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Enough Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fine.  Most of us expected this.  But, the New York Post has gone too far.

How did someone get approval to make this headline and have it get distributed???  There are way too many kids seeing this and it’s not right.  Call him anything you want in private, use all of the clever steroid related nicknames you can find, but The New York Post should be reprimanded and someone should lose their job for publishing this.


I am all for freedom of speech but where is the line drawn??  Why does this newspaper not have a parental advisory sticker on it?  Album covers, classic literature, and film get censored constantly.  Who gave the New York Post a free pass???

Think I’m overreacting?  Have a child call you an ‘A-Hole’ and then tell you that he saw it on the cover of ‘The Post’….    It’s no different than him/her dropping an ‘F-Bomb’ and saying that he heard it on his IPod.