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1984 HEADLINE: Pete Rose Collects Hit #4,000

1984 HEADLINE: Pete Rose Collects Hit #4,000

Just 8 games into the 1984 baseball season, and in front of 46,000+ fans in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, Pete Rose made baseball history by becoming just the second player to collect 4,000 hits.

On his home turf, and facing his former team, Rose’s Expos were taking on the Philadelphia Phillies.  In the bottom of the 4th inning, Rose smacked a double off of Jerry Koosman giving him 4,000 hits for his career.

Rose was the first player to collect 4,000 hits since the legendary Ty Cobb.

Congratulations to ‘Charlie Hustle’!!

1963 Headline: Pete Rose’s Debut A Hit. 2, Actually!!

1963 Headline: Pete Rose’s Debut A Hit.  2, Actually!!

On this day back in 1963, Pete Rose made his major league debut during Spring Training for the Cincinnati Reds.

The game’s all-time hits king established himself early as he collected two hits in two at-bats against the Chicago White Sox.  And although nobody, except maybe for Pete, would have predicted what was going to follow over the next 24 big league seasons, it is very clear based on his debut performance that at the age of 22 Pete Rose had big league skills!!

Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

As a kid, I was never very fond of the Sportflics brand of baseball cards.  For me, they just did not offer the same appeal to me as a ‘normal’ baseball card.

Fast forward twenty+ years and I have a little more appreciation for the set.  Yes, as with almost everything that I collect, I like the ones that celebrate the baseball heroes of the past.

Like this one of Pete Rose…


You can barely make it out, but one of the images on this card is of a very young crew-cut wearing Rose.  My guess is that the image was snapped in the early 1960’s. 

So, while most card companies in 1986 were issuing cards of Rose that celebrated him becoming baseball’s new ‘Hit King’, this one took us back to the beginning of his playing career.

Thank You, Sportflics!!!

I Have A New Gem In My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection. You’ve Got To See This!!!

I Have A New Gem In My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection. You’ve Got To See This!!!

You may recall tha tback in January I showed off a Pete Rose signed photo that I had picked up for what I thought was a huge bargain.  If you don’t remember, or would just like ot re-visit that story, you can do so here.

As excited as I was to obtain the signed photo of ‘The Hit King’, I knew that my mission was only half complete.

So, a few weeks later, I sent a ‘Mystery Package To Andre Dawson’.

Well, now, less than three weeks later, I am very excited to annouce that my ‘Mystery Package’ has been returned to me.

And now I have a new ‘GEM’ in my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection.

Have a look:


Signed perfectly in Blue Sharpie by Andre Dawson, this is my first ever dual-signed photo.  And I could not be more happy with how it turned out.

As usual, Dawson applied a perfect signature to the photo, and he placed it exactly where I asked him to.

Having Pete Rose’s signature on this image was spectacular. 

Now having this image signed by both superstars is for me, unreal!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Pete Rose 1994 Upper Deck Baseball ‘The American Epic’ – 1985

Pete Rose 1994 Upper Deck Baseball ‘The American Epic’ – 1985

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big-time fan of Peter Edward Rose.  Watching him collect the hit that broke Ty Cobb’s record for most career hits remains as one of the greatest memories I have of watching sports on television.

I am just not happy with this card.

Take a look:


Wasn’t Upper Deck supposed to be the ground-breaking company?  The one known for their vivid use of color?  The one with the great cardstock, and imagination?

Somebody was sleeping on the job when this card passed by the editor’s desk.

We deserved to much more than this when Upper Deck released this card in 1994.

And Pete deserved a hell of a lot better, too!!

The Newest Autograph To My Collection: Signed Pete Rose 8×10 Photo!!! But Not Your Ordinary Image Of Him…

The Newest Autograph To My Collection: Signed Pete Rose 8×10 Photo!!!

I am a big fan of Pete Rose.  And in time, he is a player that I would eventually like to build a nice collection of.

The single greatest moment of watching baseball on television from my youth is watching Pete break Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record.  And that says a lot as I was also glued to the TV for Boston’s collapse in the 1986 World Series, Kirk Gibson’s dramatic 1988 World Series home run, and other hugely dramatic and important baseball moments in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

But, it was Pete that took the cake for me.  And to this day, I fondly remember watching that moment in September of 1985. 

I’ve always wanted a nice, large picture from that game in my collection.  And of course, I would want it signed too.

But, they are expensive.  And there are plenty of them available so I am in no rush to add one to my collection.

Instead, I have focused on another image of Rose that I like, possibly even better.  I have seen it multiple times, and each time it gets my senses tingling.  I’ve never acted on it because of the cost it would take to get Pete to sign it for me would more than likely be higher than what I would want to pay.

And then I found a signed version of it.  And it was right in my price range!!!

Have a look at this:


Are you kidding me?  Pete Rose and Andre Dawson?!?!?!

I scooped this signed 8×10 from an extremely reputable seller on Ebay.  The certificate accompanying the photo gives me a lot of confidence that the autograph is 100% real.  I did a lot of investigative work before purchasing this one – and now that it is home, I am thrilled with how it came out!!!

And you have to know what’s next…  I need to get it signed by Andre Dawson.  And once completed, it will be a centerpiece of my collection – FOR SURE!!!

I have a few things going on with my collection right now that prevents me from sending this out immediately, but I can be a patient man when I have to be.

Once some of the pending projects I am working on are complete, I will definitely be sending this one off for autograph #2!!!

And I will let you know when that happens…  Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!

1978 HEADLINE: Pete Rose Joins The Philadelphia Phillies

1978 HEADLINE: Pete Rose Joins The Philadelphia Phillies

On this day in 1978, Pete Rose signed as a free agent with the Philadelphia Phillies.

After spending the first 16 seasons of his big league career with the Reds, Rose would spend the next 5 with the Phillies.  And during that 5-year stretch, Rose would amass 826 hits while being named an All-Star four times, winning a Silver Slugger award, and a World Series title in 1980!!

I Told You That I Was Going To Show Off That 1985 Topps Pete Rose Commemorative Set. Here It Is!!!

I Told You That I Was Going To Show Off That 1985 Topps Pete Rose Commemorative Set. Here It Is!!!

I finally got around to scanning this set that I scored for $3.00 at the November baseball card show.

And now it is time to show it off!!!

Enjoy!  All 120 cards!!

Pete Rose 1985 Topps Manager Card

Pete Rose 1985 Topps Manager Card

I will never get tired of adding cards of Pete Rose to my collection.  I wish that he was honored by Topps today in the same manner that other baseball greats have been – with oodles and oodles of new/modern cards every year.

Thankfully, Pete was featured on a lot of baseball cards during his playing days.  And his managing days as well.

This card is from the 1985 Topps set.  It was a season in which he both played for and managed the Cincinnati Reds.

The Reds went 89-72 under Rose in his first full season as the Reds skipper.  As for his play, Rose hit .264 in 119 games for the team.

They don’t make them like Pete Rose anymore…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1985 Topps 120-Card Pete Rose Limited Edition Set!!! YES!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1985 Topps 120-Card Pete Rose Limited Edition Set!!!  YES!!!

This purchase was by far the best one of the night for me.

I have seen, and have wanted, this set for my ‘Big Red Machine’ collection for the last few years.  I have been watching them sell on Ebay for the last 2 years, and they sell in the range of $10-$20 depending on their condition.

I saw the box sitting on the table of the dealer that I always spend the most time with.  I asked if he knew if the set was complete or not, and he was unsure.  I opened the box and found quite a bit of room for the cards to move around so I was guessing that it was not complete.  Still, the set looked to be in great condition as all of the cards appeared to be crisp and clean.

I asked for the price and he told me to just take it.  I didn’t feel right in doing so, so I grabbed a few singles out of my pocket and forked over three of them.  He did not seem to care either way about getting money for the set, and I left with a very big smile on my face.

As soon as I got home, I opened the box and found the set to be complete!!  All 120 cards were present, and they all look G-R-E-A-T!!!

Here is the set:

Give me some time, I am going to throw this bad-boy into some 9-card pages and scan the full thing.  And when I do, I will show it off so you can see the complete set.

Best buy of the night?  Oh, Yeah!!