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Celebrity First Pitch – Shaquille O’Neal

I love Shaq!!!  He is a larger-than-life man with a personality to match!!!

This video is from a Cardinals game earlier in the week, and I have to say that it’s fun to watch Shaq and Albert Pujols genuinely enjoying this moment together.  Here we have the biggest star in baseball with the biggest star, literally and figuratively, the sporting world has ever seen.  And they’re having fun!!!

Instant Classic!!!

Celebrity First Pitch – Caron Butler

Former Miami Heat player and current Washington Wizards All-star Caron Butler takes his shot at the ceremonial first pitch prior to the start of a Washington Nationals home game.

Of all of the players that have been traded by the Heat in the last 10 years, Butler is the guy I wish they had not let go…  He has become a very well-rounded and dynamic player and if put in the proper system he should be able to elevate his status to elite!!