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Come Check Out My Recently Completed 2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset!!!

Come Check Out My Recently Completed 2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset!!!

Yep, another subset has been completed.  This one is the 2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ set.

The 20-card set offers a nice mixture of both current players and legends.  And the design allows for a nice, large image to be the main attraction.

Here is the full set:

img432 img433 img435 img436 img437

Ultimately, I will always get behind a set like this.  I like subsets that celebrate baseball’s great history, player achievements, and heroic play.

But, this set offers up enough ‘duds’ to leave me slightly scratching my head.  And there are also some notable omissions from the set.  And while, I know that not every set can be a complete picture of the theme, especially when dealing with a budgeted number of cards to play with, I think that this set could have been built better with these changes:

Swap Joe Carter for David Wright
Swap Andy Pettitte for Justin Verlander
Swap Greg Maddux for Edgar Renteria
Swap Miguel Cabrera for Kirk Gibson

There, there you go – a few more historic players entered and a few that have yet to truly leave their mark on the postseason omitted.

‘Postseason Heroes’ – I love the idea, and the design is grand.  I just wish that it included a few more heroes and a few less zeroes…

If Topps Decided To Bring Back Their ‘Super Veterans’ Subset In 2013 For the 30th Anniversary, Who Should Be On The Checklist??

If Topps Decided To Bring Back Their ‘Super Veterans’ Subset In 2013 For the 30th Anniversary, Who Should Be On The Checklist??

The Super Veterans set that was part of the 1983 Topps baseball card set is my favorite in-set subset of all-time.

It was the first subset that I built when returning to the hobby a few years ago, and I think that it can hold up when compared to any/all in-set subsets issued during the 1980’s.

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the ‘Super Veterans’ set and nothing would make this collector happier than to see Topps pay homage to their roots and give us another version of the same set.  Maybe in their base set?  Maybe in Archives?  Either way, I would love to see it done.

Now, that opens up the question of who belongs in the set.

So, I thought it would be fun to try to build a checklist with the great readers of this blog.

To keep it open to as many opinions as possible, but to limit the number of cards in the set, let’s say for argument’s sake that the set is to contain 20 players.

Sound good to you??

Great!!  I’ll start the checklist by adding two players: Jim Thome and Mariano Rivera.

Who else should be added?  Let me hear it!!

And just in case you need a little inspiration, here is a look at the first subset that I completed when I got back into the hobby:

1987 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock’ – Card #5 – Maury Wills

1987 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock’ – Card #5 – Maury Wills

‘Twenty Five Years Ago’

Topps’ 1987 baseball card set was a celebration of their very popular release from 25 years prior – the 1962 Topps set.  Keeping with the theme of a wood-grain border, the ’87 set was a bit brighter and lighter than it’s older brother, but the feeling of nostalgia is certainly there.

Here is the card from the ‘Turn Back The Clock’ set that features Dodgers legend, Mr. Maury Wills.

Some of my favorite highlights from the 1962 baseball season:

  1. Tommy Davis leading the league in batting average, hits, and RBI
  2. Sandy Koufax’s 18 strikeouts in a 9-inning game
  3. Jackie Robinson’s election into the Baseball Hall of Fame

My 1988 Fleer ‘Superstar Specials’ Subset Is Complete!!!

My 1988 Fleer ‘Superstar Specials’ Subset Is Complete!!!

Finally, after showing this set off to you for the last few months, I am done!!

The set was fun to put together, and it also reminded me of how some players in a breakout season can be paired with the sport’s greatest stars on any particular night.

Anyways, enough small talk – Time to show off the completed set!!!

And there it is!!

And just in case you were worried, I have already selected my next subset to build – and I will drop a hint or two next Monday.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!

New Subset To Collect…

New Subset To Collect…

Yessir – the time has come.  Time for ’30-YOC’ to piece together another fun subset from the 1980’s.

And to mix it up a little this time, I am not going to just come out and tell you which one it is.

But, being a giving person, I will give you a hint that should absolutely steer you in the right direction.

And here it is:

Starting next week, I will build this set for you to enjoy – 1 card at a time!!