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1976 HEADLINE: Hank Aaron’s Legendary Career Comes To An End

1976 HEADLINE:  Hank Aaron’s Legendary Career Comes To An End

On this day in 1976, Hank Aaron played in his final game as a major league baseball player.

On the last day of the 1976 baseball season, Aaron and his Brewers teammates were at home in Milwaukee taking on the Detroit Tigers.  Sadly, there were less than 7,000 fans in the stands to see Aaron make his final appearance in the big leagues.

Aaron was hitless in the game until the 6th inning when he hit a single off of Tigers’ pitcher Dave Roberts.

That at-bat would be the final one of his career.  It was hit 3,771 of Hank’s amazing career!!

1954 HEADLINE: Henry Aaron Hits First Big League Homer!!

1954 HEADLINE: Henry Aaron Hits First Big League Homer!!

On this day in 1954, Henry ‘Hank’ Aaron crushed the first home run of his major league career.

On the road, and playing against the St. Louis Cardinals, Hank Aaron and the Milwaukee Braves battled the Cards in a 4-hour marathon. In total, the game consisted of 25 hits and 12 runs.

And for Aaron, this game was where his historic start as one of the game’s greatest power hitters took off. In the top of the 6th inning, Aaron belted a solo homer off of Cardinals’ pitcher Vic Raschi. On the day, Aaron went 3-for-7, while collecting 2 RBI, scoring 2 runs, and connecting for his first home run as a major league player.

And as they say, the rest was history…

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Aaron!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Will ‘The 500 Home Run Club’ Ever Guarantee Enshrinement Into Cooperstown Again?

Hall Of Fame Debate: Will ‘The 500 Home Run Club’  Ever Guarantee Enshrinement Into Cooperstown Again?

For a good stretch of baseball’s grand history, ‘The 500 Home Runs Club’ was full of elite and immortal players that defined the role of run producer and slugger.  Sure, some of the players were quite a bit more than that, but all of them were responsible for driving in a tremendous amount of runs via the long ball.

Then, the steroid era hit.  And pretty soon, new members of the once-elite club were springing up all over the place.  And quite often.  The one-time uber-elite group was getting cloudy and crowded.  All of a sudden, ‘The 500 HR Club’ began to look a little different.  And being in the club did not hold the same level of esteem as it once did.

Today, with the game ‘cleaned up’, can that perception change?  Will the ‘500 Home Runs Club’ once again define offensive greatness?

There are only three eligible members of the ‘500 HR Club’ that have not been inducted into Cooperstown.  And they have all been linked to steroids – Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Rafael Palmeiro.  We also have two future possible electees that have been linked to steroids and climbed past 500 home runs – Gary Sheffield and Manny Ramirez.  I am purposely keeping Alex Rodriguez’s name out of the conversation as he is still considered to be ‘active’.

But, after that, are we in the clear?

Frank Thomas’ 2014 Hall of Fame election certainly helps.  And the future election of Ken Griffey, Jr. adds some serious weight to the ‘Club’ again.  And while I may not be his biggest supporter, Jim Thome’s 600+ home runs is certainly going to add some gusto to the club as well when he gets electecd into the Hall of Fame.

3-Time MVP, Albert Pujols is on his way.  Adam Dunn is going to get there.  World Series MVP, David Ortiz has a solid chance too.

So, my question tonight is this – Can the ‘500 Home Runs Club’ once again be what it once was???

500 home run club

Hank Aaron 2001 Topps Opening Day – “Golden Moments”

Hank Aaron 2001 Topps Opening Day – “Golden Moments”

One of my favorite baseball cards themes is the celebration of a player or team achievement.

No card captures the sheer excitement of a baseball memory better.

A perfect example of a card achieving this kind of emotional reaction is this one from the 2001 Topps Opening Day set that honors Hank Aaron topping Babe Ruth on the all-time home runs list.

Take a look:



Simply magical!!

And I love the Silver additions to the card – just a little more shine to make the card pop!

A great addition to my Hank Aaron collection.

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades – ‘Decade Datelines’

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades – ‘Decade Datelines’

You may expect that I have a lot of cards from this set – and you’re right!!  After all, it features players that starred from my favorite baseball era.

I like the look of the cards.  I like the fonts and colors used throughout the set.

And, of course, I love when the players I cherish most are celebrated on cardboard.

This is the Hank Aaron card from the 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades ‘Decade Datelines’ set:



I like everything about it, especially that uniform that Mr. Aaron is wearing.  But, the image is just too zoomed in and blurry.  And while I could probably deal with the closely-cropped shot, it is the out-of-focus, and fuzzy, look of the picture that really fails.

Sadly, I have finally encountered a card from this set that I do not like.  Too bad is of one of my favorite baseball heroes…

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Oh Henry!!

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Oh Henry!!

Hammerin’ Hank was featured on quite a few cards in the subsets that Topps issued in 2012.

In the ‘Golden Greats’ set alone, he was featured five times.  Yes, FIVE!!!

This card, tagged as ‘Oh Henry’, celebrates Aaron’s game winning hit in the 11th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals.  The hit came on August 17, 1957 and sealed the victory for a young Aaron and the Braves.


Hank Aaron 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Hank Aaron 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

I am still shipping away at singles from the 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter set for my player collections.  And while I am seeking some of the more rare cards from the set like the ‘Black-bordered mini’ and the ‘No-number mini’, I still need a few base cards too.

Like this one of Hank Aaron.



I like the card, but it is a but bland.  Maybe including the bat in the shot would be enough to change it a bit?  I will say that the Braves uniform that Aaron is wearing for this shot is one of my favorites –  I love that cap!!!

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Aaron Caps Comeback

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Aaron Caps Comeback

Here is another one of the many cards of Hank Aaron from the 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ set.

Check it out:



This card celebrates an extra innings walk-off RBI by Hank Aaron on July 14, 1956 against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The game was tied at 2-2 when Aaron connected for an RBI-single in the bottom of the tenth inning to secure victory for the Braves.

Atta Boy Henry!!!

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection – Hall Of Famers – 1982

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection – Hall Of Famers – 1982

I love the theme of this card as it celebrates the induction year of the player’s Hall of Fame career.

But the result of that thought was just not executed very well.  The card is boring, it lacks color, and the image selection is not good either.

This is the Hank Aaron card from the set:



Upper Deck got this one all wrong.  Hank Aaron deserves more.  Hank Aaron fans deserve more.  And card collectors deserve more.

You know my collecting style.  I like cards that commemorate special baseball events.  And you also know that batting cage cards are cards that I seek out.  But this one here is simply horrible…


Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Gold Standard’ – 700 Home Runs

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Gold Standard’ – 700 Home Runs

This card is from the 2012 Topps ‘Gold Standard’ subset.  It features Hank Aaron and it celebrates that Aaron is a part of the ‘700 Home Run Club’.

Have a look:



There is a lot to like about this baseball card.  I have always been a fan of this subset, and I really like the Gold seal that Topps developed for it.

Of course I love the vintage Braves uniform that Aaron is sporting in the image used for this card.

What I really like, though, is that only three players in major league history can have the same card with the same theme made of them, one of which is Mr. Aaron.

Any time that Aaron can be called out as elite, I will be all over it.  I believe that this card gets the job done!

A great addition to my Hank Aaron player collection – YES!!!