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Million Dollar Question – Who Would Get More Boo’s At Their Home Field: Barry Bonds OR Max Scherzer???

Million Dollar Question – Who Would Get More Boo’s At Their Home Field: Barry Bonds OR Max Scherzer???

Tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ stems from a conversation I recently had through email with ’30-YOC’ reader Matt.

The premise of the conversation was my questioning if Detroit Tigers fans would be unhappy with Max Scherzer for not agreeing to a contract extension with the club.  Would they boo the reigning AL CY Young Award winner in their home field to show them their unhappiness for his decision?

Does the casual baseball fan have more of an opinion to voice when it comes to players rejecting million dollar contracts or are they more willing to voice their displeasure towards a player that has been suspected of using PEDs to help themselves and their team on the field?

That is tonight’s question –  Who Would Get More Boo’s At Their Home Field: Barry Bonds OR Max Scherzer???

I firmly believe that Max Scherzer will be booed at his home field.  And I think that it would be quite a bit more vocal than when Barry Bonds approached the plate in San Francisco.  Ultimately, it is hard to compare a pitcher to a hitter in this argument, simply due to the fact that the batter is announced as he makes his way to the plate while I pitcher can casually approach the mound with little fan-fare.

Still, I think that the causal fan has a larger disliking for the guy that rejects a 6-year, $144 million dollar contract than they do for the guy that is mashing 500-foot home runs into the ocean.  One guy gives you the ‘Who does this guy think he is’ stance while the other makes you leap out of your seat and say ‘Holy S%#t’.

Anyone can relate to what that kind of money represents and how very few people have an opportunity to earn that kind of cash – let alone while doing so playing a game.  On the flipside, I don’t think that the casual fan is as interested in preserving the feats of Roger Maris, Babe Ruth, and Hank Aaron.

So, my vote is Max Scherzer.  Detroit Tigers fans are passionate and when you mix in the value of the deal he rejected, I believe it will not be taken lightly by the 45,000 that fill the seats at Comerica Park.

Make your pick – Barry Bonds OR Max Scherzer.  Pick now!!

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Hall Of Fame Debate: Looking Ahead To The Possible Class Of 2015

Hall Of Fame Debate: Looking Ahead To The Possible Class Of 2015

Ok, so now we know what players made the cut with the ‘Class of 2014’ and which ones will have to wait at least one more year to see if they earn election in 2015.

And we also know the players that will be eligible for the first time in 2015.

They are:  Rich Aurilia, Aaron Boone, Paul Byrd, Tony Clark, Carlos Delgado, David Dellucci, Jermaine Dye, Alan Embree, Darin Erstad, Kelvim Escobar, Cliff Floyd, Nomar Garciaparra, Brian Giles, Tom Gordon, Eddie Guardado, Randy Johnson, Mark Loretta, Pedro Martinez, Ramon Martinez, Doug Mientkiewicz, Kevin Millar, Troy Percival, B.J. Ryan, Jason Schmidt, Gary Sheffield, John Smoltz, Julian Tavarez, Jarrod Washburn, David Weathers

The list is interesting to say the least.  It is packed with All-stars, memory makers, and World Series champions.

But, is it packed with future Hall of Famers as well??

Well, at first glance, there are a few names that stand out for me – and probably you as well.  The names of Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz stand out among the pitchers on the list.  And while there is no ‘top-tier’ offensive player on the ballot for the first time in 2015, the name of Gary Sheffield should make you at least pause for a few minutes.

To be honest, of the four guys mentioned above, not one of them can hold a candle to the single at-bat that Aaron Boone had in the World Series a few years ago.  But, when looking at the full careers, both regular and post season, this ballot is stacked at the top and then there is a major drop-off.

There is no Mike Piazza on this list.  Or Mike Mussina.  Or Jeff Kent.

So, what do you think – Four contenders and a bunch of pretenders or am I missing something??


Hall Of Fame Debate: Will There Ever Be A Unanimous Election??

Hall Of Fame Debate: Will There Ever Be A Unanimous Election??

Johnny Bench did not do it…

Nolan Ryan did not do it…

Rickey Henderson did not do it…

And most recently, Greg Maddux did not do it.

Will it ever happen?  This is certainly a good topic for debate.  And timely too!

Ultimately, I think that there are just way too many voters in the Hall of Fame election process for all of them to agree to a 100% vote for any single player.  Will players get close?  Sure.  But, 100% of the vote is going to be very, very tough – especially when the voters seem to have such differing views as to what amounts to a Hall of Fame player.

At times over their careers, it seemed like guys like Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr, and Albert Pujols were all lined up to amass incredible numbers when their time for election was due.  But, things change.  And they change rapidly.  Injuries, change of scenery, rapid drop-off in production, etc. all lead to someone taking a vote or votes away.

Personally, I don’t believe that it will ever happen.

But, of all of the future eligible players, I think that the player with the best opportunity to get close to 100% is Mariano Rivera.  Numbers-wise, he is heads and shoulders above all relief pitchers.  Plus, he did it in the biggest media city in the US.  And he did a majority of it in pressure situations.  The biggest knock against him is that he ‘is just a closer’.  And that horrible phrase may be enough to keep a few votes out of his pocket too…

What do you think?  Will we ever see a player earn 100% of the votes cast for Hall of Fame induction?  Does that player exist today?

Let me hear it!!!

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