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Did You Know…

The only hitter in Milwaukee Brewers franchise history to walk more than 100 times in a single season is Prince Fielder.  And he had accomplished that feat three times:  110 walks in 2009, 114 in 2010, and 107 in 2011.

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Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Lot Of 3 Prince Fielder Rookie Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Lot Of 3 Prince Fielder Rookie Cards

One of my favorite dealers brought his dollar boxes to this show this time.  He offers everything contained within at half-price, and I probably spent more time sifting through these boxes than I did at any other dealer set-up.

I pulled some pretty solid stuff, and I will show it off throughout the day for you.

In the mix, I pulled three Prince Fielder rookie cards.  I had not been seeking them out specifically, but I was not going to pass them up either.

Have a look:


Personally, I find Fielder to be one of the most fun guys to cheer for in baseball.  His obvious joy of playing the game meshed with supreme talent has resulted in making Prince a superstar and a ’30-YOC Favorite’.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Possibly The Coolest Batting Cage Card EVER!!! Courtesy Of Prince Fielder & Bowman

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Possibly The Coolest Batting Cage Card EVER!!!  Courtesy Of Prince Fielder & Bowman

This card comes from the 2009 Bowman baseball card set.  And as soon as I saw it, I stopped in my tracks!!

Have a look:


Rescued from a $0.10 bargain box, this card features easily the most unique ‘Batting Cage Card’ that I have ever seen.

There was no way that I was not going to buy the card.  And now I have a challenge ahead of me to seek out a better one – and that may be very, very tough to do.

Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder Regains Title As Major League Baseball’s Iron Man


Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder Regains Title As Major League Baseball’s Iron Man

By James Schmel

CHICAGO — It took some time, but Prince Fielder finally regained his title as Major League Baseball’s Iron Man.

Fielder officially became the league’s active leader in consecutive games played after Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp’s streak was snapped at 399 on Monday.

Fielder, who hasn’t missed a game since Sept. 14, 2010, enters Thursday’s series opener against Minnesota having played in 217 straight games.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Matt because he’s a good friend, but, yeah, it’s important to me,” he said.

It’s the second time in Fielder’s eight-year career that he has carried the consecutive games-played streak. And, this time, he plans to keep it for a while.

“I take pride it,” he said. “It’s not really a milestone that I’m trying to reach, but I just feel like I should be in the lineup every day because that’s my job.

“That’s what I get paid to do.”

Fielder previously owned the consecutive games-play streak when he went 327 straight games with Milwaukee between Sept. 4, 2008 and Sept. 13, 2010.

The streak came to an end after he was struck with flu-like symptoms, which he contracted from his two sons. He remembered being hooked up to IV drip prior to the game in a last-ditch effort to play, but said the virus was too tough to kick.

“My kids are the ones that got me sick,” he said. “My wife called me and told me they were ill, and I just said, ‘Oh, man — this is how it ends?’”

If Fielder were to have appeared in the game on Sept. 13, 2010, his consecutive games-played streak would currently be at 543 straight games.

Hall of Famer Cal Ripken owns the record after playing in 2,632 consecutive games during a 14-year span.

“Not to take anything away from first basemen, but I think it’s not as difficult to play every day because there’s not as much action,” Fielder said. “What Matt did was impressive.”

Fielder is being trailed by Cincinnati’s Joey Votto (161), Boston’s Dustin Pedroia (135) and Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki (135).