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1975 Topps Set Card 250/660 – #55 – Bobby Bonds, Yankees

1975 Topps Set Card 250/660 – #55 – Bobby Bonds, Yankees

Progress: 250/660

Player Name:  Bobby Bonds

Team:  New York Yankees

Position:  Outfield

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  14 seasons, 1968-81

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Bobby Bonds played in 145 games for the New York Yankees over the course of the 1975 baseball season.  He hit .270 with the club, connecting for 143 hits.  Of his 143 hits, bonds delivered 26 doubles, 3 triples, 32 home runs, and 82 singles.  He also stole 30 bases for the team en route to scoring 93 runs.

Notes From Career:  Bobby Bonds is a 3-time All-Star and 3-time Gold Glove Award winner.  He concluded his 14-year major league career with 302 doubles, 332 home runs, 461 stolen bases, 1,024 RBI, 1,258 runs scored, and 1,886 hits.  Bonds is one of just eight players in major league history to collect 300 steals and 300 home runs during their career.


Bobby Bonds 2002 Topps ‘American Pie’

Bobby Bonds 2002 Topps ‘American Pie’

Bobby Bonds will almost always be first thought of as being the father of Barry Bonds.  And while that may be his preference, the numbers he put up during his major league career are certainly worthy of being mentioned.

Bonds played in the big leagues for 14 years. 

His career numbers – .268 batting average, 1,886 hits, 1,258 runs scored, 1,024 RBI, 302 doubles, 66 triples, 332 home runs, and 461 stolen bases.

Bonds was named an All-Star three times and he also captured three Gold Gloves for his excellence in the outfield.

In 14 major league seasons, Bonds made it to the post-season just once time.  In 1971, Bonds and his Giants teammates were eliminated by the Pirates in the first round of the playoffs.

Did You Know…

Reggie Sanders is the only player to play a complete season with a different team for seven straight years.  Following eight seasons with the Cincinnati Reds, Sanders left after the 1998 season and then spent one year with the Padres, Braves, Diamndbacks, Giants, Pirates, and Cardinals.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Alfonso Soriano Is Soaring!!!

Last night during Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, Alfonso Soriano took 1 more step closer to making baseball history.

Soriano stole the 250th base of his career earning him a place in the 250/250 club.  He is now on his way to joining the 6 members of the 300/300 club.  Barring any injuries, Alfonso has a real shot of making it to this elite club during the 2010 season.

And at 33 year of age and still averaging 30+ home runs and 20+ steals a year, one has to wonder if Alfonso is capable of reaching the even more exclusive level of 400/400.  We know he can do it, but will he?  His numbers have declined a bit, but he still shows signs of the guy that smacked 46 dingers and stole 41 bases in 2006.

You may recall that I posted about his possibility in the 400/400 club a few months ago.  If not, read this.  My money(the very little that I have) is on Soriano!! 

Congratulations Alfonso!!


1 vote for the Hall of Fame – Bagwell or Biggio???

This always makes for interesting debate.  Here you have 2 guys that played for the same team and mostly together for 15 years.  2 completely different styles – yet both achieved extremely solid reputations as great players.  You cannot mention 1 without the other – Biggio and Bagwell are Peanut Butter and Jelly…

Where do you start with this?  Here are some of the numbers that get thrown around when the debate for the getter player takes place.

  Biggio Bagwell
Years 20 15
Games 2850 2150
Batting Average 0.281 0.297
Hits 3060 2314
Home Runs 291 449
Steals 414 202
Positions Played 2B, C, OF 1B
Rookie of the Year N Y
Most Valuable Player N Y
All-Star 7 4
Silver Slugger 5 3
Gold Gloves 4 1

I find the number of steals particularly interesting.  Biggio was just a few swipes away from joining the 300/300 club.  Bagwell didn’t do too bad either when it came to base running as 200+ steals for a first baseman is hard to come by(even if it is over 15 seasons).

In a very tight race, my vote goes to Bagwell.  With a higher career batting average, a ROY award, an MVP award, home runs, and strong steals Bagwell is my choice.  I take nothing away from Biggio.  Being a member of the 3,000 hits club and narrowly missing the 300 home run/300 steals club is nothing to take lightly.  But his average is lower and I don’t think that at any time Biggio was ever considered to be the best player in the league.  If he got into the 300/300 club my vote might swing to him.  But, who knows what Bagwell could have done with another 5 seasons… 500 HR’s would be a certainty and a career average above .300 a possibility.

So, the vote is yours and you can only choose one of these guys.  Who’s your pick and why??