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Here Is 2014’s Team-By-Team Major League Baseball Salary Summary

Here Is 2014’s Team-By-Team Major League Baseball Salary Summary

From Deadspin.com

With opening day just days away, it’s time to look at the payrolls and salary breakdowns for every MLB team. There are familiar faces near the top and bottom of the list, but a new franchise claims the spending crown for the first time in 15 years.

The Associated Press has compiled these numbers based on publicly and privately reported salaries, prorated bonuses, and deferred money. Cash transactions and buyouts are reflected in the team payroll figures, so they will differ from the sum of players’ salaries listed at bottom.. These numbers are not exact, because precise contracts are closely guarded secrets. But this is as good as we’re going to get.

For the first time since 1998, the Yankees no longer top baseball. That honor goes to the Dodgers in a runaway—with an estimated payroll of more than $235 million, the Dodgers project to spend more this year than any franchise ever as. In all, 16 teams are expected to break the $100-millon mark—also a record. The average MLB player’s salary projects to somewhere just shy of $4 million.

Bringing up the rear are the Astros, with a projected $44.5 million. But penury is not necessarily an indicator of failure. Four teams in this year’s bottom six—Oakland, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay—made the playoffs last year. Only three teams in the top six did.

Below are the team payroll figures. Individual player salaries can be found in the comments by following these links.

1. LA Dodgers $235,295,219
2. NY Yankees $203,812,506
3. Philadelphia Phillies $180,052,723
4. Boston Red Sox $162,817,411
5. Detroit Tigers $162,228,527
6. LA Angels $155,692,000
7. San Francisco Giants $154,185,878
8. Texas Rangers $136,036,172
9. Washington Nationals $134,704,437
10. Toronto Blue Jays $132,628,700
11. Arizona Diamondbacks $112,688,666
12. Cincinnati Reds $112,390,772
13. St. Louis Cardinals $111,020,360
14. Atlanta Braves $110,897,341
15. Baltimore Orioles $107,406,623
16. Milwaukee Brewers $103,844,806
17. Colorado Rockies $95,832,071
18. Seattle Mariners $92,081,943
19. Kansas City Royals $92,034,345
20. Chicago White Sox $91,159,254
21. San Diego Padres $90,094,196
22. NY Mets $89,051,758
23. Chicago Cubs $89,007,857
24. Minnesota Twins $85,776,500
25. Oakland A’s $83,401,400
26. Cleveland Indians $82,534,800
27. Pittsburgh Pirates $78,111,667
28. Tampa Bay Rays $77,062,891
29. Miami Marlins $47,565,400
30. Houston Astros $44,544,174

Did You Know…

In 1970, the minimum salary in major league baseball was $12,000.  In 2009, the minimum had reached $400,000.

I don’t know about you, but I would happily play for the minimum today and you would not find a more proud guy doing so.

Did You Know…

The first major league player to be paid $100,000 was Hank Greenberg in 1947.  The first to be paid $10 million was Albert Belle in 1997.



**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – What a difference 50 years makes, huh?  If anyone wants to make me an offer to play for $100,000 I am accepting all offers…  🙂