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TTM SUCCESS: Miami Marlins 1-Day Hero, Adam Greenberg!!

TTM SUCCESS: Miami Marlins 1-Day Hero, Adam Greenberg!!

I sent just one baseball card out during Spring Training with the hopes of hauling in an autograph for my collection.

That card was sent to Adam Greenberg, formerly of the Miami Marlins.

We all know his story, and for one day Greenberg was the most relevant player in the sport.  As a Marlins fan, there was a lot of attention paid to Greenberg leading up to his appearance with the team and it was very hard to not get swept up in all of the excitement. 

I admire his determination and he can certainly teach many of today’s players about how quickly the dream of playing major league baseball can be taken from you.

Greenberg attended Spring Training with the Baltimore Orioles this year and he still has the goal of making the big leagues on a permanent roster.  I sent my card to him in the middle of Spring and it was returned to me the other day – signed!!

Have a look:


Thank you Adam, and best of luck to you with all of your future endeavors!!!