray,  Hank Aaron, and Stan Musial and a little less Giancarlo Stanton, Curtis Granderson, and Nelson Cruz, I don’t think you’d get too many complaints…

I Have Completed My 2012 Topps Archives ‘Cloth Stickers’ Set And It Looks G-R-E-A-T!!!! Check it out!!!

I Have Completed My 2012 Topps Archives ‘Cloth Stickers’ Set And It Looks G-R-E-A-T!!!!  Check it out!!!

As we rapidly approach the release of the new 2013 Topps Archives set, I am very excited to announce that I have completed one of the two subsets from last year’s set that I had been working on – ’77 Cloth Stickers.

I decided to build this set just a few months ago, but thanks to some great trades and donations plus a few card show purchases, I was able to wrap this one up rather quickly.

The set features a solid mix of both vintage and current ball players, and Topps did a great job of staying true to the original design from the ’77 set.  I especially like that Topps chose age-appropriate images of the legends in the set as many of them could have been from 1977.

Here is a look at the complete set:





The set looks really, really nice.  And I am strongly considering putting this one in an album versus leaving them in penny sleeves and top loaders.  I think that showcasing the set in this manner will do the set a lot more justice this way.

I cannot wait to see what surprises the 2013 Archives set may bring!!!

Tons Of Trades = Lots Of Help With The Projects I Am Working On!!!

Tons Of Trades = Lots Of Help With The Projects I Am Working On!!!

I tell you what, I have the best and most generous readers around!

Their desire to help me conquer a few new collecting objectives has left me with mail almost every day for the last two weeks.  In turn, I hope that I have been able to assist a lot of you with cards for your collections as well.

I have finally finished sorting everything.  I have documented my gains and updated my checklists.  I am a lot further along tonight than I was 10 days ago.

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at what has stuffed my mailbox over the last few weeks, shall we?

2103 Miami Marlins parallel versions and inserts:


2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’


2012 Topps Archives ‘Cloth Stickers’



2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’


There is some really great stuff in there, and I am so very thankful to everyone that has helped me get a little closer to knocking out these subsets and team set.

Thank you to Brian, Marcus, Patrick, Ryan, Robert, Doug, Brad, Jeff, Oscar, Q, and Rob!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Lot Of Four 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers – Granderson, Hamilton, Verlander, Ellsbury

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Lot Of Four 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers – Granderson, Hamilton, Verlander, Ellsbury

Of the three new subsets that I am working to put together, the 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers set boasts the biggest checklist.

So, it was nice to find four cards for that set that I needed.

I was able to score the cards of Curtis Granderson, Jacoby Ellsbury, Josh Hamilton, and Justin Verlander.

Have a look:


I paid fifty cents per card for these, but I have to say that I am very happy to have been able to knock out such a large percentage of my ‘Needs’ list with one purchase.

These stickers look great, and I cannot wait to see the full set completed!  Fingers crossed!!

My Checklists Are Built. My Cards Are Inventoried. I Am Ready To Build More Subsets. Can You Help Me???

My Checklists Are Built. My Cards Are Inventoried. I Am Ready To Build More Subsets.  Can You Help Me???

Last week I announced that I had decided to collect a few more subsets that came from 2012 Topps releases.

Topps created some great subsets in 2012, and I look forward to going after many of them.  I am going to start with the three listed below, but something tells me that adding a few more to my roster of future subsets to collect is a guarantee.

So, I have compiled the checklists.  I have sorted what I presently own.  And I have documented all of it.

Here are the three checklists that I am going after:

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘MoonShots’ – I pulled eight of these cards from a bargain bin at a recent baseball card show.  You could say that purchase helped push me to go after the full set…

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’ Have It??
MS-AB Albert Belle y
MS-AP Albert Pujols  
MS-BR Babe Ruth  
MS-CG Curtis Granderson  
MS-EL Evan Longoria y
MS-FR Frank Robinson  
MS-FT Frank Thomas  
MS-JB Jose Bautista  
MS-JH Josh Hamilton y
MS-JT Jim Thome  
MS-MM Mickey Mantle  
MS-MS Mike Stanton  
MS-MSC Mike Schmidt  
MS-NC Nelson Cruz y
MS-PF Prince Fielder y
MS-RH Ryan Howard y
MS-RJ Reggie Jackson y
MS-RK Ralph Kiner y
MS-WM Willie Mays  
MS-WMC Willie McCovey  

2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ – I loved these cards as soon as I saw them.  And while I would prefer that the set only contained cards of players that played when the set was originally debuted decades ago, I still want them all. 

I am starting this set from scratch – not a single Deckle Edge card in my current collection…

2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Have It??
69DE-1 Roy Halladay  
69DE-2 Evan Longoria  
69DE-3 Jose Bautista  
69DE-4 Mike Napoli  
69DE-5 David Freese  
69DE-6 Ichiro  
69DE-7 Joe Mauer  
69DE-8 Bob Gibson  
69DE-9 Juan Marichal  
69DE-10 Orlando Cepeda  
69DE-11 Carl Yastrzemski  
69DE-12 Roberto Clemente  
69DE-13 Willie Mays  
69DE-14 Harmon Killebrew  
69DE-15 Joe Morgan  

2012 Topps Archives – ’77 Cloth Stickers – This is another one that looks great and offers a good mix of current and former stars.  I have two cards from this set already, Joe Morgan and Reggie Jackson – but they are in my player collections and  I don’t want to pull them so this is another one that I am going to start from scratch…

2012 Topps Archives ’77 Cloth Stickers Have It??
77C-AM Andrew McCutchen  
77C-CH Catfish Hunter  
77C-CC Chris Carpenter  
77C-CL Cliff Lee  
77C-CG Curtis Granderson  
77C-DJ Derek Jeter  
77C-EH Eric Hosmer  
77C-GC Gary Carter  
77C-GB George Brett  
77C-MS Giancarlo Stanton  
77C-JE Jacoby Ellsbury  
77C-JR Jim Rice  
77C-JM Joe Morgan  
77C-JB Johnny Bench  
77C-JH Josh Hamilton  
77C-JV Justin Verlander  
77C-KY Kevin Youkilis  
77C-RJ Reggie Jackson  
77C-RY Robin Yount  
77C-RC Rod Carew  
77C-RH Roy Halladay  
77C-RB Ryan Braun  
77C-SCA Starlin Castro  
77C-SC Steve Carlton  
77C-WS Willie Stargell  

I am really looking forward to this challenge.

And if you can lend a hand, I would certainly be open to organizing a few trades that would be mutually beneficial for both of us.

So, if you have any Gypsy Queen MoonShots, Archives Deckle Edge, or Archives Cloth Stickers laying around that are not beloved parts of your collections, let me know.  I am wanting to wheel and deal!!!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great night!!



I am going to try to build on the network of trade partners that I have established recently.  And while I don’t always have stuff to readily offer, I think that in time these relationships will be beneficial to both sides.   Between the packs that I do open, and the card shows that I attend, I think that I can definitely hold up my end of a possible alliance.

And I am going to start with offering all of these cards from the 2012 Topps Archives set.

Have a look:

Now that is a healthy stack of baseball cards.  And if you want in, just let me know.

Ultimately, I am going to break the stack into team lots with the hopes of working out a few trades and forming a few more solid partnerships.  As for what I want in return?  Let’s see – modern Marlins cards, modern cards of the HOFers that I collect, anything that will help my player collections.

I have already established trade partners for the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Orioles, Nationals, Cubs, and I will be keeping the Marlins for myself.

As for the rest of the teams, they are up for grabs.

If you want one, let me know and I will add your name to my list.  Hopefully we can work something out.

Here are the teams available:

Red Sox –

Yankees – Drew

Rays –

Blue Jays –

White Sox –

Indians –

Tigers – Doug

Royals –

Twins – Ron

Angels –

A’s –

Mariners –

Rangers – Play At The Plate

Braves – Ryan

Mets –

Phillies –

Reds –

Astros –

Brewers –

Pirates – Victor

Rockies – Rich

Dodgers – Stealing Home

Padres –

Giants –

And there you have it.

Want to become trade partners?  Want to add some sweet 2012 Topps Archives to your collection?

Let me know.

Thanks for reading.

A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’??? Yes, A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’!!!!

A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’???  Yes, A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’!!!!

Well, well, well, look at who has completed a trade…

It has been a long time since I was able to officially call a baseball card transaction a trade, but I believe that I am correct with the naming for this exchange of cards.

Let’s get right down to it…

After tearing though a blaster of 2012 Topps Archives, a few readers of the blog showed some interest in some of the cards I pulled.

One of those readers was Doug, of the blog ‘Baseball Cards And Life’.  He saw two cards that appealed to him.  And he has good taste!!  Check out what I sent him:

Pretty nice stuff huh?

Yeah well, Doug sent be back some pretty sweet stuff too…  Four cards as a matter of fact, and they all share a very common theme.

Have a peek:

Oh yeah, Miami Marlins.  And they look great!!

Thank you, Doug.  That was a lot of fun!  I am on my way to collecting the team set from this issue.

Anyone else want to work out a trade??  Let me know.

Loyal Reader ‘Q’ Offers Up 5 Cards From The 2012 Topps Archives Set – 4 Marlins & Jim Palmer

Loyal Reader ‘Q’ Offers Up 5 Cards From The 2012 Topps Archives Set – 4 Marlins & Jim Palmer

The readers of this blog are amazing – and I feel very fortunate as this forum has provided me with friendships that I never would have known.

And trade partners too.

I sent ‘Q’ a nice stack of Starlin Castro baseball cards that I had been holding onto.

As for the cards that I got in return?

How about 4 Marlins:

And a Jim Palmer ‘floater’:

5 great cards for my collection.

Thanks Q!!!  I’ll be sure to hold all future Castro cards for you!!

Just Like Many Collectors, I Too Bought Some 2012 Topps Archives!!! Come See The Stuff…

Just Like Many Collectors, I Too Bought Some 2012 Topps Archives!!!  Come See The Stuff…

Finally, after seeing many bloggers post their haul from 2012 Topps Archive, I can show mine off too.

It took my local Wal-Mart a few more days than normal to put this new release on their shelves, but this morning they had it – so I bought it.

To be exact, I bought a box.  I believe it is called a ‘Hobby Box.’

The configuration is 8 packs, with 8 cards per pack.  I paid $19.99 for it.

Let me start by saying that I love the packaging.  This is the first time that I have ever purchased an Archives product in this fashion, and if they all look this good and take me back to my youth, I will be back for more.

Here is what the packs look like:

It’s like 1986 all over again!!!  🙂

OK, and now on to the good stuff – the results!!

Pack #1

The Heyward is nice.  The Braun is sweeter.  But that Joe Morgan Deckle Edge is right up this collector’s alley!!!

Pack #2

My first Marlins card from the set – Josh Johnson.  I really like the 1984 reprints of Young and Santana too…

Pack #3

That David Price card is nice.  And in just three packs, I have my second Josh Beckett card (at least they are different.  The Cabrera ‘floater’ is funny – I know that there is a Jim Palmer one out there that I am going to have to get for my PC.

Pack #4

My most star-studded pack so far with 4 HOFer’s – Mantle, Carew, Jeter, and Chipper!!

Pack #5

I have finally pulled my first Relic card from a pack – Hall of Famer, Phil Niekro!!!! YES!!!  And that Clemente 3-D card is pretty sweet too.  And then there is Ty Cobb…

Pack #6



Pack #7

I believe that these are ‘Giancarlo’ Stanton’s first cards with his new name on them – pulling two from the same pack is pretty sweet.  I like that 1980 Darryl Strawberry card also.

Pack #8

A very nice mix of Cy Young winners and Hall of Famers for my last pack.  I like that 1982 ‘In Action’ card of Tony Gwynn – takes me right back to my youth!!

And there you have it – every single card from the box.

I have to say that this is my favorite release so far of 2012.  I like the vintage designs, and Topps does a great job of mixing in old-school players with the modern guys.

I will definitely be collecting the Marlins team set from this issue, no doubt about it.

**If you see anything in here that you like, let me know.  Maybe we can work something out via trade.  I am only planning on keeping the cards I want for my player and team collections, so everything else is up for grabs!!!

Thanks for reading.