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It Has Been Way Too Long Since I Showed You My Balls…

It Has Been Way Too Long Since I Showed You My Balls…

The title of this post says it all.  I try to show you my balls at least 2-3 times a year.  I do this as a way to motivate myself and to keep my other ball-collecting pals updated on my progress.  I also do this as a way to get other talking about their balls…

Tonight, I wanted to give you the full tour.  The collection sits at 114 as this post is published.  I have one signing happening in March that I have already committed to, and I have two more that I am also very likely to get involved with.

So, the collection will grow – for sure.  And the quality remains at an all-time high as well.  While I could easily have between 120-130 signed balls in my collection thus far, the last 18+ months have been more about quality and less about quantity.  And the results of that philosophy has netted me some pretty elite players – and for me, that is extremely exciting.

Ready for the tour??


First, here is the full collection:

My Balls

And now, a detailed breakdown of what you’re seeing:

Starting from the bottom…

Row 1 – Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Bill Madlock, Mark Grace, Lee Smith, Jack McKeon, Livan Hernandez, Al Leiter, Charlie Hough, Jeff Conine, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Ozzie Guillen, Bobby Bonilla, Josh Johnson, Cameron Maybin

Row 2 – Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Fergie Jenkins, Brian Jordan, Vince Coleman, Steve Garvey, Bert Campaneris, Vida Blue, Harold Baines, Jack Clark, Don Larsen, Earl Weaver, Monte Irvin, Bobby Doerr

Row 3 – Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Fergie Jenkins, Fergie Jenkins, Bob Feller, Whitey Ford, Duke Snider, Fred Lynn, Luis Tiant, Al Kaline, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda, Goose Gossage, Gaylord Perry, Phil Neikro

Row 4 – Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Fergie Jenkins, Fergie Jenkins, Tom Glavine, Dave Parker, Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Carlton Fisk, Mike Greenwell, Rollie Fingers, Jim Abbott

Row 5 – Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Ken Griffey, George Foster, Dave Concepcion, Dale Murphy, Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez

Row 6 – Andre Dawson, Jim Palmer, Jim Palmer, Jim Palmer, Rod Carew, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt, Dave Winfield, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Bob Gibson, Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley, Paul Molitor, Ryne Sandberg, Steve Carlton

Row 7 – Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Ernie Banks, Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, Rickey Henderson, Tony Gwynn, Nolan Ryan


That was a lot of typing.  But, in time, I think I will be able to type some more as I am really looking to build my collection in the early parts of this year.  As I mentioned earlier, I am committed to one signing already, have my eyes on two more, am still hunting a Tom Seaver ball, and I am always looking for more Andre Dawson opportunities as well.

What do you think???

I’ll tell you what my wife thinks – She thinks I am NUTS!!!!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great night!

100 BALLS!!!!

100 BALLS!!!!

This post has been 4 1/2 years in the making.

When I started ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ in the summer of 2008, I had one signed baseball in my collection – a Billy Williams ball that I got signed in the in 1989 while living in Chicago and attending a Cubs Convention with my dad.  Mr. Williams was so friendly towards me; both my dad and I became instant fans!!  I lugged that ball from state to state and from house to house for more than twenty years.

And once I decided to get back into the hobby of baseball card collecting, I dusted off my Billy Williams ball, bought a new UV-protected case for it, and kept it on my desk for inspiration.

Fast forward to today and I am happy to be celebrating that I now have 100 autographed baseballs in my collection.  The collection, just like my cards, is focused around men that helped shape the history of the game in prior decades as well as the players that impacted my love for the sport during my youth.

I’ve got Marlins.  I’ve got All-Stars.  I’ve got Cy Young Award winners and MVPs.  I’ve got World Series heroes and I have Hall of Famers.

I have signed balls in my collection that I never really thought that I would obtain.  And, of course, I have some balls in my collection that I wish I never did obtain.

But, I tell you what – I love this collection.  And for as much as my Hank Aaron and Reggie Jackson and Willie Mays signed balls mean to me, the single best ball in my collection is still that old National League ball signed by Hall Of Famer, Billy Williams.

Here is a look at my full collection of signed baseballs:


And a peek at the gem of my collection, my Billy Williams ball:


I already have plans in place to add more baseballs to my collection.  And while I don’t have a target number of balls that I want for this extension of my baseball card collecting hobby, I am pretty confident that the collection will continue to blossom in the coming years!

Thanks for reading.

Finally, Al Kaline Returns A Signed Baseball For ’30-YOC’!!!!

Finally, Al Kaline Returns A Signed Baseball For ’30-YOC’!!!!

Yes, I know that there was no mail delivery today.  I got a TTM return back last night, but I had too much family stuff going on to be able to compose a story about it…

I have 4-5 baseballs out in the mailstream, so I had no clue who the return was from.  And the USPS did not stamp the outside with the mailing zip code prior to sending it back to me.

But, once opened, I was relieved!!!  Al Kaline finally hooked me up.  And this was ‘Strike Three’.

First, I sent to the Tigers in Lakeland during Spring Training – Strike One!

Then, I sent to Kaline’s home in Michigan – Strike Two!

Finally, Kaline signed for me courtesy of the Detroit Tigers.

And the autograph looks great.

Have a peek:

Thank you Mr. Kaline.

It may have cost me more postage than I normally would spend for a TTM baseball, but overall I am very happy to finally have a signed ball back in my collection.


I LOVE My Balls!!!

I LOVE My Balls!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…  LMAO

It has been a very long time since I have shown you my balls.  And I should not have let it go this long.

My balls are very, very special to me and I pay a lot of attention to them.

I have been writing this blog for nearly four years.  When I started, I had just one ball.

Today, I have 85.  Yes, 85 balls!!!

Here is what my balls look like today:

I wish that the picture was able to be zoomed in some more so you could see everything clearly, but I also wanted to show off the whole collection in one picture.

And while I do not normally keep them stacked in this fashion, I wanted you to see the magnitude of my collection all at one time.

Typically, my collection of balls are displayed in three groups – Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, and other.  The Dawson count is at 10; the Jenkins count is 5; and the other count is at 70.

I have plans to add more.  And while 100 is possible by the end of the year, it is not a goal at this point.  I am still seeking quality over quantity so if I add just 4-5 more this year, I would happily accept quality.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my balls – 🙂


Throwing Two Baseballs And A Few Trade Packages In The Mail This Morning…

Throwing Two Baseballs And A Few Trade Packages In The Mail This Morning…

The title says it all friends.  On the way to work this morning, I will be stopping by the local Post Office and will be tossing two baseballs and a small stack of trade packages in the mail with the hopes of adding two new signed balls to the collection while also pleasing a few ’30-YOC’ readers.

For the balls, one is for a paid signing that I cannot pass up.  And the other is one final shot at a hit-or-miss Hall of Famer.

I will keep the players a mystery for now, though you might have guessed the HOFer.  Hopefully I will be showing off two great addition to the collection in the coming weeks…

Wish me luck!!!

TTM Failure: Al Kaline – Take Two!!!!

TTM Failure:  Al Kaline – Take Two!!!!

I am here to report that I had another bubble mailer in my mailbox last night.  And unfortunately, the ball that was enclosed was unsigned.


What is a little puzzling about this one is that I sent the ball to Mr. Kaline in Detroit, yet the return envelope was postmarked from Tampa.  Kind of odd, right??

Anyways, that officially makes strike two for me with Al Kaline; once from Spring Training and now once from his home address in Michigan.

So, now what I have to do is decide whether it is worth me getting back up to bat to take another swing at it or if I should simply head for the dugout.

Decisions, decisions…


PRIVATE SIGNING EVENT – Starring Fergie Jenkins, Jim Rice, Tim Raines, and Luis Tiant!!!

PRIVATE SIGNING EVENT – Starring Fergie Jenkins, Jim Rice, Tim Raines, and Luis Tiant!!!

The Fergie Jenkins Foundation will have Special Guests Hall of Famers Jim Rice and Fergie Jenkins along with Tim Raines and Luis Tiant at this years Toronto Sport Card Expo from 11am-1pm on Saturday May 5th at the International Centre.

I am accepting Mail-Order for these 4.

Prices are as followed:

Jim Rice (HOF 09′, 1978 AL MVP)
$40 – Cards/Balls/Flats
$50 – Oversized Items(16×20 & Over)/Bats/Jerseys
$10 – Inscriptions

Fergie Jenkins (HOF 91′, 1971 NL Cy Young)
$20 – Cards/Balls/Flats
$40 – Oversized Items(16×20 & Over)
$50 – Bats/Jerseys
*1 Free Inscription if requested, $10 each additional*

Tim Raines (7-Time All-Star, 86′ NL Batting Champ, 87′ All-Star Game MVP)
$20 – Cards/Balls/Flats
$40 – Oversized Items(16×20 & Over)/Bats/Jerseys
*1 Free Inscription if requested, $10 each additional*

Luis Tiant (3-Time All-Star, 72′ AL Comeback Player of the Year)
$20 – Cards/Balls/Flats
$40 – Oversized Items(16×20 & Over)/Bats/Jerseys
*1 Free Inscription if requested, $10 each additional*

Make checks/money orders payable to the Fergie Jenkins Foundation, or we also accept Credit Card, no paypal.

Need items by May 3rd!!!!

Mail items, payment, and SASE to:

Fergie Jenkins Foundation, Inc.
ATTN: Craig Nyman
PO Box 664
Lewiston, NY, 14092

Tossing Two Florida Marlins Inspired Baseballs Into The Mail This Morning…

Tossing Two Florida Marlins Inspired Baseballs Into The Mail This Morning…

I’m at it again!!!

By my count, I have four baseballs already out there in the mailstream somewhere.

But, I am on a huge Marlins kick, so I am sending out to more balls in hopes of quickly adding some quality signed baseballs to my growing Marlins collection.

So, off they go!!!

And just one more hint for you, these are going out to two former Florida Marlins, not the new Miami version…

Wish me luck!  And as soon as the balls are returned, I will show off the goods!!!

Fingers are crossed.

Al Kaline – Take Two!!!!

Al Kaline – Take Two!!!!

Alright gang, here we go again.  This time, I am taking the advice of some experienced TTM’ers and am sending this baseball to the great state of Michigan.

I’ll keep you posted as I tackle ‘Round Two’ with Hall of Famer, Al Kaline.

Wish me luck!!!

TTM FAILURE – HAll of Famer, Al Kaline

TTM FAILURE – HAll of Famer, Al Kaline

The title says it all…

I sent out two baseballs last week in hoped of adding a few new signed balls to my collection.

I was very surprised to see one of my return envelopes in my mailbox when I got home tonight, but since both balls were only shipped to FL, the possibilities remained strong.

And then I opened the package…

Inside was my brand new baseball (unsigned), my letter to Mr. Kaline, and my crisp twenty dollar bill.

At least I got everything back…

I’ll try again once the season starts!!!