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With 49 Strikeouts In The Phillies/Diamondbacks Series, The Contest Winner Is…

With 49 Strikeouts In The Phillies/Diamondbacks Series, The Contest Winner Is…


Congratulations Nathan, you correctly guessed 49!!!

And now, these cards are yours:

Thanks to everyone that played.

And please stay tuned – I am working on a special treat that will be announced in the coming days.


The Players & Their Picks – Track The Strikeouts Contest!!!!

The Players & Their Picks – Track The Strikeouts Contest!!!!

Thanks to all that participated.  I truly believe that this will be a fun one too!

The Phillies and the Diamondbacks square off in the first of three games tonight, so stay tuned to those boxscores to see who gets the early lead in this 3-game contest.

Here is a list of the player and their picks:

Player # Of K’s
sirrahh 19
hiflew 20
Justin 31
Night Owl 32
Hackenbush 33
Doug 35
cardfreak 36
Jeff L 39
Shane K 40
Jason S 42
Darren 43
Chris 44
rob 45
Jeff 46
zebbers 47
Nathan 49
McGee-Fan51 51
Diamond King 52
Ron Churchwell 56
James Haynes 57

And don’t forget, the player that comes the closest to the total number of strikeouts, without going over,  from this 3-game series will win this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Now that, my dear friends, is a very healthy stack of baseball cards!!!

Good Luck to you all!  The winner will be announced Wednesday evening once Game 3 is in the books.


CONTEST TIME: Track The Strikeouts!!!!

CONTEST TIME:  Track The Strikeouts!!!!

Ok Gang, time to run another contest at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

This contest will take us all to the wonderful state of Arizona, where the Diamondbacks will be hosting the Philadelphia Phillies for a 3-game set on April 23, 24, and 25.

The two teams feature some of the best arms in the National League, and I am predicting that there will be a lot of K’s during that set.

So, on to the contest!!!

To be entered into this contest, simply predict the total number of strikeouts that you think will occur during this 3-game series.  The player that comes the closest to the actual number of strikeouts, without going over, will win.  And a number is selected it cannot be used again, so pick wisely.

And now for the prize:  130+ cards from the 2011 Topps baseball set!!!

We’ve got Gold:

We’ve got Silver:

We’ve got commemorative cards:

And we’ve got base:

You want the prize?  Then make your selection!!!

I will take all entries up until 11:59 PM on Saturday night, so make your picks now!!!

Good Luck.

‘unclemoe’ Sends Over Some Great Gifts!!!!

‘unclemoe’ Sends Over Some Great Gifts!!!!

‘unclemoe’ and I have become buddies of sorts.  We both have a fine appreciation for this sport and hobby, and we both admire each other’s blogs.

If you have yet to check out his blog, you are missing out!!!  The task he is trying to complete is certainly the most grand I have ever heard of – collect the full 2008 Topps baseball card set – AUTOGRAPHED!!!  Yes, all 990 cards!!!  And amazingly, he is almost half-way there…  It is truly something to marvel at, I suggest any fan of the hobby check it out:  2008 Topps Blog.

Anyway, he also throws in some non-2008 Topps stuff.  And he recently featured a card that I wanted.  So, I asked for it and he obliged.

The card?  A 2011 Topps Reggie Jackson from the ’60 Years Of Topps’ set.

Here it is:

But, he also threw some other goodies into the mix.

And here they are….

A Kirby Puckett card I needed for my collection from the 1993 Topps Black Gold Set:

A new (new for me, but it is from 1993) Jim Palmer baseball card:

A nice stack of Brooks Robinson cards:

Some great Billy Williams stuff:

And lastly, a Game-USed bat card from the newest enshrined member of the Baseball Hall Of Fame, Mr. Roberto Alomar:

Thank you for the great cards, unclemoe!!  I owe you, big time!!!

4,257 – ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Is The New King!!!

4,257 – ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Is The New King!!!

You’ve all been waiting for it, and the day has finally arrived.

This is post number 4,257, making ’30-YOC’ the all-time king around these parts.

And how are we going to celebrate this moments occasion?

Well, even though it is very, very early on this Monday morning, we are going to pop bottles.  Lots and lots of bottles!!!

Enjoy the start of your week everyone.

Let the countdown to 5,000 begin!!!

Pete Rose Still Wants To Manage In The Big Leagues

Pete Rose Still Wants To Manage In The Big Leagues


Pete Rose questioned why he hasn’t gotten a second chance from Major League Baseball to get back into the game on Saturday, saying he’d still like to manage.

The 70-year-old hits king told an audience that he deserves another chance after acknowledging that he bet on baseball, something he denied for years.

”I’ve taken responsibility for my life,” Rose said. ”Baseball isn’t good for second chances — not for gamblers. They are for people who take drugs. They are for people who beat up their wives. They are for people who drink a lot of alcohol. I screwed up. I wish I could change it.”

The former Cincinnati Reds player and manager was banned for life in 1989 for betting on baseball games, including Reds games. He has petitioned MLB and commissioner Bud Selig has given no indication he’s leaning toward reinstating Rose, who holds baseball’s record with 4,256 hits.

Rose hoped he would be reinstated after he acknowledged in his second autobiography in 2004 that he bet on baseball, something he had vehemently denied until then. Instead, there was a backlash over the book.

Rose reiterated that he’s no longer focused on getting inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

”I want to be a manager, that’s the only role,” said Rose, who turned 70 on April 14. ”But I’m running out of time. I want to teach young players.” 

Rose was the keynote speaker at a gala of the Ohio Justice & Policy Center. He said he has redeemed himself and is waiting for baseball to act.

”It’s a like a singer getting caught running a red light and not being able to sing again,” Rose said. ”That’s not America. I’m a baseball player. I can go on every talk show and say I’m sorry and some people don’t want to hear you. That’s not fair.”

One of the approximately 300 guests in the audience was the federal judge who sentenced him to five months in jail in 1990 for failing to report income from gambling on his taxes.

”I don’t go to many banquets where I sit with the judge that sent me to prison,” Rose said, drawing laughter. ”I’m not bitter at anybody. I made the mistake.”

The Ohio Justice & Policy Center is a nonprofit organization working for reform in Ohio’s criminal justice system. The theme of the gala was making Cincinnati a city of redemption.

Pete Rose & ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

Pete Rose & ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

This post marks #4,192 of the blog.

4,192 is a baseball number that will last for the lifetime of the sport.

So, I am now firmly affixed in second place behind Pete Rose.   Something tells me that if I play my cards right, I will be catching up to ‘Charlie Hustle’ in about 3-4 weeks.

Stay tuned to find out.  And THANK YOU all for the tremendous support!!!

Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

It’s official now.  This is post number 3,772 that I have written for ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

And the baseball related significance of this moment is that I have now passed Hank Aaron and rest in third place behind the two greatest hitters in major league history – Ty Cobb and Pete Rose.

It didn’t take as long as I expected that it would to get here, I guess I got on a bit of a hot streak.

Next up for me is the infamous 4,192.  Based on my history, that milestone should be met sometime during the summer.

But tonight, it is all about celebration.  Tonight, we are popping bottles, Tim Lincecum style!!!

The 2011 Phungo’s Are Here!!!

The 2011 Phungo’s Are Here!!!

Sweet – my first crack at some 2011 baseball cards!!

These cards come courtesy of Paul, author of the blog Phungo.  Along with being a dedicated Phillies fan, Paul is also a card designer and this is the third straight season in which he has sent over some of his custom issues for ’30-YOC’.

So, without further ado, here is my haul from Phungo 2011…


In random order, you are seeing cards of the following current and former players:  Shane Victorino, Derrek Lee, Mickey Morandini, Hanley Ramirez, Robin Roberts(SP), and an Opening Day card from the Phillies and Nationals game.

The cards are sweet – of them can you guess which one is my favorite??

It’s not Hanley…  It’s not former Marlin and Cub Derrek Lee either…  And it’s not Shane Victorino…

My favorite card from this pack is…  Mickey Morandini!!!

Yep, ‘The Mick’.  Why you ask?  Any time I think of or hear the name Mickey Morandini, I get flashbacks of listening to Harry Caray try to pronounce that name – FUN every single time!!

Thanks for the memories Paul.  And the great cards too!!!

Pete, Ty, Hank, and ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!

Pete, Ty, Hank, and ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!

On Monday afternoon, I published the 3,631st article on my beloved blog. 

29 months after the creation of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ I find myself in rare territory.  After passing Stan ‘The Man’ Musial I am firmly perched in 4th place on the all-time list.  And the company that I keep is very rare and extremely talented.

The three guys that are still above me on the ladder?  You may have heard of them – Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, and Pete Rose.  All classy guys in their own regards….

I would like to thank each and every reader that has helped make this little blog into what it has become today.  For me, ’30-YOC’ is a thrill a minute and I continue to be excited to see what is in store for me next.

Oh, and Hank, I mean Henry, I am coming after you next.  I’ll most likely see you  some time in March….