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HOO-RAY!!! My 2013 Topps Archives ‘Mini Tallboy’ Subset Is Complete!!

HOO-RAY!!!  My 2013 Topps Archives ‘Mini Tallboy’ Subset Is Complete!!

Yeah baby, the biggest subset I have tackled in years is finally complete.  And it took a lot of work to get here.

Thankfully, I had some help with this one.  Some trades, some donations, and some shared information all helped me get this one done.

40 cards deep, this set is big.  But, the theme is right up my alley – full of modern and vintage players all on a sweet design.

Have a look at all 40 cards:

img033 img034 img035 img036 img037

The set is nice, and I am digging how it looks all together like this.  In my album, it is not as clean looking as the cards have a ton of room to shift and slide around in the standard sized 9-pocket page, but I will get over it.

As for the players included in the set, there are a few questionable things going on, but overall I am OK with the checklist.  I love the inclusion of Stewart, Concepcion, Greenwell, and Parker but I could have done without some of the others.  And way too many Red Sox in the set – 5 out of 40 cards when teams like the Marlins were not recognized at all.

Overall, I love it.  And I am very happy with my decision to put this set together when released with 2013 Topps Archives.

Hopefully the new Archives set has something else for me to go after…

I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

Friends, the title of this post says it all.  I need a few cards from this set to make it complete so I am turning to the great readers of this blog to see if I can get any help.

Currently, I have four cards left on my ‘Need List’.  They are:

  • Buster Posey
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Mike Trout
  • Roberto Clemente

Quite a list, huh?

If you have any of these cards, and are willing to part with them, please let me know.  I’m certain that we can work something out – and I will surely be grateful.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks for the help!

Attention Orioles Fans, Topps’ 2013 Archives Product May Not Be For You…

Attention Orioles Fans, Topps’ 2013 Archives Product May Not Be For You…

I’m still going through all of the cards that I pulled from the two boxes of 2013 Topps Archives that I busted two weeks ago.

I have a few trades in the works, I have cards that will go to my player collections, and I have cards that will go to the guys that I exchange cards with often.

Overall, I would say that I am pretty happy with the product, but some of the image choices have left me scratching my head – especially when it comes to some of the legends that were included in the set.

Of the poor image selection that I found, no team was more effected than the Baltimore Orioles.  They are all pretty bad if you ask me.

Attention Orioles Fans, Topps’ 2013 Archives Product May Not Be For You…

First, there is the way too zoomed-in image of Cal Ripken in this 1972 Topps card:


Not complimentary at all if you ask me.  And this one is the BEST one I pulled…

Have a look at the Eddie Murray card:


Sure, I love the 1985 Topps design and the Orioles logo is sweet as well.  But this image sucks – I cannot even figure out why the picture was snapped…

And it only gets worse from there…

Here are the four base cards I pulled of guys on the current roster:



What the hell is that in the background?  A tarp?  A construction site??  Where aer the palm trees?  Where are the hand-painted outfield signs??  And can somebody please look at the camera??

Jeez!!!  I’m kind of glad that my Marlins only got one card in the set this year…



I am going to try to build on the network of trade partners that I have established recently.  And while I don’t always have stuff to readily offer, I think that in time these relationships will be beneficial to both sides.   Between the packs that I do open, and the card shows that I attend, I think that I can definitely hold up my end of a possible alliance.

And I am going to start with offering all of these cards from the 2012 Topps Archives set.

Have a look:

Now that is a healthy stack of baseball cards.  And if you want in, just let me know.

Ultimately, I am going to break the stack into team lots with the hopes of working out a few trades and forming a few more solid partnerships.  As for what I want in return?  Let’s see – modern Marlins cards, modern cards of the HOFers that I collect, anything that will help my player collections.

I have already established trade partners for the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Orioles, Nationals, Cubs, and I will be keeping the Marlins for myself.

As for the rest of the teams, they are up for grabs.

If you want one, let me know and I will add your name to my list.  Hopefully we can work something out.

Here are the teams available:

Red Sox –

Yankees – Drew

Rays –

Blue Jays –

White Sox –

Indians –

Tigers – Doug

Royals –

Twins – Ron

Angels –

A’s –

Mariners –

Rangers – Play At The Plate

Braves – Ryan

Mets –

Phillies –

Reds –

Astros –

Brewers –

Pirates – Victor

Rockies – Rich

Dodgers – Stealing Home

Padres –

Giants –

And there you have it.

Want to become trade partners?  Want to add some sweet 2012 Topps Archives to your collection?

Let me know.

Thanks for reading.