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30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…

30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…


With a guess of 224 strikeouts, DEANO hit the number right on the head – 224!!!! That’s some pretty solid guess work right there!!!

Congratulations to DEANO!!!

Here is one more look at the prize:


Thanks to everyone that played in my ‘4th Annual Opening Day Contest’.

The next contest is right around the corner!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

Thanks to everyone that played – Now, let’s get down to business and ‘PLAY BALL’!!!!!

Here are the players and their picks for my ‘predict the total number of strikeouts’ from Opening Day contest.

Player # Of K’s
Brad 1
mgrlvr 95
Matt D 107
charley8 119
Ron Churchwell 121
cardfreak 124
thoughtsandsox 131
Jeff B 132
Ryan H 135
commishbob 140
Rob 143
Adam 144
Matt Gilman 144(OUT)
hockeykazi 146
Stealing Home 149
sanjosefuji 153
The Lost Collector 155
Mark A 157
Wayne Bradshaw 161
Brian C 167
Q 168
kenneth riddle 175
jccsst1022 176
unclemoe 182
Matt 183
HomeBrew 185
nighttimeowl 190
Victor Dascanio 201
AG 217
deano 224


And once again, a peek at the prize:


The player that correctly predicts the number of strikeouts pitched on ‘Opening Day’, without going over, wins this lot of two 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ rack packs.

Enjoy the games everyone.  The winner will be announced tomorrow!!!


Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 4th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 4th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

As we all eagerly wait for the 2013 baseball season to begin, I want to start it off right.

And one way to accomplish that is to host a contest!!!  This is the fourth straight season in which I am hosting an ‘Opening Day Contest’.

Here is how it will work:

There are 12 games scheduled on Opening Day, April 1.  You can review the schedule, and see the starting pitchers by clicking here.  To win this contest, you need to guess how many total strikeouts will be thrown in these 12 games.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with your pick.  Once a number is taken, it cannot be used again.  The person who gets the closest, without going over, to the actual number of strikeouts tossed wins!!!

Opening Days brings out the sport’s top pitchers.  From Clayton Kershaw to King Felix to Justin Verlander to CC Sabathia – there will be a ton of K’s.  So, do your homework and make your selections now!!!

The winner of my ‘Opening Day Contest’ will win this:


That’s right – 2 jumbo packs of 2013 Topps Opening Day baseball cards!!

Sound good??  Wanna play??

Then do your homework and make your picks.  All selections must be made by 9PM EST on Sunday night.  I will post a list of the players and their picks on Monday morning.

Good luck everyone!!!