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Another Baseball Card Shop Bites The Dust…

 While running errands wife my wife and kids yesterday I added ‘stop at card shop’ to our list.  I needed to get some plastic and although Wal-Mart usually has what I need we had no plans of going there while the card shop was close to where we would be. 

Usually they will just stay in the car when I run in.  That is until we saw this…. 


I guess there will be no more running to the card shop, huh?  This is the 3rd card shop that I have seen close down since my return to the hobby less than 1 year ago.  While I am not surprised by this, I am a little saddened by what has happened to our hobby.

Let me say that I am guilty of seeking out bargains.  The Internet has offered us a wonderful marketplace to buy anything we want, and it is almost always at a price that is much better than a brick & mortar shop can offer.  But still, my childhood of collecting included frequent trips to the card store searching for commons needed to complete sets amongst other things.  And the card shop was always the first place to get all of the new releases. 

Ughhh…  I guess this is one part of the hobby that acn fall under the category of ‘Back when I used to collect cards’.

I miss the Good Old Days!!!  I hope card shows aren’t next…

Things Didn’t Go According To Plan…

So, the plan was all laid out for me to attend a baseball card show Sunday afternoon.  A quick trip to the grocery store with the wife and kids in the morning; Then we would split up around Noon and head our separate ways for a few hours.  She was taking the boys X-mas shopping while I would be heading to the card show in Dania Beach.

Then, it happened.  My garage door only went up about 9-12 inches.  Ok, hit the button again and see if it works this time.  NOPE.  Ok, 3rd time is a charm right??  NOPE.  Man, what a pain in the ass this is.  Luckily our cars were outside, but was I just supposed to leave?? 

Two hours and 2 trips to Sears later and I got virtually nowhere…  Then I finally got the damn door to open.  What a relief!!!  By now it was close to 2:30 in the afternoon and our dinner plans were rapidly approaching.  So, I completely missed out on the show.  No cards for me.  No shopping for me.  No afternoon break from the stress of being a homeowner.  Just me and my damn garage door opener…


I will have to wait until next time I guess.  Luckily these card shows are monthly so the wait isn’t terribly long.  I was really hoping that I would be able to scoop up some cards to send out for autographs…  Looks like I’ll be buying something this week on the web…

I’m Going To A Baseball Card Show This Weekend.

This will be my second show since I have jumped back into the hobby.  Since I didn’t really know what to expect from my first show I am doing a little more preparation this time around.

I have been updating my player collection lists and will bring these with me in hopes of buying some cards that I have been unable to find on Ebay at an affordable price.

I am really hoping that the guy from the last show that had 6 tables full of vintage cards is there again as I have found a few Billy Williams cards that I did not know existed that I want to try to purchase them.

I am also curious to see if anyone has any packs from the 1980’s for sale.  I have the urge to rip open a few packs, but don’t want to attempt this with any modern day cards.

Most importantly, I want to look around.  I think that is what I miss most about collecting during the 1980’s.  I don’t have the local baseball card store to spend a few hours in just looking at the new stuff.  Gone are the fifty cent packs of Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and Score cards stacked next to each cash register at the local pharmacy.  I miss actively seeking out cards.  Ebay is a great and powerful tool, but as a collector and someone that admires design and style elements of baseball cards, I want to see them in person up close.  I don’t want to have to rely on a scanned image for each one of my purchases; I want to see the real thing!!!

So that is what I am going to do.  And I’ll be sure to bring my camera along to capture what I can of this show. 

Stay tuned for my review sometime after this weekend!!!

Is the Set Builder Endangered??

With all of the new styles and variations of cards out there today I have to wonder if set building is still a big part of collecting…

Back when I first started collecting cards it was fun to buy packs in hopes of landing more cards that would enable you to complete the set you were working on.  If packs didn’t give you what you needed, you always had a few friends willing to trade cards getting you closer to your goal.  And if that still failed there was the local baseball card store and their ‘box of commons’ that would surely get you to the finish line.

Does that excitement still exist among collectors today or has this gone by the wayside??  Has the thrill of completing a set that took work and effort been replaced by the hope of pulling a 1/1 jersey card?  With all of the new cards in the market toady is it possible to build sets anymore?  Does the old 792 card set from Topps even exist?  What about the 660 count sets from Fleer and Donruss?  Have these been replaced too?  What took over this part of the collecting world?  When did set building drop off of the radar??

The negative about set building was the extra common cards that came along with opening pack after pack searching for what was on your ‘Need List’.  Maybe this has caused the set builder to stray.  Too many extra cards that nobody wants is not a good thing.  Maybe it was getting to hard to find people or stores that had the cards needed to complete the sets. 

Who knows?  But, 1 thing I know for sure is that I do have the urge to build a set again.  I won’t do it now, but I will do it.  And like most of my hobby focus, I will probably build a set from the 1980’s.  I think it would be a great experience for my son to enjoy along with me.  Hell, it teaches some life lessons too – cherish what you own, keep things neat and organized, etc…

I Stopped By A Card Shop Tonight and…

For the first time in 15 years, I went into a baseball card shop.  Actually, the neon sign on the window said ‘Card Shop’ but I was more than surprised by what I found inside…

The parking lot was pretty empty but the store was packed.  It was a little after 4PM and the store was full of young teenage boys gathered around table after table playing with these Japanese Anime cards.  I would estimate that 80% of the merchandise inside was of this same kind of product.   The remainder was supplies and a small assortment of baseball cards. 

Is this a true reflection of what my beloved pastime has transitioned to?  I am all for kids using their imagination, but part of the fun of sports and sports card collecting is trying to emulate what your faorite players do on the field.

Anyway, I went to the store for 2 things.  (1)Storage and (2)to see what kinds of cards they had from the 80’s.  All of my previous purchases have been through Ebay to this point so I was eager to see what they had.  The display cases were nice and certainly contained cards that would be recognizable to most collectors.  But, I was not overwhelmed with the selection and will probably use Ebay as my primary source for cards in the future. 

I spent a total of $3.75 on 9 cards.  I’m not going to keep them in business with my purchase, but it doesn’t really seem like they are interested in making money selling baseball cards either.  Here’s what I picked up:

More on why I selected these cards later…  stay tuned for that post!

At the register, they had some Marlins cards and that’s when I saw this Cameron Maybin card so I picked it up too.