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Did You Know…

Tim Lincecum is the only pitcher in major league history to win the Cy Young Award during his first two full seasons as a pitcher in the major leagues.


Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Today we celebrate Mickey Mantle’s birthday.

And while I am way too young too pass around first-hand stories about watching ‘The Mick’  roam around center field for the New York Yankees, I do have the next best thing.  You see, my dad is from the Bronx and spent much of his youth with his older brother in and around Yankee Stadium.  Back when baseball was the sport of choice for America’s youth, my dad and uncle and thousands of other kids around the New York area worshiped Mickey Mantle.

The stories that have been shared with me are priceless.  Sneaking into the stadium or ditching classes early to catch playoff games on the radio.  And the players that they got to see and follow are as historic as they get, with Mickey Mantle leading the way!!!

So on this day, the entire ’30-YOC’ family wishes Mr. Mickey Mantle a Happy Birthday!!!

Did You Know…

The Opening Day starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks in their inaugural baseball games as a major league franchise was Andy Benes.

Andy Benes

1983 HEADLINE: Murray’s Impressive Game Seals The Deal On 1983 World Series

1983 HEADLINE: Murray’s Impressive Game Seals The Deal On 1983 World Series

On this day in 1983, Eddie Murray sealed the Baltimore Orioles World Series championship dream with a very impressive outing.

In Game 5 of the match-up, Murray and his Orioles entered the game with a 3-1 lead over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Murray proceeded to go 3-for-4 on the night while scoring 2 runs, driving in 3, and crushing 2 monster home runs.  It was his offense that was the difference, as the O’s blanked the Phillies 5-0 en route to their World Series title.

A classic performance by one of the game’s greatest hitters!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Murray!!!

Did You Know…

Bill Buckner was the first left-handed Chicago Cubs hitter to lead the league in doubles at the conclusion of a baseball season.  In 1981, Buckner led the NL with 35 doubles.

bill buckner

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

I’m not sure how many magazine covers Eddie Murray has been on over the course of his major league career, but this is a neat theme to take to the baseball card world – even if he is sporting an Angels uniform…

Have a look:



This card is from the 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice set and is part of the subset tagged as ‘Cover Glory’.  The magazine cover theme is really neat, though I do wish that they filled in the empty space a bit better with some more sub-headlines.  But other than that, this card is a winner.

Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Oh yeah, another great 1980’s oddball card for my blossoming Eddie Murray player collection.

Eddie was a huge star for the Orioles during the decade of the 80’s and he was often chosen in many limited edition and limited print sets.

The benefit of that?

Great, extra, cards for your collection that extend well beyond the flagship issues that were pumped out.

This is Murray’s card from the 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters baseball card set:



The set consists of just 44 card, with Murray’s card being number 21.  Cards were inserted into specially marked boxes of Drake’s snack cakes.

I know that I had my share of these as a kid in 1985.  I liked the cakes, but I loved the cards!!!