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Card #300 In My 1975 Topps Set Build Is Reason To Celebrate!!!

Card #300 In My 1975 Topps Set Build Is Reason To Celebrate!!!

Sure, it may not be a landmark percentage of the set, but 300 is a very nice, round number and one that I am excited about reaching.

Card #300 was reached yesterday in my build, and not only was it the 300th card that I have picked up for my 1975 Topps set build, but it was also card #300 from the set – literally, it was the Reggie Jackson card!

And yes, I kind of held onto that one for a few weeks just so I could squeeze it in this way and make it a tad more memorable.

Cheers to #300.


I am ready for the next milestone to come my way.


Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Ultra Team Set

Florida Marlins 2002 Fleer Ultra Team Set

The Fleer Ultra baseball card product has always been a favorite of mine.  The card style features minimal graphics and larger, in-action pictures.  Each card kind of feels like a small photograph due to the border-less style that Ultra has employed since debuting in the early 1990’s.

I recently picked up the 2002 Ultra team set of the Florida Marlins, and like all Ultra products, the cards are sweet.

Have a look:



Just 6 cards deep, this set offers up a ton of various baseball scenes – all packed with action.

Of the six, my favorite is the Mike Lowell card that shows him scooping up a high-hopping ball as he prepares to make a play from third base.

Florida Marlins 1993 Score Team Set, With Palm Trees Swaying!!!

Florida Marlins 1993 Score Team Set

January was the last time that I secured a Florida Marlins team set from their inaugural season of 1993.

Until now, that is…

This is the Marlins 4-card team set from the 1993 Score issue:



As you can see, the set has an obvious palm tree theme to it, perfectly depicting South Florida and its tropical climate.

The background works very well with the coloring of the card’s graphics and the team’s Teal & White colors.

I wish that the set had more cards to offer – 4 cards kind of feels like I’ve been short-changed a bit…

1975 Topps Set Card 282/660 – #425 – Cito Gaston, Braves

1975 Topps Set Card 282/660 – #425 – Cito Gaston, Braves

Progress: 282/660

Card Number: 425

Player Name: Cito Gaston

Team:  Atlanta Braves

Position: Outfield

Image Style: Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues: 11 seasons, 1967, 1969-78

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Cito Gaston played in 63 games for the Atlanta Braves in 1975.  He hit .241 over the course of the year collecting 34 games in 141 at-bats.  Gaston scored 17 runs in those 63 games while also driving in 15.

Notes From Career:  Cito Gaston is a 1-time All-Star that played for 3 major league clubs during his 11-season career.  He is a career .256 hitter with 799 hits in 1,026 games played.  Of his 799 hits, Gaston connected for 106 doubles, 31 triples, and 91 home runs.  He scored 314 runs during his playing days while also driving in 387.


1975 Topps Set Card 280/660 – #263 – Jim Perry, Indians

1975 Topps Set Card 280/660 – #263 – Jim Perry, Indians

Progress: 280/660

Card Number: 263

Player Name: Jim Perry

Team: Cleveland Indians

Position: Pitcher

Image Style: Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues: 17 seasons, 1959-75

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Jim Perry pitched in 15 games for the Oakland Athletics in 1975.  He went 3-4 on the year with 2 complete games and 1 shutout.  In 67 innings of work, Perry compiled and ERA of 4.66 as he allowed 61 hits and 43 runs during that span.  Perry struck out 33 batters and gave up 26 walks as well.

Notes From Career:  Jim Perry is a 3-time All-Star pitcher and winner of the Cy Young Award.  He has a career record of 215-174 in 447 starts.  Perry tossed 109 complete games during his career including 32 shutouts.  He has a career ERA of 3.45 as well as 2 20-win seasons to his credit.


265 Cards Deep, My 1975 Topps Set Is Now 40% Complete!!!

265 Cards Deep, My 1975 Topps Set Is Now 40% Complete!!!

Just taking a quick moment to stand and celebrate the fact that I have now completed 40% of the 1975 Topps baseball card set.

I have officially obtained 265 different cards in the set, giving me an even 40%.





The stack of unused cards on my desk confirms that the growth of my set will continue, and as the days and weeks pass, I will get closer and closer to being at the 50% mark – 330 cards.

But, for now, it is time to celebrate 40% – Hip Hip, Hooray!  Hip Hip, Hooray! Hip Hip, Hooray!

The ride has been a blast thus far.  Let’s keep it going!!

Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Team Set

Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Team Set

I’ve stated it multiple times over the course of the last two months – A&G is boring to me.

But, I will say that the Miami Marlins team set is not as bad – on the whole…

Have a look at the 6-card set:



Sure, 4 of the cards are no surprise with Cisek, Marisnick, Stanton, and Yelich.  Nothing exceptional out of those four cards.

But, the Gary Sheffield card is a great and unexpected addition to the set that I was not expecting.  I am digging the tribute to his Marlins days as a player, and I love that we get another card that features the original Marlins logo and colors.

I also really like the Jose Fernandez horizontal card – the image is neat, it is action-packed, and the background is such a nice change from what the normal A&G product offers.

All in all, I am pleased with the team set.  A&G is still an overall yawn for me, but at least I can take pleasure in owning this team set.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Finest Team Set w/Extra Stanton Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Finest Team Set w/Extra Stanton Card

Once again, my modern dealer at the show really took care of me.  He ripped up enough of the 2014 Topps Finest product to have the full team set of the Miami Marlins in his $0.25 box.

So, you better believe that I grabbed all three cards that make up the complete Marlins team set.  And paying just $0.75 for the complete set was super nice.

Here is the full set:


He happened to also have an extra single card of Giancarlo Stanton in the mix so  I grabbed it for my Stanton collection making it an even dollar spent on the 2014 Topps Finest product.

Here is a larger scan of the Stanton card:


I like it.  And now I am after the colored versions and inserts of #27.

Miami Marlins 2014 Bowman Platinum Team Set

Miami Marlins 2014 Bowman Platinum Team Set

You wanna see a really nicely put together baseball card set?

Look no further than 2014 Bowman Platinum!!!



This set is sharp, and it features great color and action-packed images.  I really like how the players are centered perfectly on each card and the muted background gives the impression of a 3-D effect.

As for the player mix, it is fair – 1 active superstar in Stanton and 1 inactive superstar in Fernandez.  The other 4: Heaney has been demoted to AAA after a unsucessful debut, Marisnick and Moran were traded to Houston in late July, and Nicolino is a high-rated prospect.  The mix is fine, but I am tired of Jake Marisnick cards at this point – he has been in a lot of MLB sets in 2014, too many for my liking, but he is now playing for the Astros.

I need to go back and review my official Marlins checklist to see what other Bowman Platinum team sets I can put together.  If they are anywhere near as nice as these, it will be a worthwhile journey…



Miami Marlins 2014 Panini Prizm Team Set

Miami Marlins 2014 Panini Prizm Team Set

I have scored another 2014 Miami Marlins team set for my collection and I am really happy that I have been able to grab and haul in these sets as they are released so I do not fall behind.

This set is from the 2014 Panini Prizm baseball card set and is just 4 cards deep.

Have a look:




Offering just four cards, I do have to say that I wish the player mix was a bit better…

I’m happy to see Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez in the set as they both deserve to be staples in all modern Marlins product.  But, Justin Rugguiano last played for the Marlins on September 29, 2013 and Brian Flynn has appeared in just 5 major league games to this point.  I would rather have seen Christian Yelich, Marcel Ozuna, Steve Cishek, or Adeiny Hechavarria get the nod over these two (no offense to these two meant).