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’30-Year Old Cardboard’ & New York Yankees Legend, Bernie Williams!!!

’30-Year Old Cardboard’ & New York Yankees Legend, Bernie Williams!!!

It is not often that I get to take advantage of an in-person autograph experience.

So, when the casino that is perfectly located between my workplace and home announced that Yankees legend Bernie Williams was going to be on hand for a meet and greet prior to Game 1 of the World Series, I jumped at the chance to meet him and score an autograph.

The casino has a Yankee-themed steakhouse inside and they have hosted Reggie Jackson and Wade Boggs there earlier this year.  They do not allow outside merchandise to be signed, but they do provide a pretty nice promotional 8×10 photo.  They also accommodate opportunities for a ‘pic with’.

I arrived at 5:40 and there were only 1+/-15 people in line when I got there.  By the time Bernie arrived, the line was 100 people deep.  He arrived at 6:30, and I was in my car on the way home by 6:50.

Here is the 8×10 that I got signed:

And here is a picture of me and the 4-time World Series champion:

Not a bad way to start the evening!!!
Thank you Bernie.  And thank you NYY Steak!!!

My First Time – Bernie Williams – July 7, 1991

My First Time – Bernie Williams – July 7, 1991

The Setting – Yankee Stadium.  Bronx, NY.

From Williams – ‘I drove in one run on a sac fly and another on an infield hit.  They gave me the ball right after the hit but right after that they got the final out and we lost’.

The Boxscore – Orioles 5, Yankees 3.  Williams goes 1-for-3 with 2 RBI.


’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time!!!

As the result of a recent Eddie Murray post that was published on this blog less than two weeks ago, and at the request of ’30-YOC’ loyal redear Matt, I am happy to present to you my ‘Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time’.

And while I don’t profess to be an expert on the subject of switch-hitting, a fair number of the guys that have cracked the ‘Top Ten’ have played during my generation.

And of the men that made this final cut, only one of them is active with a chance at still making moves to a higher spot on the list.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Honorable Mention – Chili Davis, Carlos Beltran, Willie McGee, Ruben Sierra, and Bobby Bonilla.

10 – Ted Simmons.  Lifetime .285 hitter with 2,472 hits, 483 doubles, and 248 home runs.

9 – Lance Berkman (active).  Lifetime .296 hitter with 1,822 hits, 405 doubles, and 358 home runs.

8 – Bernie Williams.  Lifetime .297 hitter with 2,336 hits, 449 doubles, and 287 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger award and 1 batting title.

7 – Tim Raines.  Lifetime .294 hitter with 2,605 hits, 430 doubles, and 170 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger and 1 Batting title.

6 – Frankie Frisch.    Lifetime .316 hitter with 2,880 hits, 466 doubles, and 105 home runs.

5 – Roberto Alomar.  Lifetime .300 hitter with 2,724 hits, 504 doubles, and 210 home runs.  4 Silver Slugger awards.

4 – Chipper Jones.  Lifetime .304 hitter with 2,615 hits, 526 doubles, and 454 home runs.  2 Silver Slugger awards and 1 batting title.

3 – Eddie Murray.  Lifetime .287 hitter with 3,255 hits, 560 doubles, and 504 home runs.  3 Silver Slugger awards.

2 – Mickey Mantle.  Lifetime .298 hitter with 2,415 hits, 344 doubles, and 536 home runs.  1 Batting title.

1 – Pete Rose.  Lifetime .303 hitter with 4,256 hits, 746 doubles, and 160 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger award and 3 Batting titles.

And there you have it.  Obviously with Chipper Jones sitting in the 4th spot on this list, he has the chance of still moving up.  Personally, I don’t think that he will as some of the major milestones ahead of him seem to be too far out of reach as he heads into what may be his final season in the majors.

But, what about the rest of my list?  Anyone in the wrong spot?  Did I miss anyone that you would have included?

Let me hear it.  And as always, ‘Thanks’ for reading!!!

Did You Know…

Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada are the only teammates to homer from each side of the plate in the same game.  Williams homered from the left side against Frank Castillo in the first inning, Posada did the same in the second, and then they each homered from the right side off Clayton Andrews in the fourth during the Yank’s 10-7 win at Toronto on April 23, 2000.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – 2 of my favorite, and 2 of the classiest, Yankees of the modern era!!

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #52

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #52

1972 Topps – Card #761 – AKA – ‘The Ron Cey Rookie Card’

Ben Oglivie – A 16-year veteran that was a solid contributor for the Red Sox, Tigers, and Brewers, Ben Oglivie had a nice career as a big league player.  An outfielder that could play either in left or right, Oglivie solidified his role with his solid all-around play.  Oglivie was a 3-time All-star.  In his best season, 1980, he finished in 13th place for the MVP Award with his .304 batting average, 41 home runs, and 118 RBI.

Ron Cey – The ‘Penguin’ was as solid as they come during the 1970’s and into the 80’s.  The anchor of the Dodgers star-studded line-up, Ron Cey did it all.  A 6-time All-star, Cey finished his career with 1,868 hits, 316 home runs, and 1,139 RBI.  He played in 4 World Series match-ups with the Dodgers, winning just one title in 1981.  During the ’81 championship, Cey was named World Series MVP with his .350 batting average alongside 7 hits, 6 RBI, 3 runs scored, and 1 home run.  

Bernie Williams – Williams played for 4 seasons in the majors.  During that time he appeared in 102 games for the Giants and Padres.   A utility outfielder, Williams spent time playing all three spots.  Williams compiled a .192 batting average during his career while collecting 33 hits, scoring 23 runs, smacking 4 home runs, and striking out 53 times.

14 More Autograph TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

Another round of letters are going into the mail tomorrow.  I just sealed these up and am ready to get them into the postal stream. 

My mailbox has been quite active lately and I am hoping my luck continues as I try a few of my older, sentimental players as well as a few more current guys.

Here are the guys I am sending to now:  Jim Lonborg, Bernie Williams, Al Downing, Don Baylor, Claudell Washington, Charlie Hough, Rick Reuschel, Glenn Beckert, Mike Mussina, Brett Butler, Marquis Grissom, Mike Cameron, Eric Davis, and Ozzie Guillen.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as, good or bad, as these start to make their way back home to me.

Wish me luck… 



Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – A Few Yankees Greats!!

 2 more guys I want to try to get autographs of – Bernie Williams & Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

When I think of the Yankees of the last 20 years, Bernie Williams is front and center.  Countless World Series moments of the Yankees include this terrific player.  And ‘Goose’ wasn’t too shabby either, was he???


If You Were To Name A New ‘Mr. October’ Who Would It Be??

No disrespect meant towards Reggie Jackson.  I am a big fan of his and feel that I have done a good job in honoring him this month in my posts.

But, he was tagged as ‘Mr. October’ way back in 1977.  So, I am sure that there are other players that played after him in the World Series that have excelled on baseball’s biggest stage too.  Have they surpassed what he accomplished back in 1977?  Maybe not.  But if you had to choose 1 player since Reggie’s incredible performance in the 1977 World Series to be tagged as the ‘New Mr. October’ who would you choose???

Let the games begin…

There are so many candidates to choose from: Orel Hershiser, Joe Carter, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Kirk Gibson, Kent Hrbek, and the list goes on and on….

My choice is:  Bernie Williams.  In 121 post season games, Williams has accumulated some very impressive stats.  A .275 batting average with 128 hits.  With 485 at-bats he has hit 22 home runs and driven in 80 runs while striking out just 85 times.

So if I were to choose a new ‘Mr. October’ my guy would remain with the same team as Reggie, but he starred with the New York Yankees 20 years later.

Happy Birthday Bernie Williams!!!

Happy 40th Birthday to a true New York Yankee legend!!!

Bernie Williams never won an MVP award, he was never the highest paid player on the team, and he rarely stood out on his team full of baseball stars.

What Bernie Williams did do was WIN.  Williams is the owner of 4 World Series titles.  He is also the Major League leader in post season games with RBI’s with 80.  Think about that for a miunte.  Of all of the incredible players that had success in baseball’s playoffs nobody has driven in more runs than Williams.  He also ranks 2nd in post season history with 22 home runs, 83 runs, and 128 hits. 

If there was ever a player that defined what it is to ‘step up’ in crucial games, Williams is the man!!!

Happy Birthday Bernie!!!