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Miami Marlins 2013 Panini Prizm Team Set

Miami Marlins 2013 Panini Prizm Team Set

The Panini Prizm brand of baseball cards takes my memory back to the ‘Metal’ cards that were issued in the 1990’s as a new baseball card gimmick.

And while I was not extremely active with my collection when these ‘Metal’ cards were launched back in the day, they are the first thing that I thought of when I saw this new release from Panini.

The Marlins team set from this set of cards features 9 cards.  I was able to piece the full set together by shopping with just one seller on Sportlots.com.  The Fernandez card set me back $0.50 cents and the remaining eight cards cost me just $0.18 each – not a bad $1.94 investment.

Have a look:



I like the action that these cards offers, especially the Rob Brantley rookie card in the upper-left corner. I do however, wish that Panini used a few more images that brought either White or Orange jerseys to the cards as that would certainly brighten up a very dark team set.

Miami Marlins 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Team Set

Miami Marlins 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Team Set

I have been a big fan of this issue since it came out.

And when it did debut, I immediately began working on hauling in all of the Andre Dawson, Jim Palmer, and Fergie Jenkins cards from the set that I could find.

I even nabbed two of the three cards that feature Giancarlo Stanton.

But, it is just now that I picked up the Marlins team set.  I guess that I absent mindedly missed it.

But, now it is mine, and it features some pretty solid Marlins royalty.

Have a look:



Just 4 cards in this team set, but certainly four players that have all impacted this franchise immensely.

A very cool addition to my Marlins team set collection!!

2013 Topps Heritage High-Numbers Miami Marlins Team Set

2013 Topps Heritage High-Numbers Miami Marlins Team Set

As soon as the 2013 Heritage High-Numbers set was released, I wanted to quickly grab the Marlins team set so I could stay on track with 2013 releases.

Unfortunately, it did not go as smoothly as I had wished.

First off, I did not realize that the set was a web-exclusive set so it was not as available to be bought as other recent releases.

And second, it was released right when Jose Fernandez started to pick up steam in the NL ROY conversations – making his rookie card from the set more sought after than other releases had been prior.

Still, patience paid off and I was finally able to land the complete set from a seller on Ebay.  And I actually paid less for the whole set than what I paid for the single Fernandez card for my PC.

Have a look:



Sorry about the scan – I have a new scanner and for some reason it chopped the team name off across the top of the three cards in row #1.  Trust me, all cards are in tact and mint.

Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Team Set – Base & Mini

Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Team Set – Base & Mini

I don’t know how I let this escape me, but I never showed off my completed 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Miami Marlins team set.

The path to completing these sets took some time and a few sources to get done, but not only was I able to knock off the base set this year, but I also tackled the mini set too.

Between baseball card shows, Ebay, and trades – I finally got it done.  And I picked up a pretty sweet short-print image variation card for the set as well.

First, here is the base set:


And now, the mini set with a SP Giancarlo Stanton mini variation:

2013 GQ MINI

Yep, only three Marlins players were included in this year’s Gypsy Queen set.  I’m happy to have been able to complete it, and I am really hoping that next year the 2014 version has a few more Marlins to tackle.

Thanks for reading.

Uncle Moe Offers Up Some Sweet Miami Marlins Parallel & Inserts From The 2013 Topps Update Set!!!

Uncle Moe Offers Up Some Sweet Miami Marlins Parallel & Inserts From The 2013 Topps Update Set!!!

UncleMoe did it again.  He busted a box of the new 2013 Topps Update release and sent me a nice stack of Marlins that he pulled.

The lot consisted of three cards.

Included in the lot were 2 Blue parallel cards – Adeiny Hechavarria & Casey Kotchman.


Kotchman did not get much playing time this year due to an early injury, but ‘Hech’ had a superb defensive season at shortstop.  He makes very hard plays look routine, and some that you would never think would be made he does with ease.  Hech’s defense was definitely a bright spot for the Marlins this season.

The last card of the haul was the Giancarlo Stanton insert card from the 1971 mini set.


I love it – the colors all work very well with the ’71 design!!!

Thank you UncleMoe!!!  As soon as I find some of these for myself, I will be looking for some D’Backs to send your way!!

After Never Finding 2013 Topps Update At Retail, I Just Opted To Buy The Complete Marlins Team Set…

After Never Finding 2013 Topps Update At Retail, I Just Opted To Buy The Complete Marlins Team Set…

I don’t know why, but I had a really rough time finding the new 2013 Topps Update release at retail.  Normally, I am able to score cards rather close to the official release date but when Update came out, it was nowhere to be found – for days!

I tried 2 different Target stores in different days and nothing…

I tried 2 different Wal-Mart stores in different days and nada…

So, I threw in the towel.

And I went to sportlots.com and picked up the entire Miami Marlins 10-card team set from one seller for less than $3.00.

And the set arrived in the mail on Saturday.

Have a look:

img217 img218

It’s nice to see so many of the young guys getting cards in this set, though the insertion of Bryan Petersen and Casey Kotchman is a bit odd considering that Topps knew their playing time with the team while building the checklist.

It is nice to see Jose Fernandez featured twice – in his All-Star card and ‘Rookie Debut’ card.

And in case you were wondering, I have still yet to find Update in a retail location close to my home.  Though I may stop searching now…


Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Series 2 Team Set

Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Series 2 Team Set

As I prepare to make my charge against Miami Marlins team set from  the ‘Update’ installment of the 2013 Topps flagship set, I almost forgot to complete the team set from Series 2.

You may recall that when Series 2 was released I was a lucky winner of a hobby box from Topps’ Twitter account.  Well, by the time that I had opened the box, I had 14 of the 16 cards needed to complete that set.

But, for some reason, I never did.  It just sat on my desk.

It sat on my desk until last week when I said to myself, ‘Why is this set not in my album’?  And then I realized that I had never completed the set from a few months back.  After that, I immediately sought out the two cards that I needed and purchased them.

And now, finally, the set is complete!

Have a look:


Much bigger in volume than the Series 1 team set, this one is hefty.  And I am loving it!  It is so nice to see players that would normally ‘not make the cut’ included.

Maybe in time I can score the Emerald version of the Series 2 issue to match my Emerald set from Series 1.

Wish me luck!!!

Austin Kearns & Chris Coghlan 2013 Topps Series 1 – Purple Toys-R-Us Cards!!!

Austin Kearns & Chris Coghlan 2013 Topps Series 1 – Purple Toys-R-Us Cards!!!

Yes, I keep chugging away at this project – the 2013 Topps Series 1 team set, and all of the related parallel colors to go with it.

So far, I have completed the base set (big accomplishment) and the Emerald version.  I have quite a few of the Wal-Mart Blue cards and the Target Red cards.

And now, I finally have my first two Toys-R-Us Purple cards for the set.

Have a look:



The cards are of Chris Coghlan and Austin Kearns.

The Purple is a nice treat since I have never scored a Toys-R-Us exclusive card before.  Hopefully I can add a few more of these to my team set and maybe a few of the other parallels as well.  It would be nice to be able to knock off a few more of these before the 2014’s hit…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Miami Marlins 2013 Topps A&G Team Set with Stanton ‘Across The Years’ Insert

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Miami Marlins 2013 Topps A&G Team Set with Stanton ‘Across The Years’ Insert

The seller that I bought my 2013 A&G cards from for my player collections had a small box of loose singles from the set that he was selling for a quarter a piece.

The Stanton card that I showed you in ‘Card Show Purchase #1’ came from that box, and I found another one for my team set.  I was also able to find the Nate Eovaldi card in the box getting me even closer to completing the set.

There was no way that I was going to find the Jose Fernandez card in that box, so  I asked if he had it and he did.  I may have paid a bit more for it than what I had wanted, but this seller has been great to me and I would rather stay on good terms with him than leave his table and seek out the card from someone else as I look to save fifty cents.  So, I bought the Fernandez card and completed the 3-card Marlins team set.



I found the Giancarlo Stanton ‘Across the Years’ card at another dealer’s table and I quickly scooped it up which gives me every Marlins card in the new 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter set.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Lot Of 4 Miami Marlins 2012 & 2013 Topps Colored Parallel Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Lot Of 4 Miami Marlins 2012 & 2013 Topps Colored Parallel Cards

I was very excited to find a seller that a pretty good stack of colored parallel cards from the 2012 and 2013 Topps flagship sets.

It was so nice to not have to sort through thousands of cards hoping to pull one or two of these alternate-border colored cards.  As soon as I saw them, I jumped right in!

And I pulled out four cards for the multiple sets I am trying to complete.

Here they are: