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Santa Delivered Three Baseball Books On Christmas, And One Was Autographed – Come Check It Out!!!

Santa Delivered Three Baseball Books On Christmas, And One Was Autographed – Come Check It Out!!!

I know, I know, I am getting to this a little too late.  I’ve just been busy with the kids, and soccer practice, and life.

But, I got three new baseball books for Christmas, and they have been stacked on my desk ever since as I waited for the right time to show them off and add them to my ‘Required Reading’ page on the blog.

Well, I have the time now – so let’s take a look at the three books that Santa brought me a few weeks ago.

Here we go!!

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched – Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and The Pitching Duel Of The Century

Book 1

Mickey And Willie

Book 2

Becoming Mr. October

Book 3

And the signed one???

How about the Reggie Jackson biography!!!  Have a look:


I have to give a huge ‘Hat-Tip’ to my buddy UncleMoe for this one.  He sent me an email letting me know that Barnes & Noble was selling signed copies of Reggie’s new book for the same price as an unsigned copy.  I knew about the book prior, and it was on my list to check out when my ‘On Deck Circle’ was emptied, but I was not going to pass on a deal like this. So, I forwarded the email to my wife and she must have forwarded it to Santa, because it was under my tree on Christmas Day.  Thanks again, Moe!!!

So, I now have three more books for my collection.  I am a bit behind in my reading, so I am going to have to step it up as each one of these promises that they could be a very fun read.

Stop by and check out my ‘Required Reading’ page.  I’m always willing to offer reviews of the books I’ve read, and am equally looking for ideas of others that have been enjoyed by the ’30-YOC’ audience.


New Books To Add To My ‘On-Deck Circle’!!! YES!!!!

New Books To Add To My ‘On-Deck Circle’!!!  YES!!!!

Well friends, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a $50 gift card to Amazon.com.  I enjoy a lot of the product categories that Amazon has to offer, but none more than the books!

And as an avid readers, I am always on the hunt for the next great read to throw into my personal ‘On-Deck Circle’.

So, I will officially list the titles of my newly acquired books on my ‘Required Reading’ page, but here is a picture of all six books that I recently scooped up:

Happy Reading!!

Three New Books Added To My ‘On Deck Circle’

Three New Books Added To My ‘On Deck Circle’

I would like to thank everyone that has reached out to me with recommendations for new baseball books to read.

I am about half-way through with the Reggie Jackson book that I am reading now so I wanted to be pro-active and purchase a few more so I have something ‘on-deck’ after this one is complete.

Here are the three books that I picked up tonight:

Game Six

The Golden Age Of Baseball

Yogi Berra – Eternal Yankee

Thanks again everyone!  And with all of the suggestions that have come my way, I still have another four or five that I can look forward to reading when these three are done.

New Page On ’30-YOC’ – “Required Reading”

New Page On ’30-YOC’ – “Required Reading”

I like to read.  Almost as much as I enjoy writing.  And it seems like I am not alone.

I have had several conversations via email with readers of this blog that also share in my passion for reading.  And our topic of choice, baseball or course!!!

So, I created a new page on the top of my blog that will be called ‘Required Reading’.  In it, I will feature the books that I have read over the last few years about our favorite sport, and I welcome any and all feedback.

And if you happen to have a suggestion for me to read give me your advice and I’ll throw that book into my ‘on-deck circle’.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

New Source For The ’30-YOC Did You Know’ Series…

New Source For The ’30-YOC Did You Know’ Series…

Amazingly, I have posted 100 baseball related factoids in my ‘Did You Know’ series – all using the same source.  During that stretch, I have learned a ton, re-remembered quite a bit, and fallen deeper in love with baseball and its amazing history.

Thanks to ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’ and its 500+ pages of baseball enjoyment for giving me the idea to share some of the fun tidbits I found in the book.  If you’re in the mood to be entertained with great stories, fun facts, and odd tales, this book is a relative bargain.

And now that I have completed going through the book(4 times with 4 highlighters), I will keep my ‘Did You Know’ series running and begin to share tales from a book I received on Christmas titled ‘Big League Trivia’.  Full of stories, in-depth coverage, and baseball knowledge, this book looks to be another winner as I have already highlighted a handful of stories to share and I have yet to complete chapter 2.

Stay tuned.  ‘Did You Know’ will march onward and upward!!!

New Reading Material #10 – “Sixty Feet, Six Inches”

Possibly the most interesting book of the bunch, ‘Sixty Feet, Six Inches’ was co-authored by two of the most amazing baseball talents this game has ever seen – Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson.

These guys have done it all – Hall of Fame induction, World Series heroics, legendary status, and now writing of books!!!

Gibson and Feller have come together to offer the reader a unique chance to tell how the game was played from their eyes, their very talented eyes at that!! 

The book’s format is unique in that it looks like a 1-on-2 interview between the writer and these 2 Hall of Famers.  With chapters devoted to pitching mechanics, power hitting, and game play, this looks like a surefire winner to me!!!

New Reading Material #9 – “Big League Trivia”

While its facts and stories may be a little outdated since it was printed in 2006, ‘Big League Trivia’ should lend a big hand toward my being able to continue the ‘Did You Know’ series on this blog.

What I find most intriguing about this book is the oddities section….  I’ve always found that having a ton of useless information stored in your brain is a wonderful thing!!


New Reading Material #8 – “You Never Forget Your First”

While the title of this book can be misconstrued to cover several different topics, this book focuses on big league players and their debuts in the major leagues.

Chock full of stories from more than 100 big league players, this book will share their thoughts and feelings as they made their way onto baseball’s biggest stage – the Major leagues.  While some found success quick, some faltered just as fast…

This book has contributions from recent stars like Craig Biggio, Tony Gwynn, Chipper Jones, and Albert Pujols.  I also saw that the table of contents included some of my favorite old-school guys like Jim Palmer and Reggie Jackson.  Based on my first glimpse at the content, this one will be a quick and great read!!!

I also noticed that this book offers the box score from the player’s debut game.  What a great idea!!!

Newe Reading Material #7 – “Together We Were Eleven Foot Nine”

Written by Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer in 1996, this book offers a glimpse into the partnership between star player and manager.

Both Jim Palmer and his baseball manager Earl Weaver had very successful careers.  2 Hall of  Famers, the duo is linked together as they won games, won World Series championships, and fought each other every step of the way.

Before media explosions ruled the sports world, many stories have been left untold.  This one is being told by Palmer and it covers his relationship with his coach for more than the 20 years that their lives were intertwined.

New Reading Material #6 – “Great Baseball Writing”

I sure do hope that the title of this book lives up to its name…

Put together by the team at Sports Illustrated, this book includes the writing of more than 30 of SI’s baseball writers while they covered the sport from 1954-2004.

And while I have let all of my magazine subscriptions expire as the Internet has become my media of choice for sports news and stories, there is no doubt that this book will be an enjoyable read!!!